St. Paul Oregon - South Carolina
The meaning of this last Solar Eclipse means a
new beginning is coming that happened
21, 2017
. We add in God's awesome numbering
system to confirm this touches on this ministry
when it went over St. Paul, a small county in
Oregon a few miles east of the capital, Salem,
Oregon. The date God caused this to happen was
on this date above one day before my birthday of
show you God has put this together with his last
day Ministry/ We add in God's numbering system
that does not lie ... August 21, 2017 ... 2 + 1 + 2 + 0
+ 1 =
"6" + "7" equals this last day prophet born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." Preaching today to the 3 + 4 = "7" Churches of
25:"6-7." I am preaching from my third and last flying in the air Angel Website at the Hour of
... this Eternal Gospel seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7." Now we add my birth date ... 2 +
2 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 4 =
"21." This is the day the Solar Eclipse went over St. Paul, Oregon and left at South

22:21 is the end of the Holy Bible! We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 equals "7" equals "67."
This refers to the end of time as we know it! God created man on the "6"th day of the "7" day week
seen in Geneses 1 ...
"67." St. Paul above shows the RED RING AROUND MY EYE that the map people
put there, also ties this ministry into the
Red Ring of Fire on the map below St. Paul Oregon and
notice both are looking to the left the two with Red X's that I put there.

The picture of the map on the top right shows the pathway of this last Solar Eclipse showing a new
beginning in now coming in. I live right of the
red X on the map below my head on the top left. This
area shows the largest part of the
Red Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. This ties into the huge
earthquake they have been talking about on the news, that would make the San Francisco
earthquake of years past look like a Sunday School picnic and is soon to take place!

The top left showing St. Paul of Oregon looking to the left with his mouth open, and below this shows
the bear coming down from the North covering the eye of this Pig Nation and Pig Church from them
seeing what is about to take place! The bears are coming down in no uncertain terms to take out this
last day Babylonian Nation also seen in Jeremiah
51. We add 5 + 1 = "6" today we are at the end of
"6" millennium on earth that this nation has corrupted the entire world today seen in Revelation
17:1-7.  Now we add this ... 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Now you people
who say Satan is the god of number's you had better put on your fast running shoes because you will
soon need them.
Notice the pig head below my head heading this
message is the head of a pig. Notice left in
Isaiah 2:19-22 ... 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2 =
"16" hundred
Penn., Ave., Washington DC. The woman Church
is soon to run and hide in the rocks as the Bible
tells us she will do. Here I point out in a large
rock close to my home this happening, and left
of her head you can see the head of this Pig
Church of today, looking down that Almighty
God put there and not by me. Notice above the
words Swastika & Lion are the lion beasts legs
coming down and going after her.

Left is a picture of a huge storm named Pam,
also the name of my in-home care lady who
works of me two days a week. Above and below
the first
Red X is my face and below my face is
the face of a Lion for I was born on Leo the Lion
month of August 22. This Lion also touches on
Jesus Christ who came from the Tribe of Judah,
the LION. Above the second
Red X is the two
capital letters of
SC for South Carolina where
the Solar Eclipse left the USA on August 21,
2017. The weather people put the rocks below
this huge storm cloud showing the bottom rock
as a hand pointing to this last day Ministry.
Below storm Pam is another center of a storm
with Pam pushing me in my wheel-chair as she
does at times. You can see I am the center of
this storm today. You can see the white center
as the wheels on my chair today with the
trumpet blowing downward from heaven to the
X           X
people below. Notice the man just ahead of me with his head
laying sideways wearing dark glass as from below. Left of my
head is Pam looking at you from behind me also wearing dark
glasses as she often does when the bright sun in out.

I received a phone call in year 2000 from
South Carolina from
a prophet who had gotten hold of one of my books. The above
picture of the huge cloud with my hand on SC ... ties into the
phone call I received from this prophet in
SC. The first thing
he asked me was, could I talk on short and long wave radio
for half an hour. I said yes. So he called me back half an hour
later and the first thing he asked me,
"Who is the Beast?" I
said, Bill Clinton number 42. Just after this I said,
"Russia will
nuclear bomb this nation
." This ties into the top Open Vision
of St. Paul and the bear coming down over this Pig Head
nation soon and suddenly. (Russia is threatening war)
We talked over the air around the whole world for half an hour and then hung up. As I often do when
something special has happened, I picked up my Holy Bible to have it open to Revelation 8:1.
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."  Some will no doubt say, he is making this all up. If I
am making this all up who pray tell made these Open Visions above? It was God Almighty who made
them and no man on earth can do this same thing that God does!
The Open Vision above showing the
pig woman Church heading for the
rocks to hide, goes below this Open
Vision left, showing two war horses
coming against the gay forehead of this
gone down the drain Babylonian
nation, the
USA, second Jer-USA-lem.
Left of the Lion's head being birthed
from this gay nation, you can see the
old German Swastika happening again
like what happened to the Jews, as
Jesus said, first for the Jew and now
for the Gentile for God does not show
favoritism. The third Open Vision
above shows the legs of the Lion
coming down for the hiding Christians.
These two pictures of gay America above, I had to break apart because the rock was too large for
one picture from my camera so I had to make two Open Visions.

The huge lava flow from Hawaii shows all kinds of miracle from God Almighty. It shows the famous
military solute of old Hitler seen below, along with the president driving his black-bird hot rod down
the road so fast you can see the dust flying out behind him with his hands on the steering wheel
heading directly into the white hot nuclear bombs coming from the Russian bear also seen in the top
Open Vision of St. Paul.
Above shows Hitler with the capital letter "V" for Virgins on his side and I put the rest for Virgins.
The Open Vision right above, shows this black bird Trump heading this nation into white hot
nuclear war with Russia with the dust billowing out behind him. Notice God is showing the
bird with
his big mouth wide OPEN as usual
, bringing this nation into purifying nuclear war with the bear,
Russia. Notice he blows his lower jaw off,
red blood.

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