Skull & Bones - Bush Family
The Bush family are members of the secret society of the
Skull & Bones of Satan ... part of the NWO ... Illuminati!  
This beast system coming in is also tied to the
that dies at the end of their 500 years and begins
anew in reincarnation of the devil and are tied to this end
time coming in. George W. Bush 43 is second head of the
two headed Lion Beast of Bill Clinton 42 that he and his wife ... Hillary are part of the Phoenix Bird
society of Satan coming in to make
Skulls & Bones from the Church left behind. The Open Vision
above shows the dark blue Goat Churches of today talking to white headed,
Red Pants Burning Bush
with the
"Skull" over his head talking to the Goat Churches today along with black Satan on the right
with a white eye. God made this image of the last day Goat Church of
Revelation 17:1-8 as goats who
have deceived the entire world at Judgment time today!

Beast Bill and his Jezebel wife, Hillary, are seen below walking their two dogs, the large dog
represents the Catholics and the smaller dog represents the Protestant Churches. Notice they are
walking their two dogs in leashes showing the cross. Bill is seen as the 1 king in 1 Kings 19:11-12 as
Bill was born on Leo the Lion month of August "19." Bill's wife, Hillary Jezebel Clinton is seen in 1
Kings 21 telling her husband, Ahab, Bill, how to get Naboth's ... the Churches Vineyard. We add 1st
Kings 21 ...1 + 21 =
"22" the end of days and the last chapter of God's Holy Bible ... Revelation 22 and
also God's last day Prophet born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" year "34" preaching truth
today to the 3 + 4 =
"7" Churches just before the "7"th day of the week ... the 1000 year kingdom of
Jesus Christ is setup

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...