Three Pig Churches Burn Down
This message begins at St. Paul in Oregon in this small
County a few miles east of the Capital, Salem where the
Solar Eclipse went over August 21, 2017 one day before
my birthday of August 22 ... meaning the end as this is the
end of the Holy Bible ... Revelation 22:21.
I was raised close to the small county
of St. Paul, Oregon, the image of the
man looking to the left watching the
Solar Eclipse go by overhead
showing a new beginning is coming.
I am looking to the west from where this Solar Eclipse came from that went out on the East Coast
side of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation. I am God's last day Prophet that God laid out when he
created the world and showing this small county in the area where I grew up as a child around
Salem, Albany Lebanon area. The state of Oregon made this map, not me. The red part is St. Paul and
the rest is the state of Oregon. God shows St. Paul looking to the west watching a new beginning
come in after the two bears of Russia and China come ashore from the North below my head.

You can see this grey bear covering the eye of this pig nation and its pig Church. You can also see
the mouth of this pig nation and its pig Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22 with its mouth wide open
scealing bloody murder as she swims with the tail of a
FISH, as this Church of today used to be
called a fishing Church. Notice the big black nose on the tail end of this Pig Church nation today in
St. Paul Oregon.

Just after God showed me this, there was a large truck accident on the news showing this large
truck which refers to the
large nose Churches of today going out in smoke. Before I seen this I saw
this fire that was burning in northern California in the grape vine area, notice its large nose and the
the area is on fire! God is saying ...
O' Pig Church of today you are about to burn!

Now we turn to Isaiah "5:1-5" and also verses "6-7."  Numbers "6-7" ties into Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" of the "10" very sleeping Virgins of the Pig Churches today! Verses "6-7" shows God taking
down these Churches, holding back his water and also taking away his cultivating and pruning and
letting her go back to the wild. Now we look at Isaiah
5:5 where God says he will lift his hedge of
protection from around her and she will be
DESTROYED. Now we add Isaiah "5" + verse "5" equals
the 5 wise and the 5 foolish virgins ... 5 + 5 = "10" sleeping Pig Headed Virgins with big noses!

Now we go back to the first two verses and we see this first Vineyard refers to the Jews when God
removed the stones from Judaism and replanted the Church with the choise vines, the Apostles.
Adam had 2000 years, the Jews had 2000 years and now the Church is at the end of her 2000 years
and now it is harvest time! Here we see the Lord saying in these two verses,
"At harvest time
today, on the 6th day of the 7 day week," I went to look for a good crop of grapes
but I found
only bad fruit

How can God make this any plainer than he has made it in this passage? The pigs has returned to
their wallowing in the mud, and the dogs has returned to their own vomit! Jesus said, my sheep will
be on the right, meaning mercy, and the goats will be on the left meaning judgment!  This is now
ready to hit the goats in the head today! Your days are numbered and the fire has already burned in
Northern California, showing the Grape harvest has burned down in signs of Isaiah 5:1-7 ... 5 + 1 =
"6" & "7" ... the last two verses of Isaiah 5:1-5 ... the Church of Matthew 25:"6-7." I was born year
"34" added ... preaching today to the 3 + 4 =
"7" Churches.

I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home and today I preach from Revelation 14:"6-7" this
Eternal Gospel at the
Hour of Judgment today." Numbers "6-7" is an awesome number to God! His
Holy Bible begins with
"67" and also ends with "67." Genesis 1 speaks about God creating man on
"6"th day of a "7" day week and it ends in Revelation 22:21 ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" and 1 = "7" ...

Now I wonder who is the God-god of numbers, my God or the little rock headed God of the naked,
Pig Churches of today that they are bowing down to who they think is Jesus but Satan himself!
Jesus said peope are
also seen as trees. and
left you can see the
grape Vineyard of fire
burning to the ground
which represents the
pig headed Churches
of today ready to burn
to the ground soon
and suddenly.
Far left shows the naked woman
Church standing on Rock Jesus
bowing her knees to little rock
Satan who she thinks is God.
Right of this is a huge rock pile
close to my home ... showing this
same naked Church of today ...
burned out by the fire finger of
Almighty God, this naked Church
showing the large capital letter
"V" for Virgins on her belly. This
is the Red headed, naked
breasted Scarlet woman of
Revelations 17:1-8 that old John could hardly believe his eyes when he saw her killing the true
saints of God in the last days! Notice she is also wearing on her red head, the black hat of witchcraft
and faintly showing
her red hair under her witch hat and has her arm in the air proclaiming the
Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, but is preaching man's gospel of garbage!

Run as fast as you can from the "3" pig-nosed preaching Churches of today or you will follow them
hell of FIRE! I do not mince any words but I tell it as God gives it to me daily!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Notice this Pig's Nose------->