Stock Market Crashes - Soon
Quote:   The US Department of Defense is
concerned that hackers could take down the
US financial system and is working with Wall
Street traders to figure out a way to protect
against the threat.
The Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),
is consulting with dozens of traders and
quantitative hedge fund managers to
understand the extent of the damage hackers
could cause to the US financial system, the Wall
Street Journal reports.
DARPA has spent the last year and a half
consulting with executives from a range of
financial companies in what has been
described as an early-stage pilot project to
identity market vulnerabilities.
The project is unclassified and DARPA
confirmed its details to the WSJ. It’s called the
Financial Markets Vulnerabilities Project.

God also confirms this in his heavens and also
in his rocks below on earth. Left is a picture I
took close to my home of this bear with "3" ribs
in his mouth and raising up on one side as
seen in Daniel 7:5. You can count the ribs of
Adam in his mouth, one rib now broken into "3"
parts today,
Catholic, Protestant and

God also shows this on earth as well, this black
rock bear in Bear Lake, showing this bear
A Hurricane from God off the East Coast, shows
the bears of Russia and China raising up just
after the Stock Market
FALLS and the Bull
Market leaves the picture
! You can plainly see
the bull in Blue walking off the seen to the
right, with his large
HORN, TRUMP at the head
of this nation today leaving the picture with the
Bull's Eye in the middle of his stomach!
now raising up on one side and you can also count the "3" ribs in its
mouth. You can also see the two red Churches of today ... the
Catholics and the Protestants, as the Pentecostals are also seen as
Protestants beside this black bear who are soon to be caught in the
trap seen in
Luke 21:34. We add in God's awesome numbering system,
Luke 2 + 1 + 3 + 4 =
"10" sleeping Virgins!

The Open Vision below this came from around my home in klamath
County, Oregon. You can see what God did in his fire in this huge rock
showing the Naked Churches of today laying down on the
Bull Market
with their hands in the air showing the capital letter
"V" for Virgins! As
I said before this is seen in Luke 21:34 not to get caught in this trap
now set by the Beast System. Notice the Soldiers head and war helmet
on the top right corner as they then come in after the crash!  
Below about a mile from my home, is a large
burned out rock from Almighty God, showing the
war tanks of China and Russia coming in soon
and suddenly! This picture, Open Vision I took
close to Babylon rock some years ago, showing
the war tanks rolling over the
Woman Churches
of today with this large black scorpion on her
. This is seen in Revelation 9:1-4. Notice
over the tail of this black scorpion you can see
the head of the woman Church looking to the
left. This is also seen as the fire coming upon
the sleeping Churches of today who did not do
their jobs for God.
You can see right of the Locust with stings of a Scorpion, the head of Satan looking over the heads
of the "3" Hebrew Children in the fiery furnace of old King Nebuchadnezzar! The fourth man in the
fire is Jesus Christ seen in black below Satan, as the head of a Lamb. They are soon to be held over
the fire of the abyss to be purified as seen below.
This is the woman Church today walking her dog ...
refers to the Dog and Pig Churches seen in 2 Peter
2:20-22 now to go into the fiery furnace of old King
Nebuchadnezzar heated
"7" times hotter than
normal for the
"7" Churches. This also ties to
nuclear with the skin falling off their bodies while
they are still standing on their feet as what happen in
Japan when Harry S. Truman dropped two Atomic
Bombs of Japan in year

Donald J. Trump the
"45"th President is causing this
to happen again and then the 200 million strong army
of China comes into the picture seen in Revelation
9:16 ... to "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
Some will be purified over the Lake of Fire but
others will not repent and will go to hell as seen
below the
Lake of Fire.   (I wonder who is the God of
numbers if not my Almighty God and not Satan?)

In closing I show you the boiling pot of Jeremiah
1:13-16. V
erse 13 speaks of prophesying again ... this
ministry of second Jeremiah speaking about the
boiling pot of Jeremiah today setting under golden
Donald Trump 45 who is smoking a pipe ... meaning
Washington DC is soon to
SMOKE. Notice under
golden Trump is the boiling pot of Jeremiah. Left of
trump is the darker man, Putin of Russia and both
men are wearing a pony tail hairdo, as we are in the
horsemen of the Apocalypse today without a shadow
of a doubt! Notice God overhead looking down on
this picture today allowing it to happen!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble Telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
War Tanks soon
to appear!