Sunday 5/5/19 Two Killed 42-49
Quote:   Oregon State Police troopers are continuing the investigation into Sunday afternoon’s
double fatal crash that occurred on Highway 138E near Glide.

On Sunday, May 5, 2019, at approximately 1:00PM, OSP Troopers and Emergency Responders were
dispatched to the report of a single-vehicle crash on Hwy
138E at milepost 20.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a
Chrysler PT Cruiser operated by, Kelley Weekly, age 42,
from Klamath Falls, was traveling westbound on Hwy 138E when for an unknown reason it veered off
the roadway and impacted a tree.  Weekly and passenger Scott Carnes, age
49, from Klamath Falls,
were pronounced deceased on scene by medical personnel.  
Left is yours truly around the age of 65 to 70
standing in front of the first head looking over Red
Dragon Rock close to my home in the Klamath Falls
wilderness area. The head you see over my
shoulder is the rock head of this Ministry, yours
truly looking up to God.

Today I have lived in this high altitude area for 28
years when I had moved down here from Portland,
Oregon. It was a short time before I moved down
here when one
Sunday Morning when God spoke to
me very plainly in my spirit and said ... "Go take a
shower and go to Lebanon, Oregon to my sister
Shirley's home.
I took a shower and not understanding of what would take place later in Lebanon, I totally dressed in
White ... belt, shoes and all. When I got to Lebanon where my sister Shirley lived they were in
Church and at her place was my Nephew, Roger a nurse from Salem, Oregon.

A short time later my sister and her husband came home from Church. Shirley said, why are you here
Paul? I said I don't know, God told me to come down to your place! About one hour later I knew why
God sent me down to Lebanon. We were setting on the couch in Shirley and Wayne's living room
when we heard a crash from the road outside. Rodger Jumped up first and we ran outside only to
see a telephone pole broken off and hanging from the wires. There was no tire skid marks on the

Rodger was the first down to the car hidden in the trees about 10 feet down in the ditch. He hollered
back to me, one man is in the car and he is dead. There was no skid marks for he had died from a
heart attack or a stroke. I had worked in two large hospitals in Portland, Oregon and Denver,
Colorado in my 19's and 20's and I was also involved in Death working in these two hospitals. The
drivers window was open and now Rodger was at the passenger side of the car trying to open the
door to get inside to give this man artificial respiration but couldn't get inside.

I reached inside the drivers open window to take his pulse but he didn't have a pulse ... he was
dead as nurse Rodger had said. Now here comes the kicker! This vehicle was also a Chrysler tying
into the Oregon State Police and the deadly Chrysler car accident on Sunday, the day the Church
meets. We see this Chrysler ...
Glided into a tree near Glide Oregon on highway 138E! We add 1 + 3 +
8 =
"12" Apostle Church crashing! This also happened at Milepost 20. We drop the zero and we see
"2" so-called Christ-lar religions, Catholic and Protestant alike crashing ... Christ ... lar.

This took place 5/5 ... 5 + 5 = "10" very sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. They hit a TREE and
Jesus said people are seen as
TREES. The age of these two people killed were 42 and 49. First we
see number
"42" as this number 42 means rebellion and is also the first head of the "3" beast
presidents of today, Bill Clinton
"42" from George W...ashington, and the second head is George
... Bush 43 added to Clinton is "67" and both came out from the sleeping Church of Matthew 25
added equals the
"7" Churches of today and verses "6-7."

Now we add the date again as 5 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 9 - "22" that means the end, the end of the Holy Bible,
"22." This number "22" also touches on this last day Prophet of God born on Leo the
Lion month of August
"22" year "34" added preaching to the "7" Churches today that drove into
the ditch killing them.  

I Prayed for this dead man in the Chrysler Car .,,
Christ ...  that he would live and about five minutes
later I felt for his pulse again and I thought I was feeling my own pulse when this dead man came
back to life. What does this mean? It means some of the dead Christ ... Church of today will come
back to life and live in heaven.

The one killed was
"42" that means rebellion.  The other killed was 49 added equals "13" and this
13 refers to Witchcraft!  We turn to Matthew 1:17 and we see from Abraham the Jew to
Jesus Christ was 2000 years and count the generations in this verse and they are
"42." You say ...
so what! It was
2000 years and "42" generations when the Jew rebelled against God and Crucified
Jesus Christ! Now from Jesus Christ to today we all know was another
2000 years and another
"42" generations

Now we see in Revelation 11:8 ... add 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. We add
again ... 11 + 8 =
"19" the first head of the beast, Clinton the "42"nd president of gone down the
USA ... second Jer-USA-lem born on Leo the Lion month of August "19" and number "42."
I have in my hands today mother's old
Bible that I received one day after she
died and went to heaven. Her Bible was
handed to me by my sister Grace who
opened it and took out Jeremiah's calling
written out by mother ... Jeremiah 1:5 ...
and she said, Paul, this is for you! I wept
when this happened, Jeremiah's calling
fell on me by
LOT as did my Father's
calling fell on him also by
LOT when I was
born. I wept when this happened and I
wept many years later when I would think
about it.
Now hold onto your hat again, for the inside page of mother's Bible above showing the first head of
"3" headed Lion Beast of Bill Clinton "42" born on Leo the Lion day of August "19" equals
"1942" when mother purchased this Bible. This piece of paper above shows all "3" beast
Presidents in number form and when they were all born in year "4
6."  ... "666."

I already showed you the first head of the "3" headed Lion ... Lying Beast, Bill Clinton 1942. We add
1 + 9 + 4 + 2 -
"16" hundred Penn. Ave., Washington DC as all "3" came out from the White House at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave. The third and last beast, Donald John Trump has "15" letters in his
and is seen as the day mother bought this Bible of OCT. the 10th month tying into the 10
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. Add 2 + 5 =
"7" Churches and verses "6 x 7" equals "42."

Next we drop down to Matthew 12 ... coming from the 12 Apostle Church of today, and verses "43"
"46." The second head of the "3" last day beast Presidents, is George W. Burning Bush "43"
from Washington. Now here is the kicker ... all "3" beast president men were born in year "46." All
"3" are seen in Isaiah "66:6." God says in this passage ... "What is that noise coming from the city ...
What is that sound coming from the Temple!
  (Meaning the Church)   It is the sound of the Lord
repaying his enemies all they deserve."
Isaiah 66:6 ... Hold on to your hat again for God is talking to the
Churches of today that these
"3" beast Presidents take out! (The Christ .... ler car refers to the
Christ ... er Church today who has driven off the road and now must die

Now hold onto your hats again and we see these "666"  beast President men in Revelation 13:18.
First we add 1 + 3 + 1 + 8 =
"13." Number "13" is the top number of Witchcraft. This passage states;
Let the one with
Insight Calculate the Number of the beast for it is the number of man ... his number

Now we look at Revelation 6:7-8 and we see these "3" beast men of the "666" riding out as the
Pale Rider of DEATH! Now in reverse we see these "666" beast Presidents who were born in the
same month numbers of
Revelation "6:7-8" First we see Trump born month "6" ... Bush born month
"7" and Clinton born month "8" ... "6-7-8" the three Pale Riders of Death with hades, hell folling
close behind today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

PS: It was Lebanon, Oregon when his first Chrysler car for Christ crashed killing the driver
who I prayed for who came back to life. Lebanon touches on Lebanon, Israel and the Jews,
and now I live in
Klamath soon to Fall Church Oregon of the last days! The Jews refused to
believe that Jesus is the Messiah of Lebanon, Israel ... and today the Church who received
Jesus as their Messiah has lost it and worship Satan!  They also refuse to believe that God is
the God of numbers not Satan as they teach today!

The first Apostle Paul states in 1 Thess.
5:1-5 that the sleepers would wake up at Midnight
like labor pains coming upon a pregnant woman and they would not escape this coming war
now on its way into second Jer-
USA-lem and the world. The first Apostle Paul was talking to
Awake Church and this last day Apostle Paul is speaking to the Asleep Church of
Matthew 25:6-7.   
Apostle Prophet Paul ...