Third Beast Fire - Trump Bldg
NEW YORK -- The Fire Department of New York says it's
at the scene of a fire at Trump Tower in Manhattan. The
department says it was called around 7 a.m. Monday for a
report of a fire on the top floor.

Aerial views showed firefighters on the roof, with smoke
billowing from one corner of the high-rise.

Quote:  North Korea’s weapons “are only aimed” at
America and its territories, a regime official menacingly
revealed during Tuesday’s joint talks with South Korea
— doubling down on Kim Jong Un’s frequent threats to
destroy the United States.

Ri Son Gwon, the head of North Korea’s five-member
delegation at the first joint talks with South Korea in two
years, said the regime’s weapons aren’t pointed at South
Korea, China or Russia, Reuters reported. He made no
mention of Japan, which has seen at least two missiles
fly dangerously close to it last year.
Smoking Trump
is seen below
in smoke form,
looking down
Below is a fiery volcano from Almighty God showing
golden rich Donald Trump setting over the Boiling Pot of
old Jeremiah and God looking him in the face as he soon
begins to smoke the pipe in his mouth which means ...
the fire is ready to begin. The top floor refers to the top
man, President Trump 45 will soon burn.
The last beast president, Obama 44
is seen here with his head in the
corner seeing nothing, as he is
also part of this last day beast
senario. Putin of Russia is on the
left side also wearing a pony tail
hairdo as is Golden Trump, and
Obama has his tail sticking in
Trumps pony-tail ... the horsemen
of the Apocayplse that soon comes
out to ride ...
death is now at the
! Below Trumps face
looking down on the word, GAL
which here refers to GAL's his
naked women!

Left is another of Trumps naked
women, Kim Kardashian soon to be
dashing to the rocks and holes in
the ground from the dread of the
Lord and splendor of his Majesty
when he rises to shake the earth!
Isaiah 2:19-22. Far left it is
MIDNIGHT seen in Mt. 25:6-7 when
this naked Kim Church climbs the
tree naked to hide from God.
Trumps   head above
looking   down over
his GAl's   here refer-  
ing to his   women.
Jesus said, people are seen as trees and here we
see Trumps friend, sex exposed Kim climbing a
tree when the moon is out, touching on midnight
when the naked, sleeping Churches of today
finally wake up and find out they were wrong!

Sex Maniac Donald Trump has always been tied to
pretty women and the Money behind him has led
him into women world wide. You can see Trump
with his arm around Kim Kardashian who is also
seen in all six pictures. The evil President has
turned the White House into a Whore-house. The
few presidents before him are also seen as beast
presidents also seen in Daniel 2:

This passage says,
"In the days of those kings,
the God of heaven will set up a kingdom never to be destroyed nor left to another people." What is so
hard for one to understand what this is talking about today from the OT Bible? The goat Churches of
today do not know the Bible! God also shows this in one of his fiery volcano's below, showing the
Goat Churches of today talking to fiery burning George W. Bush who has the head and skull of a
beast over his head. This man belongs to the secret society of the
"Skull & Bones" of the NWO ...
Illuminati devil religion of Satan and God is showing the Goat Churches of these last days ties into
Satan. Below is the fiery volcano from God Almighty, showing the Church of today are
God shows the goats, the Churches
of today preaching from the
microphone seen in beast White
Bushes head, as both are lying to the
entire world today seen also in
Revelation 17:1-8 and 18:1-8. Notice
the top of this mountain, this volcano
of fire comiing out from the Abyss,
hell if you will,
makes up the fire pants
! This is also a sign
of what was before is now again, and
what is now was before! God is
speaking today through another
Burning Bush ... the Burning Bush
family of Satan also seen in
Daniel 2
burning Bushes
, "41 and "43" ...
It was my God who made this image of the Goat Churches today taking to the Burning Bush ... a sign
of yesterday and the first Moses! This same sign goes for today and today God Almighty is talking
again through a Burning Bush! The message is not a good message to say the very least, but is a
true message from Almighty God! God sent the first Moses into Egypt the world, to deliver the
Israelites from Pharaoh, and today God is sending these messages to this entire second
USA-lem nation yet most do not want to hear or see these miracle Open Visions for Satan has
their eyes all blinded today except God's 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that God soon takes out
to be with him also seen in Luke 21:34-36. (This passage says, Pray that you can escape all that is
about to happen, and pray that you may be
ABLE TO STAND before the Son of Man, Jesus Christ on
his throne in heaven) Don't believe the lying Churches today about a Rapture of the Church for it
will never happen other than the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...