The Fire Hammer of God Falls
The two awesome Open Visions above shows the fire hammer of Almighty God has fallen
down upon mankind today, and now thousands of homes have and are burning down in
this nation and world before the return of Jesus Christ!

After the fires have burned off all the garbage man has left behind, Jesus Christ still "33" years of
age, as God never ages, sets up his 1000 year kingdom on earth. This is seen in Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24
"33" that begins with "77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning. This same verse
speaks about this last day Gerig Ministry coming to a close ... my
Visions and Prophesies coming
from my website ministry, and after this we see Jesus Christ still
"33" years of age coming into his
kingdom. I had left the Lord in my late teens and came back to him
"33" years ago.
I had lived in this area under where the cloud "77"
is located, for 28 years, and according to God's
numbering system number "28" added touches on
this message goes to the
"10" sleeping Virgin
Churches of today burning down.

Daniel 9:24 begins with ...
"77" is decreed for your
people and land to stop sinning. It goes on to say
Visions and Prophecies coming to a close,
and after this Jesus Christ
"33" years of age
comes into his 1000 year kingdom on earth. You
still want more numbers to confirm this?
God, the God of numbers never ends! He caused me to be born in a preachers family "6" of "7"
Children in the year ..
"34" and I lived under this "77" cloud area at an altitude of "43" hundred
feet ... adding 34 to 43 =
"77" the cloud above where I had lived for 28 years before moving into
Klamath USA Falls, Oregon.
Fire hammer-------->
falls on man below.
Fire hammer now
comes down upon
their homes ...
Left is a Boeing "777" that crashed landed in San
Fransisco on the west coast a few years ago, showing the
"7742" on the wing. Number "42" is the first head
of the "3" headed Lion Beast that goes after the sleeping
Churches of today ... Bill Clinton number
"42" from
Washington. (The title to his message is
"The Fire Hammer
of God
Falls." This also ties into where I live today in
Klamath ...
USA ... Falls)  

"42" also refers to Rebellion! This is seen in
Matthew 1:17 from Abraham the beginning of the Jew
nation to Jesus was 2000 years. Now count the
generations as they are listed and they are
"42." It was 42
generations when the Jews Rebelled against God and had
his Jesus Crucified on the cross. From then to today is
another 2000 years and another
"42" generations when
the Church of today has done the same thing their older sister, the Jews did, re crucified Jesus all
over again figuratively or spiritually speaking seen in Revelation 11:8. Now we see this number
"42" again now soon to go against the Church at the end of time, Beast Bill Clinton number "42."
Now we add 42 ... 4 + 2 = "6" as we are today at the end of man's number of years on earth, "6"
thousand and now God comes to rule from here on out using his Son Jesus Christ as seen in Daniel
9:24 after this
Ministry of Open Visions and Prophesies comes to a close ... read it.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
The fire hammer of God is now beginning
to burn down the houses of the wicked
Church today and also wicked people.
Fire God  takes them out
Beast Trump holds his
hand out to the Hammer
and Sickle of Russia and
not only does the fire fall
in the forests and houses
and  etc. of this nation
and world, but it is soon
to fall from nuclear
bombs coming from the
Hammer and Sickle nation
of the Putin bear
Prophet Paul ...