The Setting Duck Church Goes
The Setting Ducks----->
There is an old saying, your like setting ducks.
Here we see over a baseball game outside
Chicago from a huge storm, showing the Duck
Church of today in the mouth of Satan, the
Dragon. Why over a baseball game? God is
showing his three baseball games of mankind all
sticking out ... Adam, the Jews and now the
Gentile Church are soon to be history and then
Jesus ... God himself takes over for 1000 years
before eternity comes in. Below left was a circle
of seven trees, the seven tree Churches of
today in a circle with Axe Head Jesus in the
middle ready to cut them down. Blown up in size on the left side of the Rock Axe Head Jesus, shows
the face of a Lion, Jesus from the tribe of Judah ... meaning the tribe of Jesus, the Lion that is ready
to cut down these trees and burn them. The woman right of these Seven trees, as Jesus said men
are seen as trees. You can see this black woman Church of today in the fire. Right of her in the fire
is a picture of my stove the Lord had me buy that is a sign of the Church going into the hot fire of
God to be purified! I had a small bird fly down my chimney before I fired it up, and my cat, Rex that
refers to the King is coming saw this bird in my stove so I took it out and released it.

The bird is seen in Isaiah 16:1-2 ...
like fluttering birds pushed from the nest so are the woman of
Moab at the fords of the Arnon
. Moab was the 42nd and last camp of old Israel the Churches mother.
The first head of the beast is Bill Clinton number
"42." The last two verses of Isaiah 16:13-14 added
"43" the number of the second head of the beast, George W. Burning Bush 43 and within "3"
years as a servant of contract would count them, her survivors will be very few and feeble ... read

Rex means King! Pam, my in-home care lady who helps me out, took my old black Tina Poodle Dog to
have her put away because of her old age at "16" that ties to this nation of dogs that sets at "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. She called me and wanted to know if I would take a cat named
REX ... a "3" year old cat that ties into the "3" religions today soon to burn down, Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal ... I said yes! On the south side of my home a woodpecker made a hole beside the
back side of my bathtub. Rex went behind my bathtub and brought out "3" small black and white  
woodpecker birds one at a time and played with them.

Now we see Rex which means KING, is coming, and like fluttering birds pushed from their nests, so
are the "3" naked bird Churches of today! Your time has come to a close and will soon be no more!
You are seen as Black and White ... one day you were white but today you are black! You soon go
into the hot fire of God's stove to be purged from all your sins. Jesus said,
"I will burn off all your
hay, wood and stubble ... you will be saved but ONLY as one ESCAPING through the FIRE
Left is a picture of the statue of the Church with the mushroom
cloud bomb over her head, and the smoke coming from the right
shows the face of this Church and nation burning down. You can
see the smoke from the tower on the right with the face of a
person looking up, the stem of the mushroom cloud bomb hitting
this nation soon and suddenly! How awesome is our God to show
all these Open Vision for today if only one can see them for truth
from Father God!

Below the baby is ready to be born! The 144,000 overcoming true
saints from the Church seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who have left
the seven Churches who all went astray at the end of days! God is
showing the Doctor, God ready to deliver his overcoming 144,000
saints who do not worship Satan today. The devil guided
Churches of today say these 144,000 are Jews and not Gentiles
which is completely wrong for the have Jesus' and the Father's
name written on their foreheads ,,. not Jews but Gentiles.
Jacob who worked "7" years for his first wife, Leah is seen in
Revelation 7 ... the 144,000 sealed before hell is opened up
on earth. Then Jacob, which refers to Father God, worked
another "7" years for this second wife, Rachel the Church
seen in Revelation 14, the 144,000 he takes to his throne and
who are soon to be born seen left.

Below the baby being born soon is a picture from God's
Hubble telescope of this baby then flying away to heaven
soon and suddenly.

Below the butterfly who changes from body into a butterfly
God also shows flying away in cloud form heading to the
right, the right place in heaven while the rest stay behind to
have the Hay, Wood and Stubble burned off them as Jesus
"I will burn off all the Hay, Wood and Stubble, you will be
saved but
ONLY as one escaping through the Fire."

Who are you? Are you the one seen in the nuclear smoke
coming upon this nation looking upward after the nuclear
bombs go off? Or are you the baby coming out and delivered
by Father God seen in his blue heavenly robe? Are you the
truly transformed into the butterfly left soon to fly away to
heaven seen also in cloud form by Almighty God who knows
everything, the God who created everything in space and on

Wake Up O' Sleeping Church your days are finished! They are
all over as we see today and the Man Child is ready to fly
away to heaven leaving the rest behind to be purged of sin
that leads to death.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Mouth of