The Cat Dog Pig Church
This top Open Vision from the fires in
California, shows the cat laying down
looking at the Holy Spirit of God over
the dark tree, as Jesus said, people
are seen as trees. The man is looking
through binoculars at the Holy Spirit
as signs. The cat touches on the Lion
cat from the tribe of Judah, meaning
Jesus and the cats of today who do
not do tricks like the Dog's do tricks,
the Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 do
many tricks today.

You can see in this huge fire burning
in California ... the head of the Dog
Churches soon to be taken out ... not
from a rapture but by fire.

This third Open Vision is also from
California, showing the Dog woman
Church in the fire on the left, setting
down looking to the right. God is
showing the "3"
women as the "3"
Churches today, the Catholics,
Protestants and Pentecostals
the fire
falling down on the
three Churches
of the last days!

The fire on the far right shows the
fire crown on the Overcoming saints
heads that God soon takes out to be
with him while he cleans up the
of the
Church ... those who will
repent. This woman Church left
behind, this is your
lot ... a fire bed
seen in  Revelation 2:20-25.  The
woman in white on the left is the
woman of Thyatira laying
in a bed of
suffering and those who follow in her
ways, the Protestants, lay with her.  
The Lion Cat Church
of Jesus below ...
soon go with Jesus,
the white Lion cat
seen below.
The Pig-Dog Church
who stays behind
beginning to run for
their lives.
The dog woman
Church sets in the
fire of Rev. 2;20-25
Notice her feet going into the mouth of the beast. God is showing these
awful things today that has already begun to happen.

"Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel,
who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into
sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. I have given
her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling.
So I will cast
her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit
adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways
. I
will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he
who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to
your deeds."
Revelation 2:20-23 ...

This ties into the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches
The crown
above for
saints who
of Sardis as well, as Sardis means the remains, the remains of the Catholic Church which also
includes the Church of Philadelphia ... the Pentecostal Churches of today who are still known as
Protestants. It was the Roman Catholic Church who burned many of the Protestants at the stake
during the dark ages, but is was the Protestants who hung the Pentecostals in trees by their hands
and feet because the Protestant Church thought the Pentecostals were crazy.

Now we see what the Matthew Henry Commentary people, the Protestants did when they wrote
these Commentaries some years ago that helped put the Churches in a dark
, untrue revelation.
30 years ago I purchased this Commentary when I saw Isaiah 4:1 ... them telling a lie about the
"Seven Women" meaning the "Seven Churches" of Revelation 2 and 3 added together is "10"
very sleeping Virgins at the end of days as we know them; they said there was a war so large
coming that most of the men were killed leaving only
"ONE MAN" for Seven Women.

When I saw this my God told me in no
uncertain terms, throw out this commentary for it is full of
lies!  This passage says we, meaning the
"Seven Churches" ... will take hold of ONE MAN ...
meaning Jesus Christ and say ...
"We will eat our own food" ... their own man's gospel that is no
gospel at all ...
and we will clothe ourselves with our own covering ... which is no covering at all ...
"Take away our disgrace."

These are just some of the lies the Dog-Wolf-Goat Preachers today are shoving down the throats of
the people making this end time Church full of lies and garbage from Satan.
This is why the fire of
God, for God is a consuming fire per the NT Bible, must come and is here today as everyone can
see for themselves.
Left, God shows this Goat Church of
today from one of his fiery volcano's,
George W. Red Pants Burning Bush 43
the second head of the beast, talking to
the beast, as
a beast's head is over
Burning Bushes head showing he is one
of the beasts today
! Jesus said, my sheep
hear my voice ... they
are on my right ...
meaning mercy ... and the
GOATS are on
the left,
meaning judgment which has
already begun
. G.W. Burning ... Red Pants
Bush is already burning
! The signs of the
fire burning
across the golden gate area
Golden California and also across the
whole west coast of second Jer-
This last day fire is going to consume the entire world and it has already begun! Notice "3" entities
speaking in the same black microphone in Bushes white head
... as Bush claims to be a good
 The goat Church is on the left of burning Bush who is in the center and Black Satan is on
the right showing his white eye ... all three are tied together today
; the Goat Churches, these the
Dogs and Pigs of 2 Peter 2:20-22 who makes up the "10" Virgin Churches leading mankind down the
road into hell. Add just the "2"s in 2 Peter and we see they are the "10" sleeping Virgins today who
think they are saved but today far from it.
The Clinton, Bush and Trump families all belong
to the Secret Society of the
New World Order ...
NWO ... and also the secret society of the
and all three are Satanic! Left shows a
large rock pile close to my old home in the 28
years living in the wilderness of Klamath county,
Oregon. You can see the crown on top of
Burning Bushes head who is hiding behind a
BUSH! Inside this G. W. Burning Bush is the sign
of a CROSS that this evil beast man claims to be
a Jesus Christ Cross man, but is a liar instead.
On his back are to other beast men, Clinton and
Trump both looking to the right.
Here we see "3" heads of the "666" beast of the las  All "3" men are beasts! One of God's top
numbers is "3" ... Father, Son and Holy Spirit who created man in his own image, body, soul and
spirit. Now we see the three men of Satan today above.  In white cloud form above shows Satan
looking on over his "3" today as all "3" are Satanic to the core.

We begin with Clinton 42 born year "4
6."  Next, is Bush 43 also born in year "46." Thirdly we see
Trump 45 also born in year "4
6." Trump was born month "6" Bush born month "7" Clinton born
"8" now we see "6-7-8." Next we see Revelation "6:7-8." This passage very plainly
says, the
Pale Rider beast is "3" men of Satan ... are DEATH with Hades, Hell following close

Now we add all three beast
666 men together and we see number "21" the last chapter of the Holy
Bible Revelation 22 verse "21" adding 2 + 1 =
"3" equals God top number "3." Next, we put 21 with
22 the last chapter and verse of the Holy Bible and we see the end is before our very eyes!
Revelation 22 verse 21 added is
"67." Adding the 2's is "6" plus the last verse ending with number
"1" is "7." Now we see
It was last year of August 21 ... 2017 ... there was a Solar Eclipse going over "St. Paul Oregon" one
day before my birthday of
August 22 and left at South Carolina. A Solar Eclipse means, "A New
Beginning is coming!
We add 22:21 the end of the Bible and we see it as "67." We are leaving the
6th Millennium and going into the "7th Millennium now ...

I was born
"6" of "7" Children in a preachers home in year "34" add 3 + 4 = "7" as today I am
preaching to the
"7" Churches at the HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7."
Now hold onto you hat for this Solar Eclipse left this nation at South Carolina!  
Left is where the Solar Eclipse first began over
Oregon the small county of Oregon, St. Paul ... close
to the area where I grew up. The map people put St.
Paul in red in this Oregon map and blue up the area of
St. Paul showing me looking to the left watching this
grey bear of Russian coming down over the Pig's eye,
this nation and her Pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 who
cannot see anything because God has hidden this
message from them. They still swim with a fish tail as
the first Church were seen as fishers of men's souls
but today are
PIG HEADS. Notice the red ring they
put around my eye.
This storm Pam of a few years ago show
this Solar Eclipse going out from St.
Paul Oregon and over the
second Jer-
USA-lem and leaving at SC
... South Carolina
seen on this Pam
Open Vision from God. Notice the
picture people shows the rocks under
the cloud of Pam. Notice the lower rock
shows a man's hand pointing upward to
Yours Truly laying in bed due to
Diabetes and loosing the use of my
legs and feet to walking. I get around to
day in a wheel-chair and a new red
electric cart that goes up to 45 miles
with a single charge. I have been on my
first trip to down town
Klamath to soon
Fall Oregon
to share this message with
the people in town, Notice the two
left shows the first one my face
looking at you and my arm on SC for
Storm Pam the name of
my in-home care lady who
works for me a few days a
X                  X
South Carolina where I preach from 18 years ago on
short and long wave radio to the whole world for
minutes. What was the first thing I was asked by this old
prophet who is dead now? He had received one of my
books, this is why he called me.

He first said,
"Who is the beast of Revelation?" I said, "Bill
Clinton number "42
." The second thing I told him,
"Russian will nuclear bomb this nation." This happened
"18" years ago and today the sign of the Peace and Safety
of 1 Thessalonian 5:1-6 is at our door. The first Apostle
Paul spoke this to the Awake Church and today this last
day Apostle Paul speaks this to the asleep Church of
Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." The beast Bill 42 is coming in
and we multiply 6 x 7 =
"42." After the half an hour with
South Carolina we hung up the phone when I picked up my
Bible and it opened to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent
for about half an hour.
This last Open Vision God also shows Pam Pushing me in my wheelchair ... signs of me being the
center of this storm today seen above as a wheel on my wheel-chair. You can see the head of my
trumpet pointing downward to earth preaching this message from my
"3"rd and last angel website,
flying in the heavens above seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." You can see my head above the
center of this storm today preaching to the people below, notice the head of a person in front of my
head looking up at me while the fires burn out of control set by God Almighty. Behind my head you
can see Pam looking over the back of my head pushing me along as she is also wearing dark
glasses as she often does in sunny weather.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...