St. Paul & The Two Bears
The Solar Eclipse went over St. Paul Oregon August 21, 2017 one day before my 83rd birthday on
August 22. We add August 21 with 22 and we see the end of the Bible, Revelation 22:21. Now we add
in reverse,  21 + 22 =
43 in reverse equals 34 and equals the year this St. Paul was born ... August 22
"34." The Solar Eclipse means a new beginning! The top left image of the bear is the way I
found it on the Internet

The small county of St. Paul is a few miles east of the Capital of Oregon, Salem, the area I grew up as
a child also close to St. Paul are the two towns of
Albany and Lebanon where I was raised. From
Lebanon, Oregon to the I-5 freeway which goes through Salem and St. Paul, is highway
"34." In the
county of St. Paul ... the map above made by the state of Oregon, you can see the red in the State of
Oregon showing St. Paul. Left of the map they put a blown up picture of St, Paul, touching on yours
truly looking to the left where the Solar Eclipse came from over Salem, Oregon,  August 21, 2017. We
add 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 =
"6" and "7" = "67" as I was raised in a preacher home born "6" of "7" Children
that lived.

I preach today from my "3"rd flying angel website at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT ... this Eternal Gospel
seen in Revelation 14:
"6-7." Number "67" begins the Bible and also ends the Bible. Genesis 1:27
shows man was created on the
"6"th day of a '7" day week! Add 1 + 2 + 7 = "10" sleeping Virgins of
today who has turned away from the Living God and follow Satan today!
 Now we look at the end of
God's Holy Bible to see Revelation
22:21 that ties to a new beginning seen in St. Paul, Oregon in
reverse. We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" =
"67." Now stay with me for this involves another
person as well, a woman from
St. Paul, MN., whose name is Katy. St. Paul MN., used to be called
"Pigs Eye" in the earlier 1800's but was renamed St. Paul.

Go back to the map of St. Paul, Oregon to see the bear from Russia and China coming down from the
North below my face! The Bear covers over the
"EYE of the PIG" ... the Pigs Eye of St, Paul, Oregon.
The Church used to be called a
Fishing Church but today is seen as a PIG Church seen in 2 Peter
2:20 - 21-22! Now we see the date this Solar Eclipse happened over St. Paul, Oregon 21:22 ... 21 and
# 22 is my birthday and Peter
2:20 now dropping the zero shows the end of days, Revelation 22:21
added is
"67." (This multiplied is "42" which ties to the first head of the "3" headed lion Beast, Bill
"42" ... the second head George W. Bush "43" and the third head is beast Trump "45.") Now
we add these "3" beast men together and we see this: 42 = "6" and 43 = "7" and 45 = "9" =
"22" and
"22" means the END and the last chapter of the Holy Bible! (We are at the end of days)

God is revealing these "3" Bastard men of Satan through his awesome numbering system! Notice
the large black nose on the end of the
Pig Fish Tail Church of today seen heading this awesome
message. This matches the large truck accident lower left side, where the driver was killed, and the
right side, the large nose preachers are seen in the Vineyards of northern California burning down.
Pig headed Big Nose Preachers-------->
The black cloud left also shows this
coming in, is shaped like a Nuclear
Mushroom Cloud Bomb with nose
attached. The Vineyards of northern
California that burned down this year,
touches on Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses
"6-7." This passage begins showing
God taking down his first Vineyard, the
Jews! He took out the stones ... evil
people in Judaism and took his choice
vines, the Apostles of the Church and
replanted it with the Church, read it!
God gave Israel "2000 years and 42 generations" seen in Matthew 1:17 when Israel crucified
Jesus Christ the first time around, and now
2000 years later and also "42" generations later, the
Church did the same thing first Israel did to Jesus Christ, as also seen in Revelation 11:8
figuratively speaking, read  it. Now back to Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses
"6-7" that touches on the seven
Churches of today seen in Matthew 25 verses

Now today, 2000 years of the Gentiles, and after the 2000 years of Judaism and both having 42
generations, we see God speaking in
Isaiah 5:1-5 ... that at harvest time, meaning TODAY ... he went
to look for a good crop of fruit but found
ONLY BAD GRAPES. So now at harvest time today, seen in
Isaiah 5:5 or 5 + 5 = "10" sleeping Virgins ... God says ...
I am lifting my hedge of protection from
around her and

Now we look at the two next verses,
"6-7" ... 6 x 7 = "42" equals the beast going after this gone
crazy Church of today that God said has gone back to the wild!   
"I will make it a wasteland,
neither pruned nor cultivated, and briers and thorns will grow there. I will command the clouds
not to rain on it.” The vineyard of the Lord Almighty is the house of Israel, and the people of Judah
(Meaning the House of Jesus ... the church of today) are the garden of his delight. And he looked for
justice, but saw bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard cries of distress
."      Isaiah 5: verses
"6-7" ...

God has shown in no uncertain terms the days for the Churches is OVER! The Solar Eclipse going
over St. Paul of Oregon on August 21 and left this nation in South Carolina! I announced to the world
who the beast is, Bill Clinton #42 ... from South Carolina in year 2000 and also the bear of Russia
will attack this nation! I was on the air
world wide for half an hour. After I
hung up the phone talking to the
world, I picked up my Bible and it
opened up to Revelation 8:1 stating:
"Heaven was silent for about half an

About 2 years ago this storm named
Pam ... the name of my in-home care
lady who takes care of me about t
days a week
because I lost the use of
my feet and legs to Diabetes six years
ago. This storm named Pam, shows me
top left side, my head and face looking
at you with my arm sticking out to the
right above, to the capital letters
South Carolina ... and also the
pathway of the Solar Eclipse beginning
in St. Paul, Oregon going out at
X                   X
Above the left red X is yours truly and above the next red X is SC for South Carolina. Below the first
red X is the face of the
Lion of Judah, the Lion of Jesus and also touches on yours truly born on
Leo the Lion month of August 22 meaning the end. Below the Lion and to the right you can see the
rocks below this huge storm, and the large rock is shaped like a hand pointing to this ministry above
and the message I preached to the whole world in year 2000 on
short-wave and also long-wave
... telling them 17 years ago who the first head of the beast is and that Russia will nuclear
bomb this nation.

What is happening today, I spoke about 17 years ago what is now happening today! It was
17 years
ago when I did this for Almighty God and today is 20
"17." It was 2001 when I purchased a four wheel
GMC truck that the Lord had shown me what GMC meant ... "God's Moving Church." One week
before receiving my new licence plate I had written a News Letter titled,
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordan
" Below is yours truly "67" years of age taken in front of my friend Leo's Camera shop in
down town KF's ... showing the licence plate, and also showing my fingers ... seven of them
preaching to the seven Churches today!
God is the first and the last of everything. He is the first
and last of his numbering and also his Alphabets! God is
number "1" and number "9" put together is "19." My GMC
had "19" thousand miles on the odometer when I bought it
in year 2001. God is also seen as "A" and "Z" in his alphabet
and is seen in Zechariah 4:7 ...
"Before Zerubbabel (GOD)  
you will become level Ground ... and then he will bring in the
... with "5" sides, the "5"wounds Jesus suffered
dying on the cross for our sins ...
with shouts of God Bless it
God Bless it
." Jesus then sits down on top of God's Great
Pyramid for 1000 years! Here we see Zerubbabel as God
saying, before God O' second Jer-
USA-lem you will
become level ground and then Jesus comes in to reign for
1000 years! Now who reigns with Jesus is seen on the
licence plate on my old GMC ...
God's Moving Church!
Now we look closely at the license plate seen above left of me at the age of "67." Now we see
XYJ-892 that shows the title of the News letter I wrote one week before receiving this license plate.
X" means Crossing ... "Y" means "Yahweh" and "J" means "Jordan ... which means "Crossing
Yahweh's Jordan
! Next comes the amount of those who crosses Yahweh's Jordan and goes into the
Promise land of Almighty God! We multiply 8 X 9 =
"72" times "2" equals "144." Next, we see this
vehicle is a
2000 GMC and we use the number 2 again putting the "3" "0"s behind it, and now we
see the
144,000 going to heaven just before hell is opened up on earth.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS:   Above is another Open Vision from God showing Pam pushing me in my wheel chair in cloud
form. You can see me in the center of this storm with my trumpet pointed downward to earth as I
preach this message to the world seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" from my websites ... the "3"
angels flying in mid-air as I preach today from my "3"rd and last angel website from heaven! Left of
my head above the white storm, you can see my head looking in the face of a man laying sideways
wearing dark glasses. Behind my head wearing a cap, you can see my in-home care lady, Pam, as she
pushes me along also wearing dark glasses!

The awesome Open Vision right shows me preaching to the world on Election day a few years ago!
This happened when this Tropical Storm hit this nation and the camera's in the heavens took this
picture of me blowing this trumpet over this nation from the West Coast where I live, over this entire
showing the face of Jesus on the end of my trumpet ... hitting this Eagle Bird nation in its
head and killing it! This is seen over the state of Florida. Anyone with the Spirit of God in them can
see this message I am preaching today at
JUDGMENT TIME!      Prophet Paul ...
My hands in reverse shows "34"
the 34 of HH 34 for Paul born  
year "34."  
My hands below.
Check out below, me in front of my GMC
my fingers shows "3 & 4" ... in two hands.