The Red Fire Bird Has Come
Quote: 4th of July brings extreme
conditions to East and West
Coast --- Wed, Jul 04

At least one death has been
blamed on the heat in the East as
wildfires in Colorado and Utah
have destroyed homes and
forced thousands to evacuate.  
The Fire Bird of God is here! The Bible tells us that God is a consuming fire! Today is the
end of the "6"th Millennium ... man's number and his amount of years on God's green earth that has
turned into
a dry earth is now ready to burn! Jesus said in Luke 23:28-31 that this dry tree ... the
... is now ready to burn and has already started! ... Wake up O' Sleeping Church the
cooking pot of Jeremiah is now boiling

"Jesus turned and said to them, “Daughters of Jer-USA-lem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves
and for your children. For the time will come when you will say, ‘
Blessed are the barren women, the
wombs that never bore and the
breasts that never nursed!’ Then “‘they will say to the mountains,
“Fall on us!”
and to the hills, “Cover us!”’ For if people do these things when the tree is green, what will
happen when it is dry?”  
 (It will burn as it has already begun to burn) ...   Luke 23:28-31 ...
God is showing in his clouds the bears of Russia and
China are on their way into this gone mad nation and
Church ... it is finished!
Below this bear is this Pig Headed
Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22
heading into the
rocks and holes in the ground from the dread of the Lord
and the spendor of his Majesty when he rises to shake
the earth ... Isaiah 2:19-22. We add 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2 =
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC second Jer-
lem. Notice God put the head of a pig in rock form left of
the woman Church going into the rocks to hide from God
Almighty when he rises to shake the earth soon!  
ready to pull the pin of nuclear war. I
got this Open Vision from God
Almighty from the volcano in Hawaii,
"50"th state of second Jer-
USA-lem that touches on the "50"
states in second Jer-
USA-lem ... her
White House and Churches that both
have turned away from
Almighty God
and follow Satan!

This ministry is a
lso seen as a
Jeremiah Ministry
, you can see the
boiling pot of Jeremiah 1:13-16
steaming away under golden Trump.
My mother Bertha passed away one day before I was called to be this Jeremiah preacher of the last
days in 1985. First,
we see number "1" of 1985 and the last number is "5" put together is "15" and or
"1:5" This chapter and verse is the sign of number "15." The day after mother died my
family met at mother's home, and during this time we handed out mother's old Bibles and her Bible
of 1942 ended up in my hands. My sister Grace took this Bible from my hands and opened it and took
out a piece of paper my mother had written out in long hand and handed it to me saying,
"Paul this is
for you."
It was a piece of paper my mother had written out Jeremiah's calling of Jeremiah "1-5."

This also touches on Jeremiah 15. "Then the Lord said to me: “Even if Moses and Samuel were
to stand before me, my heart would not go out to this people. Send them away from my
presence! Let them go!  And if they ask you, ‘Where shall we go?’ tell them,
‘This is what the
Lord says:
“‘Those destined for death, to death; those for the sword, to the sword; those for
starvation, to starvation; those for captivity, to captivity
." Jeremiah 15:1-2 ...

My messages do not tickle the ears of the sleeping Church, it makes them angry! The first
Jeremiah was thrown down into a dry well and stuck in the mud until some friends pulled him out
with ropes. I am not loved by most, as Jesus once said,
"Your enemies will be the members of
your own household
!  Why? Because Satan knows the fastest way to come against you is to use
your family members to do this as I well know, and I well know this applies to my two witnesses
friends and their families
... a young man from Norhern California and a woman from St. Paul, MN., as
I also show below from God's Hubble telesope.
God is a Consuming Fire!
Sign of the Seven Churches of Rev. 2 &
3 and Isaiah 4:1 ...
God showed this Open Vision left
about a mile from where I lived in the
wilderness area for 28 years before
moving to Klamath ...
USA ... Falls,
Oregon a short time ago here in
second Jer-
USA-lem. God shows in
bufrned out rock, this woman Church
of today ...
flat-breasted ... who has
not nursed children for God, but
children for Satan. Notice God burned
out in solid rock from this old volcanic
area, the head of the woman Churches
today and their small breasts!

This next cloud shows the bears.
"What was before will be again, and what is now was before" ... is seen in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19.
Jesus said,
"What was good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile for God does not show favoritism."
The Jews had old HItler going after them and my were killed. Today heading the flock is another
Hitler ... the head of this beast is Bill Clinton 42 and his wife is
Hitlery ... another sign from God and
both are seen in
1 Kings 19 and 21 ... Bill born on Leo the iion month of August "19" and Hitlery is
seen in chapter 21 telling Ahab, Bill, how to get Naboth's ... the Churches Vineyard!

Below shows the only black president of this nation with his head in a corner seeing exactly
nothing. He has his beast tail stuck in the pony tail hairdo of golden Donald Trump who is now
smoking a pipe, as Washington DC is getting ready to
SMOKE ... meaning ready to BURN. Left and
overhead of Trump you can see Father God looking down on this situation today
. Under Father God
you can see the first bear, Putin of Russia also wearing a pony tail hairdo looking Trump in
his face
Notice the Swastika and Lion's legs
coming down from above going after this
sleeping woman Church of today and will
not escape.

Below this woman Church soon to be
heading for the rocks and holes in the
ground from God Almighty, is the Open
Vision of this same rock only the picture
was so large I had to make two scenes.
The legs of the Lion beasts ... Clinton 42 ...
Bush 43 and Trump 45  are seen below
coming out from the mouth of this gone
down the drain gay nation as seen on the
forehead of old George Washington.
Notice the legs of the lion coming out from
the mouth of this second Jer-
now very gay nation is seen above where
the Church of today will soon be hiding.

This all takes place after the two war
horses of Russia and China come against
the gay forehead of this second Jer-
lem nation. Under the head of the first
horse of war, Russia, you can see the dark
letter "N" for Nero that ties to the first
head of the "3" president beasts, Clinton
42. I show the similarity of old Nero and
Clinton today on my front page.
The witness man above, Brian from
Northern California, and the woman
witness Katy, from St. Paul, MN., are also
seen among the stars of God, not angels
that the sleeping Churches claim, but
Saints. These saints who have not
overcome Satan are soon to fall ... the
stars in the heavens are coming down!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet
Paul Gerig ...