South North Korea War = USA
Quote: South Korean military fired warnings at Russian
military aircraft, which violated the country's airspace
for the first time.    
The Russian military plane that violated South
Korea's airspace is an early warning and control aircraft. It entered
the skies above the Dokdo islets twice on Tuesday morning. The
Russian jet first entered South Korea's air defense identification zone
at 9:01 a.m.
A few minutes later, it entered the airspace over Dokdo
and stayed there for three minutes. The South Korean Air Force
immediately deployed F-16 fighter jets which fired warning shots
from one kilometer away. After the shots were fired, the Russian jet
flew southward but circled back to the north, and intruded into
Korea's territorial airspace again at 9:33 a.m.   
Don't believe Donald Trump and his message about Korea ... China and Russia for they are all lies
coming from one of the biggest liars of all times ,,, the
"45"th president of second Jer-USA-lem!  In
Ramming WW III Into Place ... Click the left side of your mouse to see WW III and Trump "45" and the
two nuclear bombs Harry Truman dropped on Japan in year
"45" that ties into today!

Billionaire Liar President
Donald John Trump "45" is also seen in Revelation 18:1-5 who has "15"  
letters in his full name! The first "3" verses says,
"Fallen Fallen is Babylon the great, meaning the
richest and strongest nation on earth
!  Fallen is her Churches and Fallen is her Politics as well for
both are full of
Evil spirits and devils from hell! Donald John Trump "4 5" is seen in Revelation 18
"4-5." God is telling his people to come out from her or else they will be destroyed along
with her when he takes this nation
third Babylon nation down never to rise again as she is today!

The next two verses
"6-7" ties into the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 verses "6-7." This end time
Church says
in verses "6-7" ... "I set as Queen and am not a widow and I will never mourn!" But God
says in the next verse
"8" ... the very opposite ,,, "DEATH MOURNING AND FAMINE ... she will be
consumed by Fire for mighty is the Lord God who Judges her
." Revelation 18:8 ...

The "67" Church of the "7" Churches of Matthew 25 added is "7" Churches and number "6 x 7" = 42
and number
"42" refers to Rebellion! The 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus was also listed in
Matthew 1:17 as
"42" generations ... read it and count them to when the Jews crucified Jesus the
first time around and the Gentiles did this the second time around ...
figuratively speaking seen in
Revelation 11:8 ... 1 + 1 + =
"10" sleeping Virgins.

We all know from Jesus to today is another
2000 years and also another "42" generations! Church
you have run out of God's House and crawled in bed with Satan and you are committing adultery on
husband Jesus Christ while you sleep with the enemy of our souls ... Satan!
Far left came from one of God's volcano's
showing the Sleeping Church of these lasts
Hooked by Satan! You can see her hair
blowing to the right and her face by the
face of her children all under the control of
Satan today! Right of her you can see this
black hearted Church woman standing on
Rock Jesus while God burns out from her
pants the gold Satan gave her while he
slept with her committing adultery on
Husband Jesus Christ. Notice the gold this
end time Rich Church took from Satan when
the fire of purification burns all the gold out
from her bloomers she took from Satan and
goes back into the black head of the
serpent where it came from!
Jer USA lem
China and Russia
Far left shows Kid Kim
from North Korea with his
Kid cap on backwards
Hitting the naked Church
over their head with the
Communists Hammer and
Sickle as she reads out
from her dark  
. Right you can see
her black short top dress
in both Open Visions
, the
fire from the Communists
soon to go to war as
seen in South Korea!
Below the kid hitting the
naked woman Church
over her head you can
see the red devil going
after the little child
Church of today who has
never grown up to
maturity. Right of the Red
Devil and little girl, you
can see the nuclear
missiles soon to come in
and destroy second
USA-lem. Far left you
can see the little Dog
Church with Satan's two
horns on its head
wearing a fire coat and is
also seen as God holding
this Dog Church over the
Red Hot Fire from the Abyss cleaning up his dirty Dog
... Pig ... Goat Church of today!

Left God shows in another one of his fiery volcano's
like the one above, this Goat Church talking with the
devil over the white head of these last day preachers
preaching lies! Notice over their large white head is
the small white
Skull of the Beast head they are all
following today! Also seen in this mess on the right is
the large black head of Satan with his black mouth
wide open showing his white eye mixed in with the
sleeping, deaf and dumb Church of the last days!
Dog Church
over hell fire
Church you have been HOOKED
Yesterday 7/25 when the above incident took place over South Korea involving North Korea, China,
and Japan we see this! Month and day Numbers 7/25 ties into Matthew "25" and the "7"
Churches seen in reverse. My God is the True God of Numbers not Satan the Pig-Dog-Goat Churches
of today claim. We add 2 + 5 = "7" with the "7" Churches and we see "77" the cloud picture below
over my home in the high wilderness area where I lived for 28 years preaching this awesome
message to the 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins but most believe Satan!
Daniel 9:24 begins with "77" is decreed for your people and
land to stop sinning
! 9 + 24 = "33" the age of Jesus when
he died and rose again still
"33" years of age when he
soon comes back to reign for his 1000 year Kingdom on
earth spoken about at the end of this one verse! Just
before this verse ends it speaks about this Ministry saying
... this Ministry of
Visions and Prophesies come to a close
and then Jesus steps in and takes over!

It was
"33" years ago when I came back to the Lord and
now I
preach this awesome message today just before
King Jesus
"33" comes back to reign for a 1000 years!

The Boeing
767 left crashed on landing coming in from
South Korea killing two people, signs of 2 religions,
Catholic and Protestant!
The number on the wing was 7742
that ties into the
"77" cloud over my home and number
"42" refers to Rebellion of this second Jer-USA-lem
nation now being attack in signs over South Korea
Yesterday ... 7/25 added equals "77."

We turn this around and add 7/25 = "67" as i was born in a
preachers home
"6" of "7" children ... 6 x 7 = "42." When I
grew up as a child I rebelled against my father
... 6 x 7 =
"42" that refers to Rebellion, but later when I grew up I
straighten out! I preach this awesome message today at
the Hour of
JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7"
from my final and third flying in midair Angel
Website ... the
"3" angels of Revelation 14.

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...