Straw Church Soon Crabs!
Isaiah 2:19-22
Above is a Crab fishing boat from Alaska
where a friend of mine just went to crab fish.
He came back from fishing for Salmon not too long ago but when back not to fish for fish but to
fish for
SNOW CRABS. The "7" Churches of today are now fishing for CRABS, not fish, and soon are
to be
CRABING LOUD AND CLEAR! Remember not long ago their was a large earthquake in Alaska
of the magnutue of
"7." Sarah Palin a once Governor of Alaska who calls herself a Christian, had
her home parcially destroyed by this number
"7" earthquake not long ago and this ties to the
fising today in Alaaka! The
"7" Churches are soon to be Pale as they CRAB to God of all the Snow
here in second Jer-
USA-lem happeing now across this once Godly head nation gone to POT.  
Signs all over the place and we are getting very close to the winter
Jesus warned us about in Matthew 24:20 ...
pray that your flight out
of the cities does not happen in winter

Now look at an Open Vision from God ... showing His handwriting is
now on the wall in solid rock that he burned out with his fire finger
close to my old home in the high wilderness area where I had live
for 28 years. This shows the PIG Head Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22
headed for the rocks to hide from God seen in Isaiah 2:19-22. You
can see this PIG HEADED Church of today looking down from the left
and the late Woman Church wearing a
popular Bun on top of her
head today heading into the rocks of Isaiah 2:19-22.  
Notice what she is wearing ... a warm winter coat as she heads into the rock with her head turned
around looking at you. Above top right you can see the legs of the Lion Beast coming down after
her, and the Swastika of old Germany, HItler ... Donald Trump 45 today and his two other budies,
Clinton 42 and George W. Burning Bush 43 are with him. These three beast
"666" men of Isaiah
"66:6" are the three beast president men soon to chase the "7" sleeping Churches of today
begining to happen in winter
SNOW.... CRABING  time!
The top right Open Vision above is the same
rock left only this huge rock that God burned
out by his fire finger, was too large for one
open Vision so i made "2" parts to it. You can
see the two war horses of Russia and China
coming out from the north and hitting this
gone MAD gay nation in its gay forehead and
pushing out from Gay Georges mouth the
lion beasts,
Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 ... Trump 45.
Notice left of the lion's head I circled the old
German Swastika ... the
"3" beast presidents
of this second gone down the drain Jer-
Left in one of God's fiery volcano's, shows the
three beast nations in mountain form, Russia on
the far left ...
USA fiery Obama 44 in the center
tallest mountain
... and China to the right with their
mouth wide Open to come after Russia first attacks
this nation with its nuclear bombs that fire Obama
helped bring in ... as seen left. Russia also loves
Black Obama 44 ... as Jesus said in Matthew 24:20
added is
"44" and touches on Obama "44."

Next we see another Open Fiery message from
God Almoighty fiery volcano's, showing Golden
Billonare Trump 45 setting over the boiling pot of
Jeremiah 2:
16 hundred Penn., Ave., Washington
We see black Obama with his head in corner
looking the other way with his beastly tail sticks in
the back of Trump 45's
pony tail hairdo.

While this is happening Trump 45 is tooking and
talking to the other Russian beast, Putin, also
wearing an end of days
Pony-tail hairdo.

The message God is giving today here in second
USA-lem's weather, is the snowy crabing is
now coming! God said in Isaiah 5:5 to the added 10
sleeping Churches, I have lifted my hand
of protection from around my Church and she will be desrroyed ... this has already begun to
happen! The next two verse ties into Matthew 25 added refers to the
"7" Churches and verses
"6-7" of Isaiah 5:5 and verses "6-7." This passage ties into Matthew 25:6-7 which states: "I will
remove the water, and will not cultivate nor prune her no more, and she will turn into a thorn patch
" ...
this is what she has become today without a shadow of a doubt!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...