Shark Satan Coming In!
The top left is from the
Hubble telescope in God's
heavens, and the next
four came from the clouds
in God's heavens and the
fifth one came from close
to my home of a long rock
showing the two heads of
the dragon and behind the
dragon head of Bill & Geo.,
two past Presidents, 42 and 43 we see this Shark coming in and behind him are the Skulls of the
Seven Churches. Over the Skull in cloud form, is the head and body of the Republican beast
elephant George W. Burning Bush 43. Behind the Skull you can see the sleeping Church of Matthew
25:6-7 laying down with the beast Elephant Bush 43 and behind him you can see the wolf preachers
of today who has preached a false doctrine to the Churches.
Ahead of this picture of the sleeping Churches of
today along with the Republican Elephant,
Red Pants Bush 43
, is the picture of the shark, and
behind the shark the Skulls begin and behind the
Skulls sets the sleeping woman Church riding with
the beast of Satan,
George W. Burning Bush 43 who
is seen over the SKULL above
... notice the cloud
shows the image of an Elephant, Republican Bush 43.

Behind the Elephant George W. Burning Bush, you
can see the heads of the wolf preachers of today and
as pointed out, the ear on the left is the head of the
Churches and the ear on the right is the head of the
Elephant George W. Bush 43, the ex president who
claims to be a Christian but is a liar instead. Church
you have been deceived by the enemy of our souls,

Below the wolf preachers, are the two heads of this
dragon snake ... Beast Bill 42 heading the show and
the trunk of the Elephant Bush 43 is behind him
attached to the back of the head of Clinton 42. This
long Red Rock is about 3 or 4 hundred yards long so I
had to take many pictures of it to get the message

Above, God shows the shark of Satan out of the
water and now moving in for the kill, you can see his
tail swirling around to the top left  and his big mouth
wide open ready for the kill. You can see his one
black eye over his wide open mouth. The next four
pictures in cloud form from Almighty God shows this
Shark is now out of water going after the Goat
Churches of today ready to make Skulls & Bones of
the Goat Churches of today.
George W. Burning Bush
43 belongs to the Secret Society of the Skull & Bones
of the NWO ... Illuminati people

Below the two heads of the beast, is a picture of a
volcano from God, showing Red Pants Burning Bush
coming out from the Abyss with the Skull of the Beast
over his head who is talking to the goat Churches of
today. Jesus said, my sheep will be on my right,
meaning mercy and the goats will be on the left
as seen here talking to the beast, which
means Judgment! Notice how God made
this picture of the goat, in lightning form
and using smoke to show what the last day
Goat Churches are doing ...
talking to the
beast who they think is the true God but
Satan himself!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul ...
Satan's mouth wide open