The 3 Dead Women Churches
Jesus said people are seen as trees! God shows one
dead woman seen in one tree of three parts, meaning
"3" tree Churches today all dead, Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal and notice her body and legs are ma
up of dead branches

Left is the old Church of today of many roots and one
tree of the house now dead! She is seen today in
shadow form of my 16 year old Tina Dog chewing on two
bones, the Catholic and the Protestant Churches
. Look
at her back
for she is full of demon's and Dragons!
I remind you this is shown by God on the side of
Babylon Rock close to my old home in the high
wilderness area of Klamath county Oregon, an area of
old volcano's burned out by the fire finger of Almighty

Left I show you the picture of the old tree Church, a
mess today! B
elow this shows her laying dead on the
ground. Right of her dead, is a naked Picture of the
Church today standing on Rock Jesus.
Far right is
naked Judas
hanging himself in a tree UPSIDE DOWN,
the Woman Church is upside down and is worshiping
the little rock, Satan as she bows her knees to the little
rock devil
below who she thinks is Jesus.
Notice the naked butt woman Church right of the dead one left and you can see her naked knees as
bowing to Satan who she thinks is Jesus the large Rock! She stands on Rock Jesus with her ha
nd on
the side of the Jesus Rock looking out across the waters as she waits stark naked before God an
this Ark of God is not showing up for her ... she is
NAKED with no covering from God!
The sun is setting on the tree Churches
today seen left. The reason is seen
below the sun going down
, the naked
trees below with
no leaves on them.
Above in cloud form God shows
in cloud
form, a
nuclear bomb going off and right
show this nation, the
RED BOAT going
down never to return
This week they call the Moon that represents the Church in Joseph's dream. his Father was the Sun
... his mother was the Moon and his
10 older brothers were the Stars now fallen! Above is the black
Church of the last days that God is showing this week on the news. Above right shows another image
from the news showing an airplane in the middle of this Black and Solar Super moon with the nose of
the airliner pointing to the dark head of the Black Moon Mother Church as laying down wearing the
Hair-bun hairdo ... meaning today! Below the airliner is the belly of the Moon Church today
with their feet in the air showing the capital letter "V" for Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.
Sun setting on
Tree Church
Black Church
Above left you can faintly see Father God standing on his white
mountain with red fire under him! Right of his white head you can
see in dark color his left arm pulled back now hitting this Moon
Church in her head knocking her off his high mountain. Notice
big head, as she thinks she is something and her large naked
breasts and thin waist now turned into a garbage dump seen
Father God looking down at woman
with head                  cut off
Isaiah 2:19-22
<-----Notice her hairbun
Notice above the woman moon and
the airplane, and the head of the
woman moon Church with her head
cut off seen above, both are wearing
famous hair bun hairdo, meaning
this message is for today! Left of the
woman wearing a warm winter coat
and this famous hair bun hairdo
today with her head turned around
looking at you, is getting ready to
hide from God! This is the picture
God burned out in solid rock seen in
Daniel 5:25-28! God confirms this in
his numbers ... 5 + 2 =
"7" Churches
... 5 + 2 =
"7" Churches now we see
"77" the cloud God put over my
home seen below.
We see the last number is "8" and number "8" refers to a
new beginning for the old beginning went to sour grapes
before the Lord seen in Isaiah 5:5 added equals
sleeping moon Churches of today! God said in this verse for
today ...
"I have lifted my hand of protection from around her
(Meaning the Church) and she will be destroyed."

What is happening in this nation and world today ... God is
destroying her without a shadow of a doubt! Anyone with a
brain in their heads can see what is taking place, God's
patience has run out ... he is saying ...
"It is finished!"
God says in Daniel 9:24 added is "33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again still "33" years
of age as this passage begins with ...
"77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning!"  I came
back to the Lord
"33" years ago! I have been preaching this awesome message around the world and
am on my last and final third website as God is saying in this passage of Daniel
9:24 ... Your Visions
and Prophesies have come to a close and will be no more

After this Jesus comes and sets up his 1000 year kingdom on earth! I have preached this end time
message on television for
"7" months in Louisville, KY. I have spoken on long and short wave radio
out from South Carolina yet most people do not want anything to do with it even when they see all
these Open Visions from Almighty God ... Why? Because they are dead asleep!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
The "3" Dead Churches
3 Churches covered in moss
Todays Dead Church
God knocks big
headed naked Church
off his white Mountain!
3 Churches ... Catholic ... Protestant
& Pentecostal ... all Dead Today!