Satan's Shark & Dead Man
These top four Open Visions are laid out
four pictures because this huge red
rock is so long I had to take
pictures and put them together like this.
The lower one sets about 100 yards
below on the hill where I took these
pictures showing the end of days today.
Above the Shark in red rock form, you
can see where God put a white cloud
in his heavens showing the shark fish swimming downward with his tail above the letter "a" in
Shark. Right o
f the shark you can see in cloud form, the Elephant with his trunk in the air,
Elephant George W. Burning Bush 43. These make Skulls and Bones from the Sleeping
Churches seen below the two heads of this beast,
Clinton 42  and Bush 43. The third picture of the
Sleeping Churches riding the tail end of this beast,
Clinton and Bush ... you can see the head of the
Elephant Bush who claims to be a good Christian along with his family but all are liars
... all
Hippocrates of Satan
! This elephant above behind the sleeping Churches of today, shows only one
ear sticking out while the other is hanging down.

The next picture of this long
Red Dragon Rock, shows the Preachers today all dog-wolf preachers
riding the tail of the
Red Dragon, Satan! Below these four pictures of long Dragon Rock, stands this
long rock above of the
Dead Man, USA! Far left shows the head of this nation laying down dead!
Moving to the right you can see the
Bear of Russia who takes her down with nuclear bombs,
setting on this nations belly looking down at the
Pig Head Church she is today. The last part of this
long rock showing this soon to be
a DEAD NATION OF A MAN seen in lighter form, shows the head
of the elephant Bush with his ears spread apart
, and the SKULL on the top right. Right of the head
of the elephant's trunk hanging down, you can see the head of the
Horsemen of the Apocalypse of
Revelation 6:7-8 ...
the Pale Rider of DEATH with hades, hell, following close behind.

Under the Skull you can see the
Woman Church half way buried in the ground reading her black
Bible as she goes down
! Notice the ears of Elephant George W. Bush 43 reaches out on both sides,
as covering over this whole situation when the bears of Russia and China move in for the kill. We
see the 200 million man army of China who come in and rape the women before they kill them in
Revelation 9:16 and Zechariah 14:1-2!

The Chinese soldiers come into the houses and rape the woman in this nation because they had
killed many of the
girl babies before they were born in China to slow down their over population!
Today there is only one woman per "7" men. Verse 12 speaks of nuclear war and the rest of this
chapter shows Jesus Christ putting bells on the animals and passing out cooking pots to those
who survive this last day holocaust.
Above is Pig Church
and pig nation today
Above is Dead head
USA looking up.
Under Skull is Woman half
buried in the ground
Above Rock Shark God put
Cloud Shark 2 Conformations
Axe Head
Left shows God in a volcano showing God is using the
beast to cut off the heads of the Churches today that
are all under the headship of Satan! This is also seen
in Amos 9:1 ... 9 + 1 = "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew
25:6-7. Notice God coming down hitting the  hatchet
head causing the Axe to cut off the heads of the
Church under Satan's headship! This is also seen in
Isaiah 14:14 ... added is also "10" sleeping Virgins. We
look at Revelation 14:14 same verse numbers, and we
see Jesus setting on a white Cloud with a sharp sickle
in his hand ready to cut down this wild grape Church
of today while Father God removes the Rooster
Preachers off his high mountain! (I inserted Jesus
that I outlined left of Jesus in the large picture)
The Open Vision of this is seen below, a picture I took
over Klamath Lake some 18 or so years ago showing
Father God with his hand around the neck of the
Rooster preachers of today, removing them from off
his high mountain with Jesus over the Father setting
on a cloud with this sharp sickle in his hand getting
ready to cut the wild grape Church down, as seen in
Revelation 14:19-20. Blood will soon be flowing as
high as the horses bridles for
"16" hundred stadia.
"16" hundred Stadia is seen in the NIV Bible that touches on "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington
! You can see the Rooster Preachers over Mt. McLoughlin the highest mountain in this range of
mountains that God is now removing off his gone mad Church of today! You can see the white hair
of Father God over the top of the rooster preachers heads with his left arm reaching out. Over the
body of Father God in signs, you can see Jesus Christ setting on the cloud of Revelation 14:14 with
a sharp sickle in his hand ready to cut down the wild grapes and toss them into his wine press of
God's wrath! (I inserted Jesus outlined with the sickle in his hand) Just above the head of Jesus
Christ of Revelation 14:14, we see the devil as the dragon of Isaiah 14:14 who said he would put his
throne above the stars of God, meaning the saint, and he would rule over them which he is doing
that the Church is un-aware of what has happened and will soon happen to them.

I preach to a
Dead-Head Church who do not know the true Bible of Almighty God! Jesus said, it is
the Letter that kills, but it is the Spirit that gives the light
. The Rooster preachers of today who are
a group of wild dog-wolves,
know the Bible to the letter but do not know it in the true Spirit of God!
This huge rock close to my home represents this nation. Below the Vision of JESUS in burned out
rock form from Almighty God
, is his Holy Bible with the wolves preaching out from the left side as
seen above! They are dragging behind them the
DEAD-HEAD Churches of today! Notice above and
a little right of the
DEAD-HEAD Churches, you can see in short, the IS for ISIS that are cutting off the
heads of the Satan filled Churches of today! Lastly, right of the word, Politics is the Open Bible.  
Below this is the Dead
, the symbol of this
nation laying dead on the
ground. Below the word
Eagle you can see the
head of a bear in the light
green Bush looking left.
Over the word Cross, you
can see what this last day
Babylon nation has done
to the Cross of Jesus
Christ, trampled it into the

God's Ring of Fire -
Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...