Three Headed Beast Here
Beast One---->
<----Beast Two
<----Mouth Beast Three
This image of the "3"
headed beast came from
God's Hubble space
telescope showing the "3"
heads of the beast,  Bill
Clinton 42 the left
one, I
point to his forehead.
Beast two is George W.
Bush 43 on the right
I also
point to his head, a smaller
one in size as you can see
his smaller head.  The
largest mouth ... beast
number "3" is Donald
Trump 45 who is blasting
out today making our
enemies angry who soon
goes to war with this
Babylonian nation also
seen in Zechariah 5 and 14.
Below the arrow pointing to big mouth Trump
45, you can see him sticking out his tongue at
saying get lost. You can see the "2" men,
Clinton and Bush also makes up the large face
of Donald Trump.

Trump was born year
"46" ... Bush was born year
"46" ... Clinton was born year "46" equals "666"
who goes after the
"666" Church of today seen
in Isaiah
"66:6." Trump was born month "6" ...
Bush was born month
"7" and Clinton was born
"8" equals "6-7-8" that ties to the Pale
Rider of DEATH
seen in Revelation "6:7-8."
Following Death is HELL.

Now we add
6 + 7 + 8 = "21" equals the Solar
Eclipse of August
"21" one day before my
birthday of August
"22" and put together is
22:21 in reverse showing the end of the Bible,
22:21. The full Solar Eclipse means a
new beginning
! After the 2000 years of the age
of Adam ... the 2000 years of the age of the Jews
and now the 2000 years of the Church ...
6000 years of mankind on earth coming to a
! Now we look at the "7"th day of the week
and we see the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus
Three heads makes up one headed beast ... 666
Christ coming in but first we see the 42 months of burning wrath takes place.

Read Matthew 1:17 shows the 2000 years from
Abraham to Jesus when the Jews crucified Jesus!
Now count the generations seen there, and there were "42." The first head of these "3" beast
presidents of this nation was Clinton
's number "42." Again, from Jesus, another 2000 years and
42 generations, we see the beast number "42" when the Gentiles crucified Jesus Christ all
over again
as seen in Revelation 11:8. We add 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.
This Leo the Lion Prophet of Almighty God born on
Leo the Lion month of August
"22" standing in front
of my
2000 GMC ... God's Moving Church ... was "67"
years of age also standing in front of my friends
camera shop ...
"Leo's Camera Shop" in down town
Klamath Falls, Oregon ...
USA is about to FALL!

I am the last day Moses Prophet from the West Coast
who bought this 2000 GMC from the West Coast GMC
dealership in 2001 that had 19 thousand miles on the
odometer. God is the first and the last of his
numbering system ... He is number "1" and number
"9" or
"19." One week before I received my new
license plate I had written a Newsletter titled,
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordan The 144,000."

My new license plate shows the title of his last
newsletter and the 144,000 that God soon takes
home with him ... also the sign of the Solar Eclipse of
this year of August 21 one day before my birthday ... 22 ... seen fully at St. Paul, Oregon showing the
bears of Russia and China coming down from the north over the
Pigs Eye! This means the Pig
Church of today who are still swimming with a
FISH TAIL and following Satan who they think is God!
Now we see the letter
"J" which refers to Jordan. Now we multiply the numbers like this ... 8 X 9 =
"72" and multiply the last number "2" along with the 2000 year of this vehicle, 2000, and we see
144,000 that God soon takes out to the throne with him just before the fiery 42 months of hell is
opened up on earth.   
Left is the state of Oregon and the red section is the
county of St. Paul. They blew up St. Paul and this image
touches today and the Solar Eclipse going over this state
at Salem, Oregon our capital, only a few miles from St.
Paul. God is showing without hesitation, his last day
Prophet sees what is coming and has his mouth wide
open. Below his eye with a red ring around it, shows the
grey bear of Russia and China coming into this Pig head
nation and its Churches, and soon the
PIGS begin to
squeal bloody murder.
Pig head with fish tail
The Ice Cold Church is seen here Ice-land, cold to
Jesus Christ today over this volcano from Iceland!
Notice Jesus' head who is over the Church of
shows the pigs head on the left and the "C"
for Church on the right are all pigs
. Below the face
of Jesus over this Pig Church of today, is seen
here screaming out Bloody Murder soon to
take place!!!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...