Setting Duck Church Soon Flies
Left was a baseball game
outside Chicago about two
years ago. The cloud
picture was the remnant of
a large storm showing the
duck Church getting ready
to fly just as the Dragon,
the Shark gets this setting
duck Church in its mouth
for good. You can see this
right of the large left light.
Below this light is an Open
Vision from the Ring of Fire area in the Pacific Ocean in volcano form, the picture of this Duck
Church the
Dragon, Shark Satan soon goes after! Behind the red hot lava flow looking like a duck
and in smoke form from the Ring of Fire ...  shows the open mouth of Satan just behind the setting
Duck Church of today
! Below also from the Ring of Fire shows the shark, Satan with his red
fin coming by the very surprised duck Church,
and in signs cut
s off the headship of Satan who is
seen to cut off his own headship from the
Duck Church
es of today. This is confirmed in
Amos 9:1. We add in God's numbering system
9 +
1 = "10" sleeping Virgins

"I saw the Lord standing by the altar, and he said:
“Strike the tops of the pillars so that the thresholds
"Cut off the heads of all the people;" those
who are left I will kill with the sword. Not one will
get away,
none will escape." Amos 9:1 ... 9 + 1 =
"10" Virgins
of Matthew 25:6-7.
"All the sinners among my people will die by the sword, all those who say,Disaster will not overtake
or meet us
.’" Amos 9:10 ... ten sleeping Virgins ...

The Church today say we will be raptured out before one shot is fired
, per Hal Lying Lindsay in his
book many years ago. Amos 9:2-4 says something much worse about these people trying to hide
from God ... read it. We add Amos 9 + 2 + 4 =
"16" today goes to this second Jer-USA-lem Nation
that sets at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.

This ties into David about 19 years of age who refers to Jesus Christ today. David walked down to
the creek and picked up "5" smooth stones and walked up to the Giant who refers to Satan today
David who refers to Jesus, put a stone in his sling and tossed it at the head of the Giant, Satan
today killing him
! He then pulled out the Giants Own Sword and cut off his head. This is what is
happening today, Satan is seen above cutting off his own headship from the sleeping, now gone
crazy Churches of today.

Satan has come as an angel of light as Jesus warned us he would do which he has done. Satan is
seen in Isaiah 14:14 saying he would put his throne above the stars of God ... meaning the saints
and not the Angels as this sleeping Church of today claim, that Satan told them while they were
sleeping with him ... committing adultery on Husband Jesus.

The setting Duck above which I took from the
Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean a few days ago is
soon to go into the mouth of Satan, the white smoke cloud right of the setting Duck Churches. The
ducks are seen above in red lava flowing from the Ring of Fire below the white left light on this
baseball game of time with God. Right of the light you can see in cloud form, God showing this
setting duck Church of today going into the mouth of Satan. On the tail of the setting Duck
Churches, you can see Satan following close behind with his mouth open ready to go after the
sleeping, setting duck Churches of today.

Yesterday Thursday
5/17/18 ... and in God's awesome numbering system we add this date: 5 + 1 + 7
+ 1 + 8 =
"22." Number "22" means the end and the last chapter of the Holy Bible, Revelation 22.
This also touches on God's last day Prophet seen in Roman's
3:4 for I was born in year "34" on Leo
the Lion month of August
"22." This passage states; "Let God be true and every man a liar." This ties
into today when the Churches are a bunch of liars and this last day Prophet of God who is hearing
from God and is telling the truth today at Judgment time when I preach to the
3 + 4 = "7"
of today ... those seen in Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3 added together is "10"
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 = "10" sleeping Virgins Churches of these last days seen in
"6-7." This number is one of God's most popular number and coming from his last day
Prophet born in a preachers home,
"6" of "7" children and preaching this true Eternal Gospel
message at the
Hour of Judgment from my third and last flying angel website seen in Revelation
14 and verses

We are at the end of God's time for man ruling on earth! Number 22 is the end! God began man on
the "6"th day of a "7" day week. Man's number is up ... number 6000 years on God's green earth and
now the "7"th day is coming number 7000 years and here we see
"67" again. Now back to yesterday
as I showed above ... Thursday 5/17/18 added we see number
"22" meaning the end.
Head of
Churches ...
left below
I write from my wheel-chair daily setting by my north
window and God shows things in the clouds almost daily.
Yesterday I looked out my north window to see this Open
Vision from the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean in cloud
form. The cloud showed this picture in perfect form from
Almighty God telling the Church.
"Your days are over and
Satan is on your setting
Duck Tail!  How could God make
this any plainer than he has done?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS: Matthew 1:17 shows us number 42 ... 6 X 7 = "42" and number "42" means Rebellion! We see
from Adam to Abraham is 2000 years and from Abraham to the Jews is also 2000 years and
generations, count them in Matthew 1:17 for it lists them all. The 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus
the Jews rebelled against God and crucified Jesus Christ, that was
42 generations ago. Now we all
know this happened 2000 years ago and 42 generations ago, to where the Church of today another
42 generations has re-crucified Jesus all over again, spiritually of figuratively speaking, seen in
Revelation 11:8 where also our Lord is crucified, this time by the Church! (1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping

The beast coming in is number
"42." He was born on Leo the LIon month of August "19" and was
"42"nd president of this gone down the tube nation, Bill Clinton number "42" from Washington.
The next head of this beast is George W. Burning Bush
"43" and the final head is the setting
president, Donald John Trump
"45." We add these three men together, 4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 5 = "22"
which means the end!
Left is the inside page of mothers Bible that
fell into my hands the day after mother's
death in 1985. This is the Bible where my
Jeremiah calling came out from written out
in long hand by my mother and handed to
me by my sister Grace saying,
"Paul this is
for you
." I cried when Grace told me this and
for years later on when I would think about
it. Now to prove who the "3" beast
presidents are for mother showed who they
are in her front page of this
1942 Bible.
Bertha S. Gerig with 12 letters in her name,  and seen on the bottom line of Matthew 12.  Now hold
onto your hat for this entire piece of paper from this inside page of mother's Bible tells it all. Every
number is confirmed of who the beasts are today without fail.

Oct. the month she purchased her Bible is the
"10"th month tying all three presidents coming out
from the
"10" sleeping Virgins Churches. Next we see this last beast President, Donald John Trump
a Roman Catholic, who has "15" letters in his full name. Next,, we see 1942 ... Bill Clinton born on
Leo the Lion month of August
"19" and was the "42"nd president. Next we see Matt. verse "12"
tying into the
"12" letters in mother's name. Next, we see verse number "43" the number of
George W. Bush the second head of the beast. Lastly we see verse number
"46" the year all "3"
beast men were born in year
"46." You say so what?

God is showing you the "3" beast men of the
"666" of year "4'6" ... God is showing you from his last
day Ministry who he has chosen to go after his fallen Duck Church of today. You can see this in
"66:6." God says ... "What is that noise in the city ... what is that sound coming from the Temple,
meaning the Churches ... it is the sound of the Lord repaying his enemies all they deserve."

Donald John Trump was born the "6"th month ... George W. Bush was born the "7"th month and
William Jefferson Clinton was born the
"8"th month and we see "6-7-8." This ties into the Pale
Rider of
DEATH seen in Revelation "6:7-8" also seen in Mother's Bible! Number "23" means DEATH
and the first beast is William Jefferson Clinton with
"23" letters in his long name. Ezekiel "23"
refers to death which is seen full born in verses
"32-35." (32 + 35 = "67" which I speak about above
that goes for the Church today seen in Matthew 25 verses
"6-7") This now goes for the Matthew 25:

32 “This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “You will drink your sister’s cup, a cup large and deep; it will
bring scorn and derision, for it holds so much. 33
You will be filled with drunkenness and sorrow, the
cup of ruin and desolation, the cup of your sister Samaria
. 34 You will drink it and drain it dry and chew
on its pieces—and you will tear your breasts. I have spoken, declares the Sovereign Lord. 35 “Therefore
this is what the Sovereign Lord says:
Since you have forgotten me and turned your back on me,
you must bear the consequences of your lewdness and prostitution
.” Ezekiel 23:32-35 ...

Ezekiel 23 added is "5" fingered hand of God now upon the sleeping Duck Churches today! Verses
32 + 35 added equals
"6-7" the verses of Matthew 25 ... added is "7" Churches and verses "67"
shown by God's last day Prophet born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34" added =
"7" Churches today! I also warn the world today seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" at the hour of

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...