The Head & Tail Of LION
First, I will explain the tattoo above showing the message on a man's arm. The RDF in reverse is FDR
for Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd President of this nation ... USA. Below this is the flag of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation! In front of the US flag is the Cross of Jesus Christ, his second land, the
Jews first and the Gentiles second. Below the stars on the US flag are two sets of numbers,
and 2004
. The is the number of the beast, the first head of the Lion Beast soon to go after the
sleeping Churches of today!  The year
"1942" shows the head of the beast, Bill Clinton who was
was born on Leo the Lion month of August "19" and
was the
"42"nd president of the USA. The inside
page of Mother's KJV Bible seen left, she bought in
"1942." The line under Mother's name shows the
first head of the beast, WJC born August
"19" and
was the
"42"nd president of this fallen second
Jer-USA-lem nation of Almighty God seen on the
bottom part of the Cross. Following this is the year
2004 turned around is "42," the beasts number!
The very bottom line in Mother's Bible shows the second head of the two headed Lion Beast,
George W. Burning Bush
43 in Matthew 12 : 43-46. (Hold onto you hat while I show you these two
men plus one more, Donald John Trump ... Matthew 12 added is ... 1 + 2 = "3" beast men were all born
in year
"46" and now we see the "3" beast men who are ready to take down the "66:6" Churches of
today) Trump was born on the
"6"th month, Bush was born on the "7"th month and Clinton was born
on the
"8"th month and we see "6"-"7"-"8." This points to the Pale Rider of DEATH seen in
"6":"7"-"8."  Now I wonder who is the creator of numbers if not Almighty God?

Next we add the day mother bought this Bible in my hands today, Oct.
"15" as Donald John Trump
"15" letters in his name. Next I will show you in the top right Open Vision from Almighty God
showing in his heavens, this two headed Lion Beast in his comet
"67P." Clinton 42 and Bush 43
added together is 4 + 2 = "6" and 4 + 3 = "7" equals
"67P" and P refers to Presidents!

Trump is seen as the last President of this gone mad nation today who begins WW III. The Open
Vision on the top right shows this last picture of Comet
"67P" before the camera taking this picture
crashed into it a few days ago. Left of Head of Lion written out above, you can see this LION's head.
Left of Head of Bill you can see his two black eyes and big nose. Right of the Head of Bush you can
see his two black eyes and nose looking at you. These two beast men, Clinton 42 and Bush 43 added
together makes up the Four legged Lion Beast soon to come against the sleeping Christian Church
who has gone the way of BAAL. The Bible shows Russia and China strikes first bring back into the
picture Bill 42 and Burning Bush 43 added is what God is showing today in this comet

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...


                       HEAD OF BUSH