Summit - Putin - Trump - End
The Pot .... has hit the fan! What is true and
what is false? only God knows! I will show you what
God is saying about today in signs from his fiery
volcano's across his gone to Pot second Jer-
lem nation with rich Billionaire Donald Duck Trump
setting at the helm of this Eagle Bird Nation going
down the drain. Russia has been this nations
mortal enemy for years. I will begin with this fiery
volcano on the left showing the black bear of
Russia with his bear arms around this nation
beginning with the only black president of this
nation, Barack Obama 44. We can also see the
white Panda bear of China waiting on the right
with their mouth wide open waiting for Russia to pull the
pin of dropping nuclear bombs across this nation soon
and suddenly!

Next, we see another fiery volcano from Almighty God
that knows what is going on, and we see Obama with his
big ears with smoke coming out from the top of his black
head, and his
lying Pennochio nose is laying across the
first prize of beasts
while the red fire burns.

Next, we go into what is happening today in the world
news! We see
Black Obama that God is showing with his
black head in the corner seeing nothing of what is
happening. Next, we see Father God in the opposite
corner looking down on Golden Donald Trump in this
summit meeting with Putin of Russia and allowing it.
Below Golden Billionaire Trump
you can see the
boiling pot of
old Jeremiah 1:13-
16 ... 16
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington
DC ...
Jeremiah today this last day
!  Notice what is in
Trumps mouth ... he is smoking a
pipe while talking to Putin of
Russia and
both men are wearing
Ponytail hairdo's that means we
are now in the days of the horse-
men of the end time Apocalypse
without a shadow of a doubt!

Putin of Russia and Trump of the
USA is now top news

Left, you can see what Jesus was
talking about in Luke 21:34 when
he said,
"Do not let the trap close
down on you for it will come upon
the entire world
."  We add in God'
numbering system and we see
the "10" sleeping Virgins still
asleeping when this happens ...
Luke 21:34 ... 21 + 34 = "5 wise
and 5" foolish Virgins of Matthew
25 verses
"6-7." Add the other
way ... 2 + 1 + 3 + 4 =
sleeping Virgins
. Notice the
Soldiers looking around the top
right corner coming in when the
Bull Market goes down.
Jeremiah's Pot is at the boiling point ... Jer. 1:13-16 ...
What happens in real life when the Black
Bull Market leaves the picture
? ... the Red
Bear Market moves in ready to happen!

Solar Eclipse ... what does it mean? It
means a new beginning is coming
! This
Solar Eclipse happened last year on August
21, 2017 one day before my birthday of
"22" and number "22" means the
end, and put together with God's last day
Ministry is Revelation
22:21. We add 2 + 2 +
2 =
"6" plus 1 = "7" equals "67" of Matthew
25 verses "6-7
" when this Church soon
wakes up and smells the coffee pot boiling.
I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." This number "34" also ties into
verse "34" of Luke 21 added ... 2 + 1 =
"3" Churches of today ... Catholic, Protestant and
I preach this awesome Eternal Gospel Message today to the Churches of Matthew 25
"6-7" at the HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in my "3" Angel Websites from this Ministry seen
in verses

Now we see St. Paul of Oregon in the small county of St. Paul a few miles east of the capital of
Oregon, Salem, where this Solar Eclipse went over before going out at
South Carolina one day
before my 83 birthday of August
22, 19'34.'  I never made this image above of the map of Oregon
showing St. Paul in red, God had it made by man. He also had them make a larger image of St. Paul
to the left of the Oregon map, showing me looking to the left with a
red ring around my eye
watching the bear of Russia coming down from the north over the eye of this Pig-Church nation
and this pig can see nothing.

Notice this Pig nation and Church are soon to start squealing ... their mouths are wide open as
the Pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 still swim with a fish tail! The early Church was seen as fishers of
men's souls but todays Pig Churches are money grubbing Churches who put Billionaire
into power,
the third "6" of the "666" seen in Isaiah "66:6."

Trump born year 46 ... Bush born year 46 ... Clinton born year 46 ... "666" and all came from the
fallen Churches of today! The NT tells us the anti-Christ beast was already in the early Church and
they comes out from the late Church!
The Solar Eclipse came into this
nation in Newport Oregon and left at
SC ... South Carolina. (Newport
touches on a
New Beginning) Storm
Pam is also the name of my in-home
care lady who helps me out a few
days a week. God shows this ministry
of Paul above with my arm reaching
out to the capital letters ... SC for
South Carolina where the Solar
Eclipse left this nation on August 21,
2017. God also shows me as his Lion
from Judah, meaning Lion Jesus and
is pointing to this Ministry with the
rock below this cloud that they put
here, not by me.

I received a phone call from a
Prophet in South Carolina in year
2000, from a prophet that had read  
The huge storm Pam
SC above
Paul above
Leo the Lion Paul above
one of my books showing who the coming in beast is and that Russia would nuclear bomb this
nation. We spoke for half an hour on the phone and the first thing he asked me was ...
"Who is the
?" I said the beast that I knew at that time is Bill Clinton number 42." (I wasn't aware at that
time there would be "3" beast men of the "666")  
Just after I said this 18 years ago, I said that
Russia would nuclear bomb this nation which is now being put together before our very eyes! We
spoke over long and short wave radio to the entire world for half an hour and then hung up! After
we hung up I picked up my Bible as I often do when things like his takes place
, and it opened up to
Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."

Using God's awesome numbering system we see Revelation 8 + 1 = number "9" which means
Judgment ...
Judgment is now before the eyes of this Nation ... Church and World! The end is
now before your very eyes and after this comes the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ seen in
9:24 ... added is "33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again still "33" years of age,
es into his 1000 year kingdom.  

This passage also shows these
Open Visions and Prophesies come to a close, and after this Jesus
comes in
to rule for 1000 years ... as man's time for ruling is over! Another sign is that I came back
to the Lord
"33" years ago and I am also seen as the Lion for God seen above, and Jesus is also
seen as a Lion, for he came out of the tribe of the Lion of Judah ... Judah referring to Jesus.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Left is another storm showing Pam, my in home care lady who
watches out for me, pushing me in my wheel-chair. You can
see me in the middle of this Storm today blowing my trumpet
downward from my third Angel website seen in Rev. 14:

Notice my head and face looking into the face of a man below
wearing dark glasses, as most people cannot see what is
soon to happen to them. Notice left of my head you can see
Pam pushing me in my wheel-chair also wearing dark glasses
as she often does when the sun is out. This is also a sign that
Sun ... Son is out trying to get peoples attention before
hell is opened up on earth!             

Prophet Paul ...