Screw Ball Wile E. Coyote Trump
Four screw balls and which is the worst? The one
on the left is spoken about in the Holy Bible ... the
third Beast of the
"666" that goes along with the
other two beast men of the
"666" seen in Isaiah
"66:6" that God is using to take down the Church
on the left having "3" eyes ... Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal three screwball Churches who
forgot the true and living God and are following
Satan today who they thing is God but it the little
god ... Lucifer himself.
Left is a very large rock close to my home. This rock
God burned out with his fire finger, shows the pig
head Church on the far left looking down as to hell
and the woman Church going into the rocks to hide
from Almighty God when he rises to shake the earth
seen in Isaiah 2:19-22. Above the words, Swastika &
Lion you can see the two front legs of the two
headed lion beast going after this Church of today
and coming out from the mouth of this gone gay
nation ... the two headed Lion beast being pushed
out by the two bears of Russia and China when they
hit this gay nation on its forehead.

Left you can see the two war horses of Russia and
China coming against the gay forehead of this
nation of old George Washington. You can see the
male penis in the mouth of another man, just below
the head of old George Washington. Barack Obama
44 and his vise president married two gay men
when they were in office. Notice when these two
war horses come against this nation soon, then it
pushes the two beast men, Bill Clinton 42 and
George W. Burning Bush 43 out of the mouth of old
George Washington. The above Open Vision shows
the legs of this Lion beast coming out of George.
Left of the Lion's head you can faintly see the old German Swastika ... what was before will be again,
and what now was before." Revelation 1:
"19." The first beast coming out is Clinton 42 who was born
on Leo the Lion month of August
"19." The second witness to this is seen in the OT book of
1:9-11. Above right of Trump is old Adolph Hitler who killed the Jews and now Adolph
Trump Hitler goes after the Church! Jesus said, their is nothing new under the sun ... what was good
for the Jew is now good for the Gentile!

The only black president of this nation is said to have been born in Hawaii ... Barack Obama 44. He is
also part of the scene God is showing today from Hawaii. Below, is a sign of Adolph Hitler in the Lava
flow showing him and his famous military solute, showing the capital letter "V" for the Virgin Church
in Matthew 25:6-7 on his waist.  I put the rest of "V" for virgins that the beast soon goes after.
Below also from the lava flow from Hawaii, you can see
Black Obama 44 riding his black-bird hot-rod into the
white hot nuclear bombs coming from the Russian bear.
You can see his whitish face, half black and half white
and his black hair running his black bird administration
into nuclear bombs, and blowing off the lower part of the
White House of today. You can see behind him the dust
flowing out as he roared down the road in his Black-Bird
Hot-rod as he set it all up when he was in power. Notice
his open blackbird mouth as this picture is still for today,
and today we have a loud-mouth
"Wile E. Coyote, Sex
Maniac  Genius Trump
" setting in black Obama's seat.
Below this is another Fiery
Open Vision from God's
volcano, showing fire brand
Obama as I point out his nose,
with the black bear of Russia
with its arms around Obama 44.
There are "3" mountain tops,
far left is Russia ... the large
middle one where the fire is
coming out from is the USA. The
right mountain top is China
with its mouth wide open for the kill, her 200
million man army seen in Revelation 9:16
who come against this nation and rapes her
women seen in Zechariah 14:1-2. Remember
China aborted many of her girl babies years
ago and today there is only one woman per
seven men! This entire Chapter of
Zechariah 14 speaks about today and verse
12 speaks about nuclear bombs burning out
the eyeballs and tongues of the people in
this nation, as what nuclear bombs do. The
rest of this chapter speaks about Jesus
putting bells on the animals and cooking
pots he hands out to the survivors of this
third Babylonian nation during his 1000 year
kingdom on earth.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Two  Hitlers