This Whale of Nation Goes
Whale USA Goes Down
Today, Monday January 21, 2019 God is showing without a shadow of a doubt this huge WHALE OF
Today I got this top Open Vision from the Internet of the image of the
wall between Mexico and second Jer-
USA-lem and below the USA is the sign God put below his
nation, a huge
GOLDEN Whale going down.

Below this Eagle Bird Nation crashing sometime ago in cloud form while driving into Klamath Falls
... USA soon to Fall, Oregon, I stopped and took this picture above of this nations image of a bald
eagle in cloud form from Almighty God tree top high getting ready to crash! She is seen first for
the Jews in Hosea 8:1-2-3 and second today, where the Eagle Bird is now over the Golden Whale
House of God bringing her down as everyone with eye of God can plainly see.

You can see this Golden nation led today by the whale of the golden Billionaire Trump seen above
in water who sinks out of sight to the bottom of the sea of time!
About one mile from my old home in the wilderness of messages in rocks, God shows the hand
writing is on the wall of Daniel 5:25! These are the soldiers of Russia and China soon to move in
over this sleeping whale of a Church nation with their tanks of war. I point out the large black
Scorpion of Revelation 9 on the woman Church of today looking to the left. Right of this woman
Church you can see black Satan looking down ever the "3" Hebrew children ... today the "3"
Christian religions, the Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostals. Left of the "3" Churches you can see
in black shadow form, the head of the third man in the fire with the Churches, Lamb Jesus.  
Left in a fiery volcano God shows himself, his two eyes, looking
into the face of the Dog Church who is smiling ...seen in 2 Peter
2:20-22 as he holds them over the hot Abyss of hell while he
burns off all the Hay ... Wood and Stubble from their lives and
as Jesus said,
"They will be Saved But Only as One Escaping
threw the Flames of Fire

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig

The above cloud picture I took of this Eagle Bird Nation
going down, I put over the Eagle and on the Eagle at the time
some years ago which is now heppening today!
Black Heart Satan