The End Has Come - Help!
<------Gods Head ...

Speaking out today
"Its Finished!"
I wonder who made this water
scene if not God Almighty?
speaking to
the Church!
I received a call from my younger brother Rex from Milwaukee, Oregon yesterday on the 23rd of
October 2018.
The name REX means KING!  A few months ago I had a black Poodle Dog I named
Tina who was
"16" years old and I had to put her to sleep because she had lost her eyesight, her
hearing and her memor
y, the sign of the Church. My in home care lady who helps me out because I
get around in a wheel
-chair do to diabetes, took Tina to the Vet to have her put to sleep and she
called me and asked if I want a Rex cat that was at the Vet ... I said yes. Now I have a Re
x cat
referring to the
Rex King Jesus Christ who is now on his way and God above is proving this fact!!
God is using things to
express his messages
as Joel 2 and Acts 2
both say,
"Signs would
appear in heaven and
on earth before the
return of Jesus
"  Now I have in
place this Rex cat that
refers to the King Rex
is coming and this is
what God is saying now.
The situation today is grave and getting more graver as days go by! The man with the sign above
taken from one of the last hurricane storms here in second Jer-
USA-lem, that God is now in the
process of destroying because she left him and today follows Satan who they believe is Jesus
Christ. Remember what Jesus said 2000 years ago? He said Satan would come as an angel of light
that he has done. Read Isaiah 14:13-14 to see what Satan said ... he said he would put his Throne
above the stars of God
, and that he would rule over them! The sleeping Church today at
Judgement time, say the stars refers to God's angels and not
the Church! God would not let Satan
rule over his angels, this refers to the dead ... sleeping Churches of today!

Now hear, and hear this old Moses Prophet of Almighty God showing you the Dog Churches of
today seen above
, are not full of the Holy Spirit but full of the spirit of Satan! What you see above
is not a literal picture of my old Tina Dog but is seen above in
Shadow form. Shadow form means a
Shadow of what is coming and coming in the days of these two Presidents, king GeOeGe W.
Burning Bush
"43" seen left making up the head and paws of Tina chewing on two bones ... two
Churches, Catholic and Prostestant alike,
and Bill Clinton number "42" seen on the rear end of
Tina burned out by God is solid rock,
BC meaning Bill Clinton and or Bush and Clinton!

Now hold on to your hat my friends because in the middle back of my old Tina dog and the dog
Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22  ... you can see the face of a
DEMON looking at you and
right of the Demon you can plainly see the head of a Dragon
... Satan. This touches on two past
beast men, GeOrGe W. Burning Bush also seen in Ezekiel 38 ... count the letters in GeOrGe W.
Bush and we see they added up to number
"11" as does Ezekiel "38" and Jesus Christ.

Ezekiel 38 shows the "3" GeOrGes as the land of Magog ... three Gog's in all, GeOrGe Washington
...  H.W. GeOrGe Bush, and
son beast GeOr/ge W. Burning Bush. This chapter of Ezekiel 38 has
places in it that shows this is right on the mark for today! The Bible says in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev.
1:19 ... same type of numbers ...
"What was before will be again and what is now was before!"

God in no uncertain terms shows the condition of the Dog Church today also in solid rock form
close to w
here I had lived in the high wilderness area of Klamath Falls Oregon, showing this nation
of second Jer-
USA-lem is now falling and soon will be no more ... a nation who rules the world and
Church today that both have Fallen to the devil! Both are seen in Revelation 17:1-7 added ... 1 + 7 +
1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Tina was 16 when I put her to sleep, USA today
the sign of second Jer-
USA-lem at "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
Left is a picture from God's Hubble telescope in his
heavens, showing the
man above the woman as also
seen in 1 Timothy 2:6-15 ... and the woman below looking
to the right.
God says, everything under the SUN
belongs to me and men and woman alike!
God is also
saying men and women belongs to me, and those who
do not want anything to do with me I send to hell and
those who really love me will live with me for eternity ...
a world without end!

DEAD-Church of today, and in signs a popular bun
hairdo among men and woman alike, will soon be
heading for the Rocks to hide from God Almighty seen in
Isaiah 2:19-22, and also in a huge burned out rock by
Almighty God below shows these truths.
Putting this Open Vision of a picture I
took close to my home, into my Adobe
Photo section of my computer, I drew a
line around the woman heading into the
rocks spoken about in the Bible of the
last days. She is wearing a fancy hairdo
of a
BUN in no uncertain terms, means
this is getting ready to take place.
Notice she is wearing a
Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ...
Pray that your flight out from the cites
does not happen in winter! Left of the
outlined woman Church you can see the
head of this
PIG Church of today seen
in 2 Peter 2:20-
22 as 22 is the end.
Close to the woman heading to the rocks to
hide from God coming in to clean up a dirt
Church and world, is this large pile of rocks
burned out by his Almighty hand. It shows the
Trap is now ready to close down on man, Church
included. Jesus said in Luke 21:24 beware for
this trap will close down on man world wide
suddenly. This touches on the days of President
Trump number
"45" ... Luke 21 + 24 = "45." We
also see this Church of today is circumcised
only in the flesh and not the heart as Jesus
warns us about. Notice the church showing they
are the
"10" sleeping Virgins today who are
stark naked before God and the entire world today. They are also seen riding the beast who they
put into power,
Billionaire Donald lying Trump 45. See them laying down on the old black Bull
Market with their hands in the air worshipping the money god as they lay down on the old Bull
Market ready to crash today, and this brings in the
Red Bear Market of Red Russia and Red China.

Now look around the top right corner for God is showing in burned out rock form like he burned out
Ten Commandments for first Moses, but today he burns out this whole message in rock form ...
second Moses ...
"What was before will be again, and what is now was before!"" God is showing the
Red Bears appearing with their military helmets on ready to come into this gone crazy nation of
today that God is now ready to destroy.
...Bully Trump
Left you can see Father God in his cloud form, looking down
on man-kind who have left him for Satan who they believe is
Jesus Christ. You can plainly see his face, eyes, nose and
chin and ear looking down. Before I go into the "3" ribs of
Daniel 7:5 and the bear eating the
"3" ribs of Adam!  How
could this be? God took one rib from Adam to make Eve his
wife, and today his Church from this one rib of Adam, has
broken into
"3" parts, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.

Notice the black rock shows this bear beast raising up on
one side with
"3" ribs in its mouth the "3" gone mad crazy
Satanic Churches of today. Below this first Open Vision from
Almighty God looking down upon his Churches that went mad
at kingdom time, shows in cloud form this same message.
God shows this same black bear in cloud form with
"3" ribs in
its mouth seen in reddish color.
Above taken from a fiery volcano in Russia,
shows this day baby Church heading into the
hot nuclear fire coming from the Red Russian
bear. This baby Church that never grew up seen
in Hebrews 5:11-14 and Zechariah 5:5-11 ... are
still drinking milk from the baby bottle.

This Bear raising up on one side seen in Daniel
7:5 added is 12 Apostle Churches of today that
are still fast asleep soon to wake up. Here we
see the bears raising up on one side in a storm
cloud shown by Almighty God, are watching the
Bull Market of this second Jer-
USA-lem, ready
to walk out with a large red and golden Bulls
Eye on his huge stomach, Liar and last
President Donald John Trump
"45." Notice the
Bull Market looking at you with a large horn
-trump---et on his head.

This money game has come to a close and will
be no more!
The Black BULL Market is falling
today, what is your relationship with Jesus
? God says today ... it is finished!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...