The Tanks Are On Their Way
Peace and Safety then Destruction!
The first Apostle Paul was talking to
Awake Church telling them the
Sleeping Church of today seen in
Matthew 25:6-7
and 1 Thessalonian 5
says the
sleepers of Matthew 25:6-7
would be attack and it would come
upon them like Labor
Pains coming
upon a pregnant woman and they
would not escape. Jesus said in
Matthew 25 the sleepers do not wake
up until
Midnight, this refers to the
peace between
N. Korea and USA.
God confirms this fact above in rock form! This huge rock which was close to my home in the
wilderness, shows the tanks of war coming upon the woman Church seen with the
Large Black
Scorpion on her body seen right under the first large war tank overhead. This woman Church is
looking to the left
with semi short hair and her legs are seen going down in the Abyss.

Right of the woman Church you can see the
head and shoulders of black Satan looking below at
the heads of the
three Hebrew children! Today these three are the Catholics, Protestants and
Pentecostal Churches
going into King Nebuchadnezzar's hot fiery furnace heated "7" times hotter
than normal for the "7" Churches today. You can also see Jesus, the Lamb seen in black, along
with the "3" Hebrew Children ... the "3" Churches of today all in the fire of King Nebuchadnezzar as  
God, Jesus is the fire that purifies them.
This baby is ready to be born now! God is getting ready to
deliver the
Man Child of Isaiah 66:6-7. After this
overcoming baby Church is born
, then shortly after the rest
of the Church goes into the 42 months of fiery wrath to be
, those who repent from sleeping with Satan and
committing adultery of their husband
, Jesus Christ. If the
Churches do not repent they go to hell with the devil they
have been sleeping with for eternity
... a world without end.
Two babies are about to be born! The baby nuclear
bomb and the baby overcomer's from the Church, the
144,000 of Revelation 14:1-4 and Isaiah 66:6-7.

I turned this baby nuclear bomb sideways to show you
the four entities touched in this baby nuclear bomb
soon to come upon the world. First, we see the upside
down capital letter
"V" for Virgins and the top of the
letter "V" you can see the head of this Goat and
Church nation somewhat looking to the right. Right of
this goat head Church you can see her symbol of this
white headed Bald Eagle nation with its beak pointing
to the right. Below the head of this Eagle bird nation
you can see the white skull of people looking at you.
Below this you can see the head of the dragon, Satan,
as laughing looking to the right.

Left is another mushroom cloud that God also made in
cloud form, showing the window is now open for this
to happen upon the sleeping Church soon to wake up
and smell the coffee! Notice in this window in cloud
form from God, shows the word
Church. You can
faintly see the first two letters as
Ch ... chs! Below
this stem of the mushroom bomb, you can see the end
of the automobiles under this nuclear bomb coming
from the Russian bear ... the end of this nation soon to
be purified by Jesus Christ seen in Joel 2:
11 as Jesus
Christ has
11 letters in his full name and rides at the
head of his army and his forces are beyond numbers.

Below the nuclear bombs soon to go off, is a large
rock close to my old home in the wilderness shaped
like a clamshell that Jesus speaks
about in Luke
21:34-36.  God is the
first and the last, the beginning and
the end of his numbering system "1"
and "9" equals
"19" and we add Luke
2 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 6 =
"19." God is also
the beginning and the end of his
English Alphabet,
"A" and "Z." He is
seen in
Zechariah 4:7 for he is seen
Zechariah and Zerubbabel and
before God you O' second
USA-lem will become level
Then out comes the 5 sided
Capstone Jesus Christ
to shouts of
God Bless it, God Bless it.
Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins who had "5" wounds on his body. Now we add Zechariah
4:7 =
"11" equals Jesus Christ God Almighty. Jesus said in Luke 21 .. added is "3" speaking to the
"3" Churches of today telling them not to let this trap overhead spring shut on them and to pray they
may be Able to Escape all that is about to happen and pray that they may be able to stand before the
Son of Man, Jesus Christ. Notice the Church of today stark naked as pointed out in solid rock form
from God Almighty, laying down on the BULL MARKET with their hands in the air showing them as the
"Sleeping Virgins" of Matthew 25:6-7.

Notice the
Soldiers of Russia, China and etc ... top right corner ,,, coming in just after this trap seen
above burned out in solid rock by God ... comes down upon them and they will not escape! Jesus
said, what was good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile for God does not show favoritism! The
type of old Hitler regime now comes to the Gentile Church as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow.
This awesome Open Vision in rock form,
was also close to my home in the
wilderness, showing this male sex organ
of the Church walking into this mushroom
cloud bomb soon to go off.

The Open Vision below is the same only
turned around upside down. You can see
the 10 sleeping naked Virgins in the top
left corner with her lower part attached
to the other Satanic Church, the Roman
Catholics with the head of the serpent,
Satan leading her.

Below and turned upside down you can
see the 2 headed Beast, Clinton 42 and
Bush 43 pushing this naked Catholic and
Protestant Churches into the mushroom
Nuclear Bombs soon to hit this nation!
This is the last day Nahum Church.

Look at this very naked woman Church
that ties into the Male Church, walking to
the left with her human face looking
backwards into the face of Black Satan
who she things is Jesus riding her back.
Behind black Satan are the two heads of
the beast, Clinton 42 and Bush 43 added
together is
"67" who goes after the
sleeping Virgin Churches of Mt. 25:
Notice this bottom Open Vision shows the naked Virgin Churches with the capital letter "V" on her
naked stomach and below her stomach you can see her two naked white breasts as she has her
head in the corner seeing exactly nothing today as she is being pushed into the nuclear corner by
God Almighty that is the God of FIRE!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...