The Fire Rabbit Moves On
Fire Rabbit----->
Fire Rabbit hops to Bearadise -  Russia - Fire
Paradise California
Red headed Woman Church dancing while
Second Rome ... USA Burns!
The Fire Tabbit of Almighty God hops from Paradise second Jer-USA-lem who has sinned greatly
and now
Bearadise is coming that God is using to clean up this land gone to POT ... POT weed also!
Above right shows the Beardise white ... red nuclear bombs going off behind the red headed
woman Church dancing while this second Rome, USA burns to the ground
!  Notice the woman's red
hair blowing to the left from the white nuclear bomb blast going off behind her
while she dances
while second Rome BURNS
! Right of NUKE you can see the upside down golden letter "V" for
Virgins for the upside down golden rich Church of today soon to go into
Nuclear War!

Below this picture is another Open Vision from God Almighty, showing Satan who comes as an angel
of light bringing about the pictures above. Jesus said, beware ...
Satan comes as an angel of light!  
Below this in another Open Vision from
Almighty God in his heavens, showing in white the capital
Letter "S" for Satan! This hot whitish nuclear bomb coming from
the black Russian bear is not far from
happening. God is showing
this from His Hubble space telescope as God said, everything
under the sun belongs to me! I have camera's in the Satellites as
well and showing Open Visions also from them,
they all belong to
. Below a storm cloud over Florida, shows nuclear is coming.
Trump said his favorite
State is Florida. This mush-
room cloud nuclear bomb
going off
, and the window
for this to happen is Open!
Look closely in this
window and you can see
God put in his cloud form
... the word
Church! God
brings in his third baptism
... Water first ... Holy Spirit
second and lastly
Fire ... for God is a
consuming Fire!
God is also the
"3"rd Adam
... Atom
! Man Adam ...
Jesus 2nd Spiritual Adam ...
and thirdly Father God who is the third and final Adam ... Atom for God created all things from
Atoms!  Who escapes this nuclear hot fire today? God shows us in Revelation 14:1-5 that he takes out
his 144,000 overcoming saints who has already been in the hot fire of purification!
 Jesus also said,
your enemies will be the members of your own household
! These God takes out have the name of
Jesus written on their foreheads, and this passage of Revelation
14:1-5 added singularly, has "11"
letters in
Jesus Christ written on their foreheads. The sleeping Church says these are Jews ...
lie from hell.

These 144,000 are seen coming from Laban's second daughter, Rachel, referring to the Church of
today that Jacob, who refers to Father God married his second wife, Rachel
, meaning the Church of
today. Jacob married his first wife working for her for
"7" years seen in Revelation 7. This Jacob,
Father God worked another
"7" years for His Rachel Church ... 7 + 7 = Revelation "14." God proves
this point by showing these 144,000 coming from the Church, are truly Jesus' people who has
overcome Satan to-date and not the Jews the sleeping Churches claim! God does not take out the
Jews today who has not yet accepted him, he only protects them and later they come to Jesus!

The sleeping Church say, these 144,000 are Jews who are now Christians ...
very ... very wrong! The
Church who went to sleep and today sleep with Satan who they think is Jesus Christ, are wrong on
many things for they listen to Satan who teaches some truth
mixed with many lies, for Satan is the
god of lies and the god of murder that is taking place today like no other time in this nations history.

If you have eyes in your head and ears as well, you would know something terrible is happening to
this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem who has gone to POT. Storms, Tornadoes, and Floading on the
east coast and the horrible fires on the west coast. People killing people ... mothers killing their
children, everything is going down the drain as Satan has been cast out of heaven by Michael and
his angels ... they have cast Satan and his angels out and today Satan is on earth causing the heavy
garbage how happing, seen in Revelation 12:12.

We can see in Revelation 12:13 that he goes after old Israel but God protects old Israel
and then he
gets angry and turns and goes after the Church
... those who somewhat hold to the testimony of
Jesus seen in verse
"17." You can see why things are now going down the drain! Satan has no more
access to heaven to accuse the Brethren
before God, he is among them himself today causing havoc
like never before
! Satan is a murderer and causing murders all over this nation and world!  We are
now at the end of days as we know them and nothing but horror awaits those left behind.
The cars
at the end
of there
Quote:  Vine Road, south of Wasilla, was heavily
damaged by an earthquake on November 30, 2018.

A 7.0 earthquake jolted Anchorage and the rest of
Southcentral Alaska on Friday morning, cracking and
collapsing roads and highways, damaging buildings,
knocking out power and sending people scrambling
outside and under furniture. The shaking left many homes a
mess and aftershocks continued through the night and into
Saturday morning.  
The Fire Rabbit of God is moving on very quickly
and he is now shaking this nation and showing he
is in charge and not man nor a made up mother
nature that does not exist!
 God is showing the
sign of the
black bear of Russia from the North
and this black bear is now waking up at Midnight
left in the image of the black bear waking up
MIDNIGHT seen in Matthew 25:6-7!  God is
Russia as her time is now at hand!

The Sun in Joseph's dream referred to the Father,
Father God ... the Moon that can only give a
reflection from the Sun God,
refers to the Mother,
which refers to the Church!
I copied this picture
left of the dark cloud of the black bear of Russia
behind the moon,
now getting ready to go after
gone mad POT MOON Mother Church nation.

Below the Russian Bear behind the Moon Church,
is a cloud picture I took over my home in the
wilderness where God showed me many, many
things in Rock form, as Jesus said,
"If my people
do not speak out then the rocks will cry out
" ... as
they are doing today loud and clear
! This Open
Vision picture shows the black bear of Russia
now raising up on one side having
ribs in its mouth and told to get up and eat his fill of flesh.
These "3" ribs refers to the One Rib of Adam now broken into
"3" parts, the Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals. Count
the ribs in this bears mouth for there are

The bear cloud picture showing Russia, is now raising up on
one side having
"3" ribs in its mouth ready to go after the "3"
sleeping Churches at  
Mid-Night!  Not only is God showing
this in cloud form but he is also showing it in Rock form on
earth. Lake Washington left shows this black bear of Russia
raising up on one side as you can plainly see, and now count
the ribs in its mouth for there are
"3" as well.

The Pentecostal Churches are still seen as Protestants and left
you can see two people dressed in a
RED COAT showing ... The
Red Coats are coming ... Red Russia and Red China both from
the North
. This nations Bull Market is headed down ... General
Motors for one
laying off thousands of workeers, and Sears
Roebuck for another who has filed for Bankruptcy.
When this
Black Bull Market Leave ... it is now leaving ... the sign of the
Red Bear Market comes in
Black bear Russia Waking Up coming after
the Sleeping Moon Church at MIDNIGHT ...
Bill Clinton 42 from Washington is the first
head of the beast ... the second head is Bush
43 and yesterday Bush 41 of the beast
system died after his wife Barbara had died
this same year. I took this picture of a huge
rock close to my old home in the wilderness,
showing Hillary Clinton running for President
as I outlined her body in white with her arm
in the air
, and the bears of Russia and China
at the time
were all sleeping! Notice left of
Hillary's arm you can see the eyelid of the
bears closed ... sleeping! Right of Hillary is
another sign of the bears, as men. I added
the last of the word
Clinton below the bears
mussel, as King ...
the first King of 1 Kings
"19" as Bill was born on day "19" of leo the
Lion ... August "19." The two verses ... 11 and 12 of 1 KIngs 19 speaks about Wind, Earthquake
and Fire!
After this is over, then come's the soft quiet voice of God setting up his 1000 year kingdom
on earth!

Now we go to
1 Kings 21 and we see Hillary R. Clinton ... 1 Kings 21 added is "22" the end of the
Holy Bible ... Revelation
22:21 ... the very end of days! Hillary is the Ghost Rider and she is seen here
as Jezebel telling Ahab, her Husband Bill ... how to get Naboath's Vineyard ... referring to the Church
Vineyard of today who went astray ... all gone to  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
God shows Fire Rabbit in cloud form running  
North to Alaska and Shakes the  "
7"  Churches!
<---Red Hair Blowing