The Muscle Man Is Coming
The two images are
alike! The lower
larger image is of a
beast muscle man
from God's Hubble
telescope coming in
that chases the
scarlet Church of
today! Notice his two
bright eyes looking
at you with his big
mouth  ready to eat
and has already
most people
in signs.
below his big mouth
in his stomach
, you
can faintly see a
person that he has
already eaten. Are
you ready for this
awesome scene
ready to happen?
person in
Revelation 17:8
speaks about the
beast that once was,
now is not but yet is
coming! The people
who will be
surprised when this
names have not
been written in the
Lambs book of life
Revelation 17:8. We
add in God's
awesome number-
ing system and we
see this; 1 + 7 + 8 =
"16" hundred
Penn., Wash., DC.
Clinton 42 is th
beast spoken about
in this passage of
the Bible
burning Bush 43.
I have been signing my name as ... "God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig
" ... for sometime now, and God is showing awesome things in his Hubble
telescope confirming my messages today are right on the mar
k along with the rocks in the area
Red headed
head cut off
by muscle
beast, falls
<--- headless Church
where I live, as Jesus said in Luke
19:39-40 ...
"If my people do not speak
out then the ROCKS will cry out
Below this awesome Open Vision
from God's Hubble telescope as also
the top one, came from God and not
man in his heavens, the lower one
came from his Rocks burned out in
his fire showing the condition of the
Churches today ... the area where I
live and have lived for the past 28

The muscle man beast is seen over
Red Head of the Churches today,
cutting off the headship of Satan
that is over these last day beast
filled Churches seen in Revelation
17:1-8. Verse 8 shows this beast who
once was, now is not and yet is
coming, is Bill Clinton #42, and the
people who will be surprised when
this happens,
God says their names
have not been written in the Lambs
book of life!    R
ead it!
<----- Muscle Beast Bill 42
The dead Churches
of today say this
Babylon of Rev. 17
and 18 are yet to
come, a lie from
Satan. Jesus said
God treats all the
same, Adam, the
Jews and now the
Gentiles all have had
2000 years and 42
generations seen in
Matthew 1:17.
This Babylonian rock one mile east of my home, I named some 25 years ago, shows this picture from
the upper right side of this huge rock burned out by the fire finger of Almighty God! Below the word
... "VISION JESUS" that I put there, is the capital letters
JESUS!   Below JESUS is his Open Bible
showing the wolfs preaching out from it!
On the right side shows the dead head Churches of today
believing everything these lying wolf-dogs are telling them. Right of the dead-head Churches who
follow these lying preachers today, are seen above in solid rock form,
"IS" short for "ISIS" who are
cutting off the heads of Christians world wide today and some have already reached the US.

Left of the the capital letters of
JESUS about one inch away, you can fainly make out the number "42"
as this is the number of the first head of the beast, Bill Clinton #42. Below close to Babylon Rock,
shows golden head Clinton 42 standing over the scarlet woman Churches head cutting off her head.
This awesome Open Vision matches the
one above that God shows from his
Hubble camera in his heavens, of Beast
Bill 42 cutting off the heads of the
Headed Churches of today
. Left is one
picture in rock form that God burned out
in solid rock. I saw the naked red headed
woman Church with her left arm under
her head showing she is naked, and in my
Adobe Photo section of my computer I
drew lines around the subject at hand.
Her arm makes up the top of the stump
chopping block that the Churches of
today have their heads laying across
waiting of Clinton
"42" to cut off their  
heads full of Satan's lies! I circled #19 as
Bill was born on August

Left is a full picture of Babylon Rock close
to my home which I named some 25 years
ago. Right of the word,
"Politics" is the
picture above showing God's Open Bible
with the wolves preaching out from it  
dragging behind them a dead head
Church. Under God's Open Bible you can
see the dead eagle, the bird symbol of
this gone down the drain nation, laying
dead on the ground! Under the word
Eagle you can see in a
green Bush,
another beast head looking to the left,
the second head of the beast, George W.
Burning Bush 43. Left of Bush who claims
to be a good Christian but a liar instead,
lays the cross of Jesus on the ground as
the Churches of today who preach these
lies around the whole world has
re-crucified Jesus Christ all over again
spiritully or figuratively speaking as seen
in Revelation 11:8.

You can see
Red Pant Burning Bush with
Skull of Satan over his head, talking
into a black microphone with the goat
Churches of today who has messed up
the entire world, seen in Revelation
17:1-8. Right of Burning Bush coming out
from the
Fiery Abyss, you can see black
Satan talking in the midst of them world
wide. Jesus said, My sheep will be on the
right, meaning mercy, and the goats will
will be on the left meaning Judgment. Notice how God shows this last day Goat Church on the left in
dark blue made by him in lightning and smoke form! Notice how God made George W. Bush 43 with
Red Fire Burning Pants! God shows him also in a Green BUSH, his name is BUSH! God said in Joel 2
and Acts 2 from the OT and also the NT ... 2 and 2 =
"22" the last Chapter of His Holy Bible and his last
day Prophet, yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of August
22 ... that signs would appear in the
heavens above and on the earth below before the return of Jesus Christ. This is what this ministry is
all about today, showing the very end of time as we know it coming to a close and showing signs as

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...