The Soon Running Churches
Taken from God's Hubble telescope.
Top left shows the Church of today in
"3" different colors,
pale white far left,
pink in lower picture and Red in top
picture going into the fire! God shows
the Church of today on fire showing
his hand on the Churches with the
letter "V" for Virgins soon to be
burning and in the graveyard above.
Jesus said, "I will
off all the Hay,
Wood and Stubble
you will be saved but
only as one escaping
through the Fire.
Left Open Vision from God Almighty from
his Hubble Telescope, shows the nuclear
bomb going off and out from the nuclear
bomb comes the head of the
of WAR. (Notice the white X
on the
head of the Red Horse of War)

What rock are you going to be hiding
from Almighty God when he rises
to shake the earth which is now right
ahead of this world? Below the red horse
of War now coming into the picture, is the
scene God is showing about one mile
from my home in this huge rock burned
out by
God's Almighty hand.
Notice this woman Church
heading for the rocks and
holes in the ground from the
dread of the Lord and the
splendor of his majesty
as he
rises to shake the earth,
Isaiah 2:19-22

God made this Vision not
Prophet Paul Gerig! Notice left
of this woman Church of today
heading into the crack in the
, also shows the head of
the pig Church looking
... the Pig Church of
2 Peter 2:20-22.
All I did to this Open Vision from Almighty God when I put it into my Adobe Photo section of my
computer, was draw a line around the woman Church soon to hide from God when he rises to
shake the earth. Notice her hair in a bun and turning her head around looking at you,  showing
she is wearing a
heavy coat with dark pants. This is a sign of winter time when she looks for a
place to hide from Almighty God! Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ... Pray that your flight ... meaning
... moving out from the cities does not happen in
WINTER. Why winter? This is the worst time to
move due to bad weather.

To confirm this God shows another Open Vision of the bald Churches of today talking to Satan
who is wearing a
wool stocking cap in the volcano from Hawaii seen below.
You can see the balding
preachers of today with no
covering from God
, talking to
black Satan where God put a
white outline around Satan's
black nose for you to see. Notice
wool winter stocking cap on
Satan's head
. Notice the music
waves rolling down in Lava
flowing form, to the ears of the
sleeping Churches of today, as
Satan was also the music
director in heaven before God
found pride in him and cast him
out from heaven.

Below is another angle of this
dog Church of today of 2 Peter 2:
20-22 with its tongue hanging out
loving the whole scene of Satan and his
today! This is a picture and sign from
God about
this dog Church today, laying
down with
its mouth wide open loving the
very show today
and loving their music!

Gods Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...