Snake Satan Killing Saints - Signs
Fifty-four-year old Wa Tiba was checking on her home
vegetable garden when she was believed to have been
attacked by a
23-foot reticulated python.
Local news reports say a search effort was launched when
Tiba didn't return home. The snake was reportedly found
nearby with a bloated stomach. When local's from Tiba's
town killed the snake and sliced it open, the woman was
found dead, fully intact, and swallowed whole. Video of the
deadly encounter has been making the rounds online.
The incident comes just over a year after a
25-year-old man
was swallowed whole by a reticulated python, also in
Men and women alike are soon to be eaten by Snake Python ... Satan ... this 54 year old woman and
last year
a 25 year old man was also was eaten by this horrible snake, the sign of Satan killing the
Church today seen in Matthew 25 ... the 25 year old man ... and the woman 54 years old ... 5 + 4 = "9"
of judgment upon the man
-woman Church of today. Number 23 means DEATH. William Jefferson
Clinton the first head of the Beast ... Serpent Satan ... has
"23" letters in his long name.
The 42nd President of this second Jer-USA-lem nation,
William Jefferson Clinton
"23" who claims to be a Christian
but instead a gross liar, is seen below behind the pulpit of
Baptist Church preaching lies to the sleeping Church
he is deceiving today ... the python snake seen above. Bill
and Hillary Clinton the pastor of this Baptist Church says
are good Christians but soon these two Clinton's are going
to swallow up the Church as what happened in Indonesia.
Bill is seen as the president with the head wound to his
administration seen in Revelation 13:3 ...
Bill and Monica.
Sex ... sex ... sex yet they claim this
beast is a Christian! Below beast
Clinton behind the pulpit
, is him
and is Jezebel wife also a sex
maniac with women. God caught
them walking two dogs, Catholic
and Protestant alike seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22. Notice the two sky
blue leashes as a CROSS to the
two religions today, big and little,
Roman Catholics and Protestants. The First King Bill, is seen in
1 Kings
"19":11-12. Bill was born on Leo the Lion month of
"19" ... chapter "19." Today in the days of Winds ...
Earthquakes and
Fire as seen in this passage. After these "3"
things are over, then the soft sound of Father God brings in
his 1000 year kingdom ruled by his Son Jesus Christ for 1000
years. Bill's wife is seen in 1 Kings 21 as Jezebel telling her
husband, Ahab-Bill how to get Naboth's ... Church Vineyard!

Hillary is a top part of the Phoenix Bird society of Satan. I also
live close to this sign of freeway I-5 south of Medford, Oregon.
After you leave Medford
going south, you come to the small
town of
Phoenix and a couple of miles south of Phoenix you
come into the large city of
Ashland. This is a sign of the Ash-Pit
of this nation burned down
, and after it burns down there is a
new beginning.

The Phoenix Bird is a legendary bird of the NWO ... Illuminati
showing after 500 years it burns down, referring to this nation
525 years old
, and starts over again anew. This is the motto of
the Phoenix bird society coming out from hell itself.
Hillary and Hitler sound much alike
because they are much alike.
What was
before will be again and what is now was
before ...
Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19.
Notice the numbers are the same type.
This spirit of
Hillary as Jezebel is also
seen in the Catholic Church of Thyatira in
2:20-23. Number 22 means the
end and 23 means DEATH

The Roman Catholic Church of the last
days is seen here in a bed of suffering,
and the Protestants which are most
today, God says if you do not repent of
her ways you too will be in this same bed
of suffering.  
1 Kings 19:11-12                                       Rev. 13:3 ...
Jezebel and Ahab
Liar & Sex man
The Sign of Two Rat Snakes:

A Georgia man had an unsettling experience over the
weekend when he found two snakes, both measuring 5 feet
or longer, slithering inside his home.
Darrell Baxter, of Cobb County, found the first serpent
Saturday afternoon. A biologist with the Georgia Department
of Natural Resources told Baxter that the critter was likely a
rat snake.
"I yelled, 'Oh my God!' That's not something you practice for
-- a shock like that," Baxter told WSB-TV.
Close to 20 years ago I did this Open Vision in
rock form close to my home in the wilderness of
Klamath Fall, Oregon, of Hillary running for
President ahead of the bear of Russia striking
with nuclear bombs. Notice the bears eyelid is
closed as they were sleeping! Notice under the
mussel of the Russian Bear the capital letter
"C" for Clinton in this huge rock. I outlined
Hillary raising her arm looking at you and the
sign is this, Hillary runs for President

The picture below is the full picture showing
Hillary and her husband Bill also, and she is
also running
AHEAD of her beast husband Bill
42. I outlined the head of Bill as you can see his
old girlfriend, the Jewish Intern young woman,
Monica in the White House he was making love
to and lied about it and was impeached by the
House but later healed by the Senate when they
turned him loose, as seen in Revelation 13:3.
This passage states, his wound was healed and
the world followed the Beast, Bill Clinton 42.
The Open Vision below shows this second Jer-
USA-lem nation that turned gay as pointed out.
You can see Monica with her hand on Bill's face and her other hand on the back of the George
Washington Capital. The Open Vision on the right, goes to the left where Monica has her one arm on
the back of old George Washington's head. You can see the two
war bear horses of Russia and
China soon to move into position to take out this Gay Nation that has turned to Satan at the end of
. The two headed Lion Beast ... Bill Clinton 42 is the first head of the Lion Beast who was born
on Leo the Lion month of August
"19" and was the "42"nd president seen as "1942."

Look at the head of the Lion coming out from the mouth of old Gay George Washington, and you can
see the old German Swastika ... this ties into
Hillary and Hitler seen above.
Left is the inside page of Mother's Bible of
"1942." Notice the Date shows the first head of
the three beast men of today ... Bill Clinton and
"1942." The second head of the beast is
see in the bottom line of Matt, 12 verses 43-46.
Add 12 ... 1 + 2 = "3" men,
Bill 42 ... George 43
and Trump 45 and all three were born in year
"46" which is seen as verse "46." Where is
43 seen? He is seen in Matt. 12 verse
"43." Now what about Donald John Trump?
Count the letters in his full name and you see "15." This was the day mother bought this Bible ... the
"10"th month and all "3" of these Beast men came out from the sleeping Church of Matthew 25
"6-7" of the "10" sleeping Virgins.

Lastly, I ask this awesome question ... who put this all together in numbers if not my Almighty God
who is the God of Numbers and not Satan that the sleeping Church of the last days claim?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS:   While driving to town some 10 years ago, I
saw this huge black cloud when God told me to
stop and take a picture of it. I could not see
anything in this cloud at the time, only after I had it
developed did I see this
RAT (Snake) with two
ears and eyes as you can plainly see looking to the
left. The Democ-
rat RATS (Bill and Hitlery ... Hillary)
are soon to take over and go against anyone
opposing what they are doing, not just the Church
but anyone who opposes the
"New World Order ...
now coming in!"             

Below the black rat from the volcano in Hawaii, you
can see God showing these HItler solutes in lava
form with the capital letter V for Virgins.
The blackbird on the right is from this same volcano in Hawaii. The black rat birds from the
RAT party takes this nation and its Churches into white hot nuclear war with Russia and China
now being put together as anyone can see
. Trump setting in the drivers seat racing into nuclear war!
You can see God shows this beast with the dust billowing out behind him. Notice below his head you
can see red blood coming from his administration ...
The Black RAT ... The Black BIRD racing this
world into Nuclear War
!                Prophet Paul ...