St. Paul OR. Into South Carolina
Warnings are now up for South Carolina and storm Erma heading their way now! August 21 there was
a full Solar Eclipse over St. Paul, Oregon that took the pathway to South Carolina where it ended
over this second Jer-
USA-lem nation. I grew up close to St. Paul and the map left shows the Red
County of St. Paul east of the capital of Oregon, Salem. The state made this map and enlarged it that
shows this Ministry looking at the Solar Eclipse with my mouth wide open and below my head you can
see the head of a grey BEAR, Russia and China coming down to take out the head of this Pig Headed
nation and its Pig Headed Churches today of 2 Peter 2:20-22. They are still swimming with the
of the Church of old, but now is not true Christianity but the Christianity of man and not Jesus!
Paul              SC
Left is storm Pam and also the name of
my in-home care lady that takes care of
me. Above the word Paul you can see
my face looking at you, and below is the
face of a Lion that touches on this
ministry of Leo the Lion born on Leo the
Lion month of August
"22" and this
number touches on the last chapter of
the Holy Bible, Revelation 22 and verse
"21." August "21" was the day of the full
Solar Eclipse and the next day was my
birthday, August 22 year of "34"
preaching this horrible message to the
3 + 4 = "7" Churches!

God is showing this ministry who
announced to the whole world who the
coming of the beast is and also the
coming in of the two bears of Russia
and China from the north seen on the
map above.
Now look at yours truly above, Paul, with his left hand on S.C. where I preached from on short-wave
radio for
"30" minutes in year 2000 and also again in 2001. I told the world who the coming in beast
is, Bill Clinton 42 and I also spoke of Russia and China coming into this nation in war. After I hung up
the phone that I had been on with Brother Stair of
South Carolina, I opened my Bible to have it open
to Revelation 8:1 stating:
"Heaven was silent for about half and hour."  The solar eclipse began in St.
Paul Oregon
and went out at South Carolina where the storm Erma is now headed for with high
warnings from the President ... a class five storm.

As I have said before, this was the pathway of the Solar Eclipse of August 21 ... from St. Paul to South
Carolina and to where the warning is coming from the President for these people to take warning.
God is the God who make this storm and called it Pam, the name of my in-home care lady who takes
care of me while she at times pushes me in my wheelchair as seen below in another cloud picture
from Almighty God!
The top center you can see me wearing a cap looking
down from above in Gods heaven. Left of my cap you can
see Pam wearing dark glasses as she often does when
the bright sun in out, pushing me along as this ministry
today is the center of this storm with my trumpet pointed
downward from the "3" angels flying in midair seen in
Revelation 14:6-7 ... proclaiming the
Eternal Gospel at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT TODAY. This is my "3"rd angel
website in "10" years.

Notice I am looking a man in the face who is also wearing
dark glasses ... I am preaching to those who still have ears
to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying to the
Churches! God is showing in another tropical storm on
election day over this nation and over the state of Florida
and South Carolina ... of me blowing this Jesus' Trumpet
today loud and clear over
South Carolina, that Jesus' head
is taking out this
Eagle Bird Nation today in no uncertain
. Notice my head on the West Coast blowing this
awesome trumpet today and the "3" storms coming in.
The solar eclipse shows a new SUN coming in,
referring to the coming in Kingdom of Jesus
Christ who soon takes out his 144,000 saints
who have overcome Satan to date, seen in
Revelation 14:1-5 and also seen in Luke
21:34-36. What happens to the rest of the
people who call themselves Christians?
said all will be salted with fire
! He also said, I
will burn off all the
Hay, Wood and Stubble, you
will be saved
but only as one escaping through
the flames of fire
! Will this be you?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...