Scarlet Baby Churches Run - Fire  
The twin red hair Catholic and Protestant baby Churches with
their right hand on their foreheads
are soon to be running
holding their breasts while they run from the
FIRE. Below the
Church holding their breasts while they run
, you can see this  
red headed Church runing like the wind that God confirms
from his Hubble Telescope in his heavens. Both Open Visions
shows they have small breasts that also ties to the rock
picture below showing her small breasts looking over the
hills saying, fall on us for we have sinned.
Chicken Church soon runs
hicken Church
Naked twins today .... Baby Catholics & Protestants Never grown up!
"Jesus turned and said to them, “Daughters of
USAlem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves
and for your children. For the time will come when you
will say, ‘Blessed are the barren women,
the wombs
that never bore and the
breasts that never nursed!’  
Then “‘they will say to the mountains,
Fall on us!” and
to the hills, “Cover us
!”’  For if people do these things
when the
tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?”
Luke 23:28-31 ... (The Church today is dry & soon burns
as God is showing in Califoria)

"Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals,
the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and
hid in caves and among the rocks of the
.  They called to the mountains and the rocks,
“Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on
the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!  
For the great
day of their wrath has come
, and who can withstand it?”  
Revelation 6:15-17 ...

The Open Vision right, was taken from about one mile
from my home from this huge rock showing the
Churches of today running and hiding in the Rocks ...
the two passages above ... hiding from the dread of the
Lord and the spendor of his majestry when he rises to
shake the earth real soon and suddenly!
She is saying
what did I do
Notice Red hair flying above and
also below in God's Hubble
telescope and both looking up!
Some of the naked
Church don't make
it to the hills
Notice I circled the woman running to the holes in the rocks ... notice she is wearing her hair in a
bun turning around looking at you.
She is also wearing a heavy coat sudjesting winter time!  Jesus
said in Matthew 24:20 ... pray that your moving out from the cities does not happen in winter, as this
is the worst time to move. Notice also her pants are a dark color and all is shown against a different
colored background. Notice left of her head shows the head of a
PIG, meaning the PIG Churches of
today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22
. Seen also in the numbering system of Almighty God, we see the last
number is
22 meaning the end of days and the last chapter of the Bible, Revelation 22! This also
points to this last day Moses Prophet born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22." Now we add just
the "2"s alone and we see they add up to
"10" sleeping Virgins!

Back up to the naked red headed woman Church running wth her red hair blowing in the wind and
looking up as she runs holding her breasts
. The image from God's Hubble telescope below her,
shows the same thing, how awesome! Both images show her red hair blowing in the wind and both
have small breasts! This is a conformation from God Almighty to his last day Moses Prophet, that the
Pharaoh Churches of today do not want to believe seen in Revelation 11:8 ...
figuratively speaking
where also our Lord Jesus Christ is crucified again, this time by the Seven Churches of today

Below the two red headed Church women running like the wind, are some not making it out from the
cities and get hit in their faces with nuclear radiation killing them instantly! You can see her two
naked breasts and her lower gender area, as she falls backwards and is caught as seen in
. Verse 8 shows their tables of Christianity is covered with vomit, not one spot is without filth.
Now read the two verses, 14 and 15 to see
they have made a lie their refuge and falsehood their hiding

Next we go to the NT in Romans 9:27-29 to see where Apostle Paul was tying the Church of the last
days into this picture of the tables of Christian is covered with vomit and not one spot is without
filth. Paul was saying
... "Only the Remnant will be saved." Paul said, tho the Israelites, also referring
to the Churches of the last days,
be like the sand by the seashore, ONLY THE REMANT will be saved!
Isaiah put the patern of the Church of today on a table that is now covered with
VOMIT ... not one
spot today is without filth

The saints today that makes up the overcomers, are the 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that God
takes out just before
Hell is Opened up on earth. Luke 21:34-36 also speaks about this; do not get
caught in the trap and pray thay you may be able to escape all that is about to happen ... and pray
that you may be
ABLE to stand before the Son of Man Jesus Christ on his throne in heaven! So much
for the Rapture the sleeping,
dog-pig-goat preachers of today are telling the red headed women,
that your soon to be gone when you will all be here running like the wind to the rocks in the
mountains moaning like doves of the valley over your sins!

Below the nake woman Church being hit in the face with Russia's nuclear bomb radiation, you can
see what God put on his Hubble telescope,
the Chicken Church soon to be running like the wind!
Notice her head out to the left going as fast as she can run to hide from God Almighty! Amos 9
speaks about this,
"Where would you hide from God? In Amos 9:10 ... 10 sleeping Virgins ...
God said,
"All the sinners among my people will die by the sword, all those who say 'Disaster will not
overtake or meet us

This pretty much speaks about the Churches today preaching a rapture will take these sinners out!
No Way  for it goes against the Bible! A huge lie the Baptist Churches preach is, "Once saved
always saved
" ...  and this has also trickled down to other denominations as well. God said, I have
locked away the angels that have sinned for Judgment, and the NT tells us the same goes to the
people of the Churches, they too will be judged if they sin the sins that led to
hell itself. There are sins we commit daily that do not lead to DEATH. Look at the Lords Prayer for we
are to ask the Lord for foregiveness daily as we walk daily in a filthy world.
This does not refer to one Church but it refers to all
Seven of the Churches! The last Church, Laodica is
what all the Churches of today have done, money!
Left is another Open Vision from God
Almighty close to my home, showing the
naked men and woman Churches of
today who are the "10" sleeping Virgins
of Matthew 25:6-7. The hand burned out
in solid rock from Almighty God some
years ago in this area of old Volcano's,
are the 10 sleeping Virgins naked and
circucised only in the flesh and not the
heart Jesus said we are to be
circumcised in. This Church of today are
laying down sleeping on the black Bull
Market, the money Churches of today!
There is also another message in this
Open Vision, showing when this Bull
Market soon falls, and it is ready to fall any time, then the Red Bear Market of Russia and China
comes into the picture seen above in burned out rock form from Almighty God
. Notice how God
made this image in solid rock form ... he shows the head of the soldiers soon to come into this
nation and chase the
Sleeping, Red Headed Churches seen above! They say a picture is worth a
thousand words and these "
9" pictures are worth much for the "10" sleeping Virgins of the last days
as number "9" means
JUDGMENT showing the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Chirst is now at the door
and I show these awesome things today without hesitation!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...