The Head Beast Is A Baptist
The above picture of Bill Clinton 42 is real, a beast
coming out from the Baptist Church across the entire
nation also under other Baptist names, Conservatives
and etc., as all are the same. Left, God shows Bill Clinton
42 in a storm sometime ago named
BILL. Notice Bill's
large nose in the cloud God is showing this
storm BILL
looking at you as he is looking at you from the
pulpit of the Southern Baptist Church and both facing
left, but in the pictures slightly to the right.

Below Bill 42 born on Leo the Lion month of August
... year "46
" ... also  seen in mother's Bible she bought in
1942 that shows the day Bill was born ... August "19" and
was the
"42"nd president of this gone down the tube
nation and her Churches! The second page in mother's
Bible shows this date and other numbers showing all "3"
beast men of the
"666" also seen in Isaiah "66:6" that
God is taking down, read it!

Left shows the image of the Beast that came out several
years ago in Kosovo ... a seven foot bronze image of the
Beast spoken about in Revelation 13:14. Right, and
above real Clinton below his statue waving at you, you
can see two large number
"2"s one above the other
showing number
"22" that means the end of the Holy
Bible in Revelation
22 and God's last day Prophet born
on Leo the Lion's month of August
"22" year "34" ... 3 +
4 =
"7" preaching today to the "7" Churches who has
gone down the drain

Left of Bill's shoulder  you can see the number
"77" ... a
cloud in God's heavens over my home showing this
"77" seen below this statue of Bill and himself
waving at you. I live under this cloud showing
"77." This
passage in Daniel 9:24 begins with this number
telling the Church people and land today to stop sinning
and come back to the Lord! This same verse speaks
about this ministry,
"Coming to an end, my "Visions and
" and after the #42 months of wrath, also the
name and number of the beast, Bill #42,
then we anoint
the Most Holy Jesus Christ into his 1000 year Kingdom on
We add Daniel 9 + 24 = "33" the age of Jesus when
he died and rose again for our sins, and still
"33" years
of age coming into his 1000 year kingdom on earth!

Below close to my home is anther picture of golden hair
Clinton 42 born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19" ...
notice number
"19" I circled in front of Clinton. This
entire Open Vision from God Almighty, shows Bill over
the top of the Churches today soon to come down on the
necks of the
Red Headed Scarlet Church of Revelation
Old John could hardly believe what God was
showing him about this last day
Red Headed Church
seen in solid rock from God below in burned out rock
Here we see Clinton 42 born 8/19/46
over the heads of the Church today
getting ready to cut off their heads,
the Church of today who has the
headship of Satan over them!
I put
this photo I took of this large rock
from this volcano area where I have
lived for 27-28 years and put it into
my Adobe Photo Section of my
computer and outlined the message
that God had burned out in these
rocks where I live today, showing
this last day Moses the message of
what is now coming upon the
Pharaoh Churches of today seen in
Rev., 11:8
... seen here figuratively
speaking where also the Church of
today has crucified Jesus Christ
Left is another picture of this naked woman
Church riding this golden goat beast! Notice
her two naked breasts and her
red hair under
her black witch hat,
the same picture as above
only she is not laying down, but riding the
beast! This same picture of today's naked
Church, is seen here riding the cross of Jesus
Christ as what she is doing today ... notice the
top of the cross in the top left corner. It goes
under her and over the top of this golden goat
nation soon to go to war with the two
red bears,
Russia and China!
You can see under the
mussel of the golden goat,
USA, on the right
and the silver goat of Russia on the left with
these two heads coming together in WW III.

Now if you don't believe me look under these
two goats, silver on the left and golden on the
right going to war, their heads coming together!
We can see this naked woman above the
golden goat, USA, (Golden rich President Trump
45) now under these two mussels seen here as
a little girl Church never grown up to maturity!
Notice her
Red Hair wearing a black neck tie
and setting over a
BRUSH BUSH pile with two
sticks upside down saying this nation and
Church ...
US is upside down along with its
Churches that are very soon to burn down.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Brother  Bill Clinton 42 stands before this Church and world the beast of Rev.
Bill's past Pastor
says  Bill & Hillary
are good Christians!
US in sticks Upside Down & Backwards