Take Off Turban                         
25 “‘You profane and wicked prince of Israel, (This
now goes for 2nd Israel, USA)
whose day has come,
whose time of punishment has reached its climax
, 26
this is what the Sovereign Lord says:
Take off the
turban, remove the crown
. It will not be as it was:
The lowly will be exalted and the exalted will be
brought low. 27
A ruin! A ruin! I will make it a ruin!
It will not be restored until he to whom it rightfully
belongs shall come; to him I will give it.’"
Ezekiel 21:
25-27 ...   
(This belongs to Jesus)
The above large rock close to my home,
shows Ezekiel 21:25-27 burned out by the
fire finger of Almighty God that goes for
dead, sleeping Churches of today!
The vision on the left shows God now
ready to blow this evil Church off his Mt.
Using God's awesome numbering system that the sleeping Churches say is Satan's numbers, we add
Ezekiel 21:25-27 and we see this: 2 + 1 = "3" so-called Christian religions,
Catholic, Protestant and
. Next, we add the verses, 2 + 5 + 2 + 7 = "16" equals second Jer-USA-lem that the head
sets at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. God says here I will make it A RUIN! A RUIN! I will
make it a
RUIN and it will not be restored until Jesus comes back to set in a brand NEW White House
seen in Zechariah 14:11.  We add 1 + 4 + 1 + 1 = "
New White House for the "7" Churches, those who
make it to this New White House that sets in Babylonia, second Jer-
USA-lem! Now to add the other
way in God's awesome numbering system, we add Zechariah 14 + verse 11 and we see this goes for
the Matthew
"25" sleeping Virgins of today in verses "6-7."

Next, we go to Revelation 14:"6-7" and we see this: Three angels flying in mid-air proclaiming the
Eternal Gospel at the Hour of Judgment today, this Ministry and my third flying angel website. This
last day second Moses of Almighty God preaching from this third angel website at the
, of verses "6-7" ... preaching to the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 added are the "7"
Churches seen in verses
"6-7" who was born in a preachers home "6" of "7" Children! I was born
on Leo the Lion month of August 22 ... 22 means the end and also the last chapter in God's Holy
Bible. I was born year
"34" added ... preaching today to the "7" Churches that God is now blowing
off his mountain with
fire, for God is a  consuming fire!

We go back to number "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC and Revelation 14 verses 19-20 to
red blood flowing from "16" hundred Penn., Ave., 16 hundred Stadia coming from God's
winepress pressing out the juice ... blood ...  from the wild grape Churches of today; rising as high
as the horses bridles for a distance of
"16" hundred Stadia ... NIV. We see this again in Isaiah
5:1-2 where God dug up his first Vineyard Israel, and removed the stones and replanted it using the
choice vines of the 12 Apostles to start is second Vineyard, the Church of today.  After Israel had
their 2000 years and 42 generations seen in Matthew 1:17 and went down the tube, so has the
Church done the same thing with Jesus, re-crucified Him all over again,
figuratively speaking, seen
in Revelation 11:8 ... 1 + 1 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins.

Now we see first Israel and their 2000 years and 42 generations gone crazy! Now we also see the
Church that God replanted in old Israel's place doing the same thing Israel did, re-crucifying Jesus
all over again figuratively speaking ... Rev. 11:8. Now we go to Isaiah 5:5 added is "10" sleeping
Virgins and we see God saying,
"I will lift my hedge of protection from around her and she will
be destroyed!

Back to verses "6-7" of Matthew 25 added are the "7" Churches, and put together with Isaiah 5 + 5
= "10" sleeping Virgins and verses
"6-7" of Matthew 25 and Isaiah 5 ... we see God saying this for
today, I will take away her water ... I will not prune nor cultivate her and she will turn into a thistle
patch of what she is today!
God blows the 7 Churches off his High
Mountain with fire - His Nuclear is coming
The window is Open for this to happen!
This cloud picture of nuclear war is at
hand and look at the open window shows
the word,
Church! The Open Vision on the
top left, shows God turning this last day
Church into a fire wearing a turban, and
God is showing they must remove the
crown they put on their heads, for it will
not be restored until Jesus Christ comes
and sets in a
New White House seen in
Zechariah 5:11
. This happens after the
Church repents riding in the measuring
basket today with lead covering her
mouth; meaning she has the dross of
Lead in her mouth that God soon
burn off
. After this, and after the new
White House is built, then she will set
down in her place here in Babylonia, verse
"11." Number "11" is the number of Jesus
Christ who has "11" letters in his name!
Jesus is seen in Joel 2:11 ...

"Jesus rides at the head of his army his
forces are beyond number and many are
those who obey his command
!" Joel 2:"11"

Left is the mushroom bomb going off
pushing the Churches off God's high
mountain. This is the same one heading
this message but I blew it up to show you
the message in this picture of a real
Mushroom cloud bomb going off showing
who it is intended for! Notice the large
capital letter "V" for Virgins, and the top of
the "V" is the head of a
GOAT, meaning the
Goat Churches of today soon to be blown
up! Right of the head of the
GOAT you can
see the head of this nations bird symbol,
the Bald Eagle being taken out ... this bald
eagle nation!

Below is a picture taken a few years ago
over this nation on Election day, a tropical
storm showing yours truly over the west
coast blowing this Jesus trumpet loud and
clear ... the head of Jesus looking down
over the state of Florida. Notice what
Jesus head hits on this nation ... killing the
bald eagle sign of this nation. This ties into
the Goat Church of today seen in another
Open Vision from Almighty God, showing
the Goat Church of today with one of the
heads of the beast system,
fire burning
George W. Red Pants Bush 43

This was taken from one of God's fiery
volcano's showing this last day
made up by God in Lighting form
put together with smoke and color Blue,
soon to be blue ... when they find out who
they really represent today; the Goat
Church of Satan. Notice over the head of
so-called-Christian George W. Bush who
belongs to the secret society of the NWO
... Illuminati of the
"Skull & Bones."
Notice over Bushes head is this sign of
"SKULL" ... also meaning the SKULLS
of the goat Churches of today!

Jesus said, My sheep will be on the right
meaning Mercy, and the Goats will be on
the left meaning Judgment! God in no
uncertain terms is showing this Goat
Church talking to the whole world telling
them lies and are the ones doing this in
Revelation 17:1-8.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul
Gerig ...
Goat Head         Eagle Head
in rockets from Bears ...