Screw-Ball Church Says God!
Father God looks down and sees a screwball, Goat
Church going into the black hell hole if she does not
repent of her ways! Notice above the head of a man
with goat horns heading into the black hole of hell.
Notice the other end of this large white smoke cloud
shows the large head of a goat with two horns
looking down to hell. Below the large goat head is the
naked on fire Woman Church of today wearing a up to
BUN HAIRDO meaning this is now ready to
happen! This last day Church is the Mustang Ranch of
the state of Nevada that boarders Southern Oregon.
Left of this whore house state is a picture of Jessica
Hann who came out from the Pentecostal Church    
and now bares it all to the entire world. Left of this you can see the world of
Satan going after them. Below God shows the naked Church of today as the
Moon, as Joseph's mother was seen as the moon that gives a reflection from
SUN that refers to God, and his 10 older brothers were Stars. This ties to
today and the 10 stars are the 10 sleeping Virgins. Here we see naked Kim
Kardashian climbing a tree as Jesus had said, people are seen as trees.
This naked Church today is now at the end of her Road! Below the end
shows Kim Kardashian showing her large rear end with her black husband
touching on the Black Church, not skin alone but their black hearts. The
number of
23 is on his back which means, DEATH. The first beast of the
"3" beast men of the 666 seen in Isaiah 66:6 and Revelation 13:18 is
William Jefferson Clinton 42 who has
"23" letters in his name. You can
also see this
DEATH in Ezekiel "23:32-34. Using God's numbering system
we see this ... we add 23 with 32 =
"5" wise and "5" foolish Virgins ... the
"10" sleeping goat Churches. We add "3" + "4" equals "7" Churches as
"34" is also the year this last day Prophet of God was born.
Left shows God putting this Kim Church of today into a black garbage bag! Notice
her below in Red naked going out in

Below this is Kim standing beside Trump in the White House that ties into the kid
Kim of North Korea
! Right of naked Kim Kardashian in bed, a friend of Trump God
shows in cloud form the picture of the DOG Church with their lying mouths wide
open and the Hammer and Sickle of these Communist nations getting ready to
shut down this Dog Church nation today. The hammer and sickle in clouds.
God shows today the DIE has
been CAST! The hammer and
sickle are now before our very
eyes and where will you hide
from God? Read Amos 9:1
added is
"10" sleeping Virgins.
Now turn to the "10"th verse and we see God telling the naked
Church of today,
"All the sinners among my people will die by
the sword

Left and above is Kid Kim and his army soon to be here in real!
Before the
y come ashore on the West Coast, nuclear bombs will
go before them, paving the way into this second Jer-
nation gone to
POT before Almighty God just like first Jerusalem
fell because they too turned way!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ..
Kim  and Trump
Trump and Kim
Trump and naked Kim