The Assemblies of Goats Religion
God in signs is hitting hard the Assembles of God
Churches today where this Church of SEEDS, meaning
MONEY comes from! I know somewhat of what this
Church teaches today and I have three nephews
holding preaching licence from this Church and the
other Churches all heading into the black hole of hell if
they do not change and repent seen below in the
smoke from a volcano from Almighty God.

Notice the white head of these Assemblies of God,
meaning the Assembles of GOATS, preaching to the
world today in the black microphone in the white head
of Satan who comes as an angel of light! Notice over
his white head is the Skull of a beast, Satan. The head
of the Beast family, as the 41st president of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone to POT, George H.W.
Burning Bush
, the sign of this fiery volcano from God
Almighty, died not long ago and his family belongs to
the secret society of the
"Skull & Bones" of Satan.
They are also seen belonging to the NWO and the
Illuminati of Satan! The Skull is over his head!

The Assembles of Goats are also seen as militant to
the core! Jesus said .... the goats will be on left, seen
here on the left, meaning Judgment, and my sheep will
be on my right, meaning mercy!

Left in white smoke from Almighty God, shows the head
of these Churches, the rest included, are all heading
today into the
BLACK HOLE seen far left the heads of
these people looking at you, going into the black hole
of hell. Right of their head going to hell, you can plainly
see the head of the Goat on the right looking down.

Left is rich Doc. Mike Murdock of the Assemblies of
God Churches murdering Doc. of the people, telling
them lies that they listen to. His main office is in Texas
and he preaches much of the time out from South
Carolina Assemblies of God. He has them also
preaching these lies around the world telling the
listeners to dig down deep in their pockets and pull
out the seeds ... meaning MONEY and mail it to them
for God has called them to evangelize the entire world,
another lie from hell, Rod Parsley another Assemblies
of God preacher from the TBN station from LA spoke
Goat head
gruesome lies also around the world telling them, as I heard this myself that when the rapture
accrues 80% of Los Angels will go in a rapture. Jesus said, broad is the road going to hell and many
are those who go their, but narrow is the road leading to heaven and few are those who find it! He
said in the same breath, that God has loaded down the table with money and has pushed it over to
the Church another lie from hell. Jesus said,
"You cannot worship me and money at the same table!"

I can go on and on about this sick religion today along with the others as well, but I won't. Go to
Revelation 14:1-5 to see the only ones taken to the throne of Jesus Christ just before hell is opened
up on earth! These 144,000 has J
esus name and the Father's name written on their foreheads. The
Goats tell the people ... these 144,000 are the Jews who crucified Jesus Christ and not Gentiles,
another lie from hell. This sign is so obvious a child can understand it, but hot the Church today
heading into hell seen above in smoke form from Almighty God!

This also ties into the Oral Roberts University that Oral ... dead now, his son operates who  Oral, his
father told him to devourse his wife and marry another woman more to their beliefs. Old man Paul
Crouch who is dead now who began the Radio station in LA, died and his son Paul now runs the
show. The LA Times newspaper wrote about Sr. Paul who had hired a gay man to paint some years
ago, was also partners in gay sex with him.

The Pentecostal Churches which includes the Assemblies of God, are all headed to the black hell
hole seen above ... all GOATS ... unless they fall on their faces and repent of following and
worshipping Satan who they think is Jesus Christ but the devil instead! This also ties into all the
Churches of today, bar none!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...