The '2' Witnesses Fiery Ministry
The "2 Witnesses" are
not two old Jewish men the sleeping
Churches of today preach. The 2
witnesses are a man and a woman
period! This also touches on the
144,000 spoken about in Revelation
14:1-5 that God takes out soon that
the sleeping Churches of today claim
are Jews that God wrote the name of
JESUS on their foreheads, another lie
from Satan
! Notice the man, yours
truly on the left and the woman is
mainly seen hidden, and both blowing
fire from their mouths. Notice the
letter "V" for Virgins that they are
blowing fire at today loud and clear!

Left, is the map of Oregon and the red
part is
St. Paul close to the Capital of
Salem, Oregon. The state blew up St.
Paul that shows his mouth wide open
and the grey bears of Russia and
China are moving down over the
of the Pig Church of today who still
swim with a FISH tail that the early
Church began with but today has the
head of the PIG

Katy lives in
St. Paul, MN., that used
to be called
"PIGS EYE" in the 1800's.
Notice the tail of the fish is seen here
as a man's forehead, eye, nose and
mouth, the preachers today.
Paul Gerig on the left and Katy Sasie on the right the Solar
Eclipse went over St. Paul, Oregon and seen by Katy of St.
Paul, MN. that used to be called
Pointing to his nose -------->
I grew up as a child close to St. Paul that is close to Salem, Albany and Lebanon Oregon. One of the
last area's I lived was in Lebanon, Oregon! You drive west of Lebanon on highway
"34" the year I
was born, and within
"10" miles you come to the I-5 Freeway that goes from Canada to Mexico. (Ten
miles touches on the "10" sleeping Churches of Matthew 25:6-7 of the "7" Churches that are also
seen in Isaiah 4:1)  
Seven women, the seven Churches of today ... will take hold of one man and say,
we will eat our own food and provide our own clothing, only let us be called by your name
, meaning
, "Take away our disgrace."  (This name today is Ichabod meaning God has forsaken)

Next, we drop down to
Isaiah 5:1 from Isaiah 4:1 and we see this! This also takes us back to Lebanon,
Oregon and highway
"34" the year I was born, and the 10 miles ... 10 Virgins from Lebanon to I-5 and
we see this very open for all to understand, but the Pig Church today do not know, nor do they
understand the Holy Bible! God dug up his first Vineyard seen in the first verses and removed the
stones ... this refers to the Jews without a shadow of a doubt! God took the choice vines, the
Apostles, and replanted the Church of today.
Now here is the killer ... "Israel had 2000 years before
God took them out of serving him because of their falling away
!" Now from Jesus to today is another
2000 years and God's second wife ... the Church has done the same thing first Jerusalem did!

God then says
"I went to look for a good crop of grapes at harvest time, meaning today but found ONLY
!  Now we put Isaiah "5" with verse "5" and we see "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7
being destroyed! We see the next two verses,
"6-7" of Matthew 25 verses "6-7" ... God removing his
water from this last day orchard Church ... no more cultivating and no more punning as she goes
back to the wild ... read it!

Now we go to the South a little farther on I-5 and we come into northern California where the second
Vineyard of God is also seen, and we see that
FIRE has burned them down. California's neighbor,
whorehouse Nevada, has just recently had the worst outright shooting in the history of this second
USA-lem nation. God is showing two signs, his Almighty Fire is coming to burn down his second
Vineyard Church
and those who escape this wrath of fire will see the gunfire coming upon them.  
Amos 9 says, where will you hide from God?

The lying Pig-Headed Church of today cannot see the truth as seen in Amos 5:1-2 ...
"Fallen is Virgin
Israel never to rise again, deserted in her own land with no one to lift her up
." Yet the Church of today
say, Jesus is coming back to old Israel to set up his 1000 year kingdom on earth! Yes, God gave back
to old Israel her land that he promised he would do, but she will never reach the power she once
was, never! He first showed old Israel as a small land but today he moved it to this second
USA-lem that is "3" thousand miles across ... has "3" coastlines and has "3" timezones!
I show the map of this second Jer-USA-lem nation when God
told me to draw a line from the Golden Gate on the West to
the First Gate on the East ... the Hudson Harbor! Then down
to the south, Corpus Christi which means the Body of Christ,
and then back up to the Golden Gate ... we see the "3" sided
Diamond of Jesus Christ across the land of second
USA-lem. Jesus Christ is the five sided ... five wounds
he suffered dying on the cross for our sins that soon sets
down on God's government Pyramid seen left showing he is
"6" sided star of David.
God is the first and last, the beginning and the end of his Numbering and Alphabet system. God is
seen as Letter "A" the beginning and letter "Z" the ending. God is also seen as number "1" and
number "9" and seen as number "19." Next, we go to Zechariah 4:7 added is "11" the number of
letters in Jesus Christ the Capstone with "5" sides, the "5" wounds of Jesus Christ. This passage
begins with,
"What are you O mighty mountain ... Before Zerubbabel (Meaning God) you ... (second
USA-lem) will become level ground! Then he will bring out the CAPSTONE to shouts of God Bless it
... God Bless it."
Zechariah 4:7 ...

The capstone is Jesus Christ, the five sided capstone ... the five wounds Jesus suffered dying on
the cross for our sins. Below in a tropical storm in the USA on election day, shows yours truly blowing
this Jesus TRUMPET over this nation from the West Coast across to the East Coast.
You can see my face on the
west coast and on the head of
my trumpet is the head of Jesus
looking down over the state of
Florida where Hurricane Storm
Matthew hit in fury not long ago.
Notice the head of Jesus killing
this nation, and the white head
of the bald eagle is our symbol
... Jesus is coming to kill this
nation and its Churches who
has turned away from him and
today worship Satan!

Lastly we see a conformation
from God's Hubble telescope,
showing the two witnesses as
a man and a women among the stars as the stars in
God's heavens are saints and not angels like the
sleeping Church preach which is far from the truth.
Look at Paul looking down from over the woman, as
men are over the woman and the woman looking to
the right. This tells you the truth about who the two
witnesses are today that the preaching and
teaching is to come from man and not women.
Read 1 Timothy 2 where Paul peaches woman are
not to preach and teach men.

St. Paul from Oregon and St. Katy from St. Paul,
MN., are the first two witnesses. This also ties into
the son which also touches on the Son of God,
Jesus, which also Brian of northern California
whose last name ties into blood relationship with
Jesus Christ is also a witness today. So we have
"3" witnesses in this ministry ... Paul the sign of the
Father, Katy the sign of the Holy Spirit which is the
woman, and Brian the sign of the Son who is 20 years of age and is an overcomer.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...