Second Jer-USA-lem Frozen Out
Quote:  The winter weather isn't done with Chicago; now there is talk of frost quakes.

CNN affiliate WGN reported Wednesday that viewers in the Chicago area were awakened by
a series of booms.

"I thought I was crazy! I was up all night because I kept hearing it," viewer Chastity Clark
Baker said on Facebook, the news station reported. "I was scared and thought it was the
furnace. I kept walking through the house. I had everyone's jackets on the table in case we
had to run out of here."   

I will begin top left showing the frozen woman Church of today as pointed out looking up facing
right, with her baby Church beside her also frozen in snow like the winter weather that has hit this
nation big time today. Below the Babies head you can see the roof top of their Churches sticking
out from the frozen snow now covering this once good second Jer-
USA-lem now gone to POT.

Right is another Open Vision from God showing the head of this last day
DOG Church with its one
ear sticking up in ice cold weather seen top left, with its big mouth wide open seen right with the
tower of the Church on top of a huge ship now sinking to the bottom of the sea of time
and is now
crying out bloody murder!
Looking at the Dog with its Mouth Wide Open as usual, you can see God
put the image of this
Temple Church seen in Isaiah "66:6" ... going down. Here is what this
passage says:
"What is that sound in the city, what is that noise coming from the Temple ... the
It is the sound of the Lord repaying his ENEMIES," ...  meaning the Churches...  all they
 Does this refer to you?
Frozen Church---->

Baby  Church

Roof ----------->
Church---Ship --------------->
Going Down in ice
Dog ear Church below with mouth Open sinking
Almighty God shows this Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 and adding just
the "2" separatly, we see
"10" very sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7
still fast asleep and not knowing what is going on today. God shows this
Dog Church of today stuck in ice cold, snowy weather across this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation left in cloud form, with its mouth wide open
as seen above going down.

Here we see what takes her down soon and suddenly! This nation and
world today know that big mouth Trump is in conflict with North Korea,
Russia and China and other Communist nations world wide. God in
cloud form shows without a shadow of a doubt, this Dog Church of the
last days has its huge mouth wide open and standing in it Open Mouth
God is showing the Hammer and left of the Hammer you can also see
the Sickle ... the image of the Communist Partie coming in to destory
this final and third Babylonian nation, second Jer-

Below we see China and her 200 million man strong army firing off a
new missile and God shows this missile spoken about in Rev. 9:16 that
speaks about this
200 million man army now ready to come ashore.
Notice how God shows this missile going off in the South China
sea, shows in black its arms are now spead apart for war! Notice
its two bright eyes knowing what is going on today with beast
Trump. Notice below their eyes is the fire soon to come out from
their mouths, notice the rocket over their heads soon to go off
as well.

Three nations are soon to go into nuclear ... footsoldier war
soon and suddenly! The meeting with Trump and Putin at
Helsinki 2018 shows they are headed to HELL ... Helsinki to be
no more! Donald Pennokio Trump the biggest liar on earth today,
is the culpurt with the long
red nose begins the red hot
nuclear war with Russia.

God says today without a
shadow of a doubt, your going
down in cold and will soon be
no more! The big
Trump is the beast who soon
begins WW III soon! Thiis huge
black BULL Market is now ready
to crash! The huge BULL
Market is coming down and this
is when the Red Bear Market
moves into the picture, the
Commuists Bears come in

Left you can see the man in
RED and right you can see the
man in
BLACK both in icy cold
weather trying to dig out in
winter time. Jesus said in Mtt.
24:20 ... pray that your flight
moving out of the cities does
now happen in winter!
When did winter begin? How about December "21-22." What is the last chapter and verse of the
Holy Bible? How about in reverse is Revelation
22:21. Two years ago, in numbers of August "21"
one day belore my birthday of August
"22" ... a solar Eclipse went over St. Paul Oregon a place close
to where this Apostle, Prophet was raised as a child! A solar eclipse means a new beginning is
This solar eclipse went over in signs, my head. The
map people of Oregon made this image in red the
small county of St. Paul. They also enlarged St. Paul
looking to the left with a red circle around my eye.
Notice below my
RED EYE you can see the Grey Bears
of Russia and China moving in and covering this
of a nation and its PIG Churches. Notice these
PIG-DOG Churches of today still swim with the tail of a
FISH they used to swim with, but today swim with the
head of the PIG seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 adding just the
2's as 2's we see them as
"10" sleeping DOG-PIGS.
Notice God shows this Pig head fish tail Church of today, the Preachers on the tail of this Pig head
Church are black in head and heart today and has a large nose. This huge storm went across this
nation and left at
South Carolina the place a huge storm hit first in this second Jer-USA-len about
one yewr ago,

I have a friend who lives in St. Paul, MN., named Katy Sasie. She told me in the early to mid 1880's St.
Paul used to be called ,..
"Pigs Eye" and later changed to St. Paul. Notice the grey bear of Russia
and China covering the
"Eye of the Pig" and they see nothing!
Left a few yeara ago this shorm named
PAM ... happened. "God shows this
ministry, yours truly laying in a bed with
my head seen top left looking at you
with the LION'S head of yours truly also
looking at you, born on Leo the Lion
month of August
"22" as this number
refers to the end and also the last
chapter of the Holy Bible, Rev.

Look closely right of my face you can
see the two capital letters
"SC" for
South Carolina. I spoke to the world on
long and short wave radio some 18-20
years ago telling them who the first
beast is,
Bill Clinton 42 and that Russia
would nuclear bomb this nation that is
now in the works
.  After I spoke for half
an hour we hung up the phone and I
picked up my Bible to have it open to
Revelation 8:1 ... "Heaven was silent for about half an hour."  

The weather people put the rocks under this white cloud and the top
rock shows my heart for the Pig Church who has gone astray and the
large lower rock points to God's last day Prophet. Left is a picture of
my in home care nurse lady named
"PAM." I also lost the use of my
legs and feet to walking due to Diabedis, and today I ride in a wheel-
chair to get around like old John the Revelator who wrote the Book of
Revelation who could not walk either, but had to be carried when he
was on the Island of Patmos writing the Book of Revelation.

Old John is not coming back to Prophesy again seen in Revelation
10:9-11. God has given his last day Prophet today, John Paul the
second telling me to Prophesy again about many peoples, nations
languages and kings.
Above in another storm cloud from God, shows my in-home care lady,
Pam pushing me in a wheel chair. I removed the outer substance in my
Adobe Photo section of my computer and in blue is what came out.
You can see Pam left of my head wearing a cap ... her face wearing
dark glasses pushing me along as I blow my trump pointed downward
from heaven to the people below. You can see the face of a person in
blue, looking at me while I preach this awesome John Paul the second
message of Revelation at end times today!

Left is the same Open Vision as above before God put in the blue. You
can see me in the center of this Hurricane Storm today. In front of my
head you can see the head of a person looking at me from below as I
preach this message today from
HEAVEN and am the center of this last
day storm brewing over this gone to pot Woman Church nation today
at the hour of Judgment!
Trump John Hitler and the Woman Dog Church are
sinking into the bottom of the Ocean of time and
will never be seen again. We see this in Jeremiah
51:25 ...
25 ... “I am against you, you destroying
mountain, you who destroy the whole earth,”
declares the Lord.“I will stretch out my hand against
roll you off the cliffs, and make you a burned-
out mountain."
Jeremiah 51:25 ... God is speaking
today to this old Indian nation soon to roll off the
clift of time as he is showing below left ... never
to rise again!
God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Left was taken
from a volcano
in Hawaii the
50th state of
this 50 state
nation now on
its way down
never to rise
again ...