Setting Man-Duck Walks Out
The duck walking to the right has
the face of a man on the other side
of his duck head. This was taken
from the fires burning on the West
Coast side of second Jer-
This shows the Church of today are
setting ducks for the fires coming
in to purify them.

Below is a picture of a base
ball game on the outskirts of
Chicago last year, showing the third
and last baseball game of God,
Adam the first ... the Jews second
and now thirdly the Gentile Church,
all three have struck out and from
here on out Jesus Christ will reign
for 1000 years, no more man ruling
the world but God will rule from
now on.

Here we see two bright lights, the
Catholics and the Protestants alike
who have both struck out and today
they are seen as setting Ducks.
Right of the left bright light you can this setting Duck Church man going into the mouth of the
Dragon, Satan in cloud form made by Almighty God. God also made the top picture of the Duck-man
walking to the right with the face of a man on the left side of this setting Duck Church of the last
days also in fire form ... the Catholics and Protestants alike both are setting ducks going into the
mouth of Satan. I don't know how God can make this any plainer!

Two separate religions today,
Catholic and Protestants alike, both are together making up the two
ducks seen above in two storms. Number
"13" is a Satanic number and both ties into the Catholic
Church and the Protestant Churches today. Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church was given
the number
"13" some time ago and Francis Swaggart ... the wife of Satanic Jimmy Swaggart who
also has
"13" letters in his name, and both tie in together. God is showing these two men today,
Pope Francis and Satanic Jimmy Swaggart whose wife is Francis ... as brothers ... seen in
Revelation 2:20-25.
Left is a picture of Revelation 2:20-25 ... the Churches of today setting ...
laying in a bed of fire ... suffering seen in the fires burning on the west
coast today. Notice what John saw ... this church of today laying in a bed of
suffering if they do not repent of her ways, meaning, the ways of the
Roman Catholic Church which is seen as the first Church ... Laodica ...
Roman Catholic. Notice over the woman's head is the sign of two ...
meaning two Churches, Catholic and Protestant alike. If the Protestant
Churches do not repent of her ways, the ways of the Roman Catholic
Church, both will go into the this same hot bed of suffering shown from
the west coast fires now burning and getting hotter as the days go by!

Those who overcome are seen in the next few verses 26-27 of Revelation
2 will reign with Jesus for 1000 years also seen in the OT witness in Micah
4:13 ... ruling with Jesus for 1000 years with a rod of bronze and a rod of
iron. Wake up Duck Church your headed for the graveyard!
Mans face------>                         <---Ducks bill
The setting Duck
Church leaves
God's house & walk
into the mouth of
Satan seen below.
Seen above in cloud form, the dragon Satan
goes after and eats the setting ducks

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...