Setting Ducks Ready To Fly
Notice the sleeping Duck Church in
this baseball game of time, seen
right of the first light in this baseball
field outside Chicago, the edge of a
huge storm. You can see the Duck
Church going in the mouth of the
shark Satan. The Churches today are
Setting Ducks that God wants you
to see where you are in time today,
Satan is going after you big time!
Ducks above in Sharks
Mouth in Cloud Form.
In signs above God has had "3" baseball games, Adam ... the Jews, and 3rd the Gentiles! All "3"
have struck out and now God's baseball game of time is over! Satan, the Shark, went after Adam
and Eve, then the Jews and now the Church and God's baseball games of time are all over!

The large Duck heading this message, is from Hawaii's lava flow coming out from God's
Ring of
. The white smoke coming from this ring of fire in Hawaii, second Open Vision, shows the
mouth of the Shark, Satan, going after
this setting Duck Church today. The next Open Vision from
this lava flow, shows this Satanic Shark with a long nose swimming in black water for the setting
Duck Churches.

The white smoke coming from the Abyss in Hawaii, USA ... shows the face of a man looking up as to
God repenting or wanting to repent of his sins and not go to hell. The Open Vision right shows the
horrible face of a man in the white smoke with the upper
RED fin of shark Satan, swimming by and
cutting off the headship of Satan over these Churches screaming out!
Bill Clinton the first head of the beast seen left in rock form close to
my home, shows his golden head of hair looking to the right and I
circled his number
"19" the day he was born on Leo the Lion month of
"19" year "46" as the two other beast men, Bush "46" and
Trump "46" all "3" born in years "46" showing
"666" that goes after
the Church that God is getting ready to punish, seen in Isaiah

Below Bill Clinton "19" that I circled, is the full picture God is giving
you of the head of the naked Churches today, has her red hair of Rev.
17: 1-7 laying over the chopping block ready to cut off the headship of
Satan that is over her today big time. Revelation 17
talks about this
red headed, scarlet Church killing
the true saints of God
and this Church has messed
up the entire world today! Old John who wrote the
book of Revelation could hardly believe what God
was showing him about this last day Babylonian
nation Churches killing his true Church! This Shark
man of Satan is soon to come back into the picture
on the left who is cutting off the head-ship of Satan
over the scarlet red headed woman Churches of
today. God is using the shark, Satan, to cut off
Satan's headship over God's Churches that God
gets back many of them for Satan gets only some.
Face of Church
when they see the
Shark Coming
Face of Church
and Sharks tail
fin cutting off
their heads.
In the lava flow from the RING OF FIRE, shows the Shark of Satan
coming out ... this means now! God confirms this below also in
dark cloud form this shark of Satan is on his way out from the
Abyss, hell if you will. Below this God also shows this again in his
white cloud below as the Shark of Satan in very loose today going
after the Setting Duck Churches soon to fly away ... those who
repent of their sins before the Shark eats them.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...