She - Jer-USA-lem Goes Down!
The two automobiles in
deep snow left, the
Catholic and the
Protestant Churches are
going out says Almighty
God! The red building left
touches on the Churches
of today soon to burn
down as does the white
and red building right of
the red Church. Now look
over the Church in the
center shows the face of
Almighty God in cloud form
looking down from heaven
saying ...
"It is Finished!"
Below God shows his face
in cloud form and right of
him is a picture of yours
truly, notice the capital
letter "P" for Prophet "P" right of Father God.  You can faintly
see the letter "P" for Paul.

Below this in another cloud from Almighty God shows him
speaking out today to the
"7" Churches telling them, its over!
Notice coming out from his mouth you can see two small white
clouds saying two words ...
"Its Finished!"  

Above in cloud form you can see two top "X"s as God's two
eyes and below this you can see the third black "X" as his
mouth and below the bottom "X" you can faintly see his
Prophets mouth, yours truly speaking for God today!

God shows below ... him telling the
"3" Christian religions ... it
is finished and that he is at the
end of his Rope. My Father
told me this before he died and went to be with the Lord, Paul
I am at the end of my
ROPE ... a sign from Father God also.

Below God saying today, I am at the end of my rope shows God
again holding up his five fingered hand showing
"3" fingers
referring to the
"3" religions today, Catholic, Protestant and
. God says over this Freeway, your road has come
to a
n end and will be no more!

I never made these Open Vision, God made them and he made
them clear enough for people to see the truth if only they want
to see the truth! I have been accused of making these Open
Visions up by the blind Churches of today!"

God shows a Tropical Storm below over this nation on Election
day a few years ago. He shows this Ministry blowing this
Trumpet of Jesus Christ over this nation ... hitting in the head
of this
Bald Eagle nation killing it seen below. You can see this
Ministry with the trumpet to my lips and the end of my Jesus
Trumpet is the head of Jesus looking down over the state of
Florida hitting this Eagle Bird Nation in its head killing it.
Three Religions gone bad ... "Out you Go!" God shows the face of Jesus looking down over the
state of Florida, the favorite State of Beast Donald John Trump "45." God says ...
"Your at the of my
rope, it is finished!
God shows left over the State of Florida, a storm in
the shape of a nuclear Mushroom cloud bomb going
off. You can see above God holding up in the sky
"3" fingers, and left you can see the "3" car
religions going down the road under this nuclear
bomb that touches on his
"3" fingers seen above.

God says today ...
"Your road has come to an end!"
The window for this to happen is OPEN! Look closely
in this Open Window you can see in cloud form put
there by God Almighty the word ...

This is the END for these "3" Churches of today
which includes all the Churches at this last hour
which includes the "7" day adventists ... the
Jehovah Witnesses and any other so-called
Churches. God says in no uncertain terms,
"It is
!" Nuclear Fire is now at your
The "3" fingers of Almighty God
The road comes to an end!
God says in no uncertain terms, "You turned my Church around!"  God says this in Isaiah 4:1 ... 4 +
1 =
"5" fingered hand of God now ready to toss out the Fire of purification seen left, nuclear fire as
God is the
"3"rd Adam ... Atom who created all things from Atoms. This passage is not hard to
under-stand for it speaks about the lies the Churches wrote about this passage in the
Henry  Commentary
... telling the people a war so large was coming that only "One Man" would be
left for
"7" women!

This passage speaks about today when the "7" Churches would take hold of one Man, Jesus Christ
and say ...
"We will eat our own food and clothe our selves with our own clothing, and take away our
The seven women Churches of today also seen in Revelation 2 and 3 added is "5"
ngered hand of God who are feeding and clothing themselves! A man made religion today! All "6"
of the prier Churches of Laodicea makes up the "7" Churches of today!  All saying ... we are rich in
need of nothing but God says today,
"You are wretched, pitiful ... poor ... blind and naked!" Here
we see number
"6-7" seen in Matthew 25 added is "7" Churches of verses "6-7."

We leave today going out from the "6"th Millennium into the "7"th Millennium ... "67." Now if you
cannot understand what God is showing in his numbers
"6-7" may God have mercy upon your souls.

Genesis 1 speaks about God creating man on the
"6" day of a "7" day week ,,, "67,"  God ended
his Bible in the same numbers when added ...
"67." We add Revelation 22:21 ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus
"1" =
"67."  I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." I preach today to the 3
+ 4 =
"7" Churches at the Hour of Judgment seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7."

Revelation 14 speaks about the "3" flying in mid-air Angel's, and this last day Prophet is preaching
this awesome message today from my
"3"rd and last flying in mid-air Angel websites to a deaf ...
dumb and blind Church of these last days
! After these days are all over and Jesus comes back to
run the show for 1000 yeas, you can see the last day Churches in
Isaiah 35:5-6 ... that says ... then
eyes and ears will be open and you will then see the truth!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Churches Ice Cold to Jesus Christ today!