Sex Maniac Trump & Red Church
Naked Trump----->
Trumps Little Head----->
This top center open
vision of naked  sex
maniac Trump, was taken
from God's Hubble
telescope in his
heavens! Sex Maniac
Donald J. Trump the 45th
President of this second
USA-lem nation is
taking both the Politics
and the Churches down
also seen in Revelation
18:4-5. God tell his
people to come out from
them both before he
destroys both parts of
this nation seen as
is her Politics and fallen
is also her Religion.
Revelation 18:"4-5" shows this
last day sex maniac Trump
"45" ...
and God is telling his people to
come out from them both before
he destroys both her religion and
politics for both are full of Satan
and his pack! Notice the naked
Church above with
Red Hair seen
as the other part of Revelation
17:1-8 and the red head scarlet
woman Church who rides the
naked 45th President of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation.
Under the photo of Trump you
can see in one of God's fiery
volcano's this naked bottom
woman Church riding the head of
Donald Trump. Trump stands on
his front 2 feet looking at you
while he sets on his two hind feet, the beast from the Abyss ... Hell if you will. Notice the naked
bottom of the Church below the sign from God's Hubble camera in his heavens of naked Trump,
show the naked bottom of the Church today worshiping Satan and not him. Below this is a fire
showing this naked bottom Church burning down and notice the number "7" right of the fire
referring to the "7" Churches of Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3 ... added together are the "10"
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 added is "7" Churches of verses
Naked Red head Church
with pants down in USA.
Left is a huge rock close to my home showing this last day
golden rich dog Church walking to the left, and her human
face is turned around looking Satan in his face thinking he is
Jesus Christ. Below this very naked woman-dog Church of
today you can see the golden middle initial of Donald
Trump as he heads up the leg of this red headed woman
Church going to her gold mine. I outlined the red head of
this red headed scarlet Church of today riding the scarlet
beast, Donald J. Trump! Who put this golden letter
"J" for
Trumps middle name, John, if not Almighty God? Who made
the head of this woman Church of today in this picture of
Shark Trump, the "3"rd part of the "3" beast men of the
"666" going up to her vagina if not God Almighty? Behind
black Satan riding the Churches back today, is the first head
of the three beast men of the
"666." Below Clinton 42 is the
second head of the beast, Texan Cowboy hat, G.W. Bush 43.
Everybody in the whole world knows what the two sexes looks like ... this is no secret, period. It was
God who put this golden letter "J" beside the woman's gender ... not me. The picture I took of this
rock some 25 years ago, is what you see here. God told me to take this picture and after the film was
developed which I saw in this picture above, I put into my Adobe Photo section of my computer and
drew lines around these subjects and removed the rest of the picture and his is what we see that
God is showing to the world today who want to see and believe truth before hell is opened up on
earth. This touches on both religions today,
both Catholic and Protestant alike, both are stark
naked before God and the whole world who today are letting Satan ride their backs!

Notice the large picture heading this awesome message, under Trumps arm on the right side of him
looking at his picture, you can see he is holding a dog, meaning the Dog Church of today as he goes
up her leg seen in the huge rock above. Only God can make this picture in solid rock form, not man.
God also shows in fire form from his volcano's awesome pictures that he alone can make like the
picture under his photo top left corner of the naked bottom woman Church of today is doing, riding
the beast president stark naked! You can see under his white hat that she sets on today, his face
looking at you from all over the world.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Large beasts
body Trump
carrying dog
church under