Scarlet Church & Babies Go
This is another Open Vision from the Red headed,
scarlet woman Church with her baby, with her legs
crossed for LUCK ... as God soon takes them out ...
the scarlet woman Church of Revelation 17:1-8
who has messed up the entire world today.

Below I found on the Internet a woman dressed in
black with Red hair with her legs crossed like the
one on God's Hubble telescope. The only
difference is the baby by her chin shown on the
left by God.
Red headed Church &
Her legs are
crossed ----------->
for Luck.
Notice her legs
match the legs of
the woman from
the Hubble. Notice
the white image
beginning to eat
the red haired
woman's left leg
as also seen in
white shadow
form. Old Prophet
John could hardly
believe what God
was showing him.
One picture after another picture of God
Showing coming from His Hubble Camera in his
heavens but still the Red headed scarlet
woman Churches of today seen nothing. The
woman above in black shows her bottom in
black but left shows it in white.
Many of the Red Headed Scarlet woman Churches of today have their fingers and their legs crossed
as hoping for LUCK. Luck means hoping their is not going to be a Judgment from Almighty God
which there is most certainly going to be as the Bible tells us.
This image of JESUS over his Open Bible with the wolf
preachers preaching out of his Bible, shows them
dragging behind them the dead head Churches of
today. Below this shows the preachers wearing a
black hat on their heads are producing only dirty
water to the people that angers Almighty God.

Checking out my entire website showing hundreds of
Open Visions in rock and cloud form also from God's
Hubble telescope, and one not seeing what is going
to happen to the
Red Headed Scarlet Church, are from
their little rock god, Satan in no uncertain terms!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...