Satan's Noah's Ark Soon Burns
Notice the two naked woman Churches
of today, the Catholics and the
Protestants together riding Satan's little
ark into the hot fire of hell led by the
main head of the beast, Bill Clinton 42
who was Governor or
Little Rock, Ark ...
soon to come back into this
picture along with
Fire Burning George
W. Bush 43
. Notice below this you can
see Satan has these naked Churches all
bound up and hanging in the air for they
do not know right from wrong nor do
they know the Bible only by the letter,
but Jesus said,
"It is the letter that
kills but it is the Spirit that gives
the light
Remember the Roman Catholics burned the Protestants at
the stake during the reformation? Below the Churches
riding Satan's Noah's Ark, is the Church all bound up, and
below this is the picture of Satan doing the same thing to
the "3" Churches of today! Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 and
Revelation 1:19 both say the same thing,
"What was before
will be again, and what is now was before ... there is nothing
new under the Sun

This naked woman seen left, is from Revelation 17:1-8 ... the
Red headed, Scarlet woman who has deceived the whole
world! Old John when he saw this Vision from God could
hardly believe his eyes for he saw this last day Church
killing the true saints of God, the 144,000 who has overcome
Satan to-date. This Open Vision from Almighty God, shows
this woman Church of today being burned at the stake in
front of her shrines, her devil filled Churches of today! Right
of the naked woman's breasts, you can see the head of a
wolf-dog ... the preachers today in these last day Churches
that are wolves killing the saints, dragging behind them the
dead head Churches.

One mile east of my home seen in Babylon Rock which I
named some 25 or so years ago, shows faintly the capital
JESUS for Jesus. Below JESUS you can see God's
Open Bible and the left side of
JESUS BIBLE you can see the
Wolves preaching from it as they drag behind them the dead
head Churches

Below and left of the head of the naked dead head woman at
the stake of fire, you can see the wolf-dog head looking at
you, as the dead Churches of today that the wolf preachers
of today have killed.

Below the Bastard of Satan wolves preaching out from
God's Holy Bible, is the tail end of Red Dragon rock! The
very end shows the head of the dog-wolf preachers of today
that the sleeping woman Church with beast Bush with her,
makes up the two ears of the wolf-dog preachers at the end
of his long, long rock of
Red Dragon Satan. This image of the
sleeping Church riding with beast,
Red Pants Burning Bush,
shows she ... now a GOAT ... is sleeping in Christianity along
with the beast. (This image is ahead of the wolf preachers)

Below the naked women Churches riding with the beast
Elephant George W. Bush 43, are three pictures of
Churches on fire. The Church on the left shows the two
horns of fire Satan inside burning up these "3" Churches of
today. The Church on the right shows the "5" fingers of God
burning down these "3" type Churches of today. Notice his
hand spreading his fingers apart showing the "V" for Virgins
are going into the fire of purification.

Below is the picture from God showing the third Church on
fire and above the
white letter "X" you can see the crack in
the fire as the rear-end of the people that God is soon to
burn up. Left
is the sign of the rear end Baby Church who
never grew up to maturity, and right of the Church burning
down is a picture of the Woman Church laying on a bed
sleeping with her naked Butt stuck in the air as reading the
Holy Bible that she does not understand. Jesus said, it is
the letter that kills but it is the Spirit that gives the light!
<--Wolf head
<---- Dead head
<---Church head
The fire
beasts face
is on the
woman with
his 2 arms
sticking out
taking them
Notice the fire
between these 2
naked woman
walking left.
Will you be one of those burning at
the stake as seen above,
or will
you be one of the 144,000 of
Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus'
and the Father's name written on
their foreheads that God takes out
just before hell is opened up on
? Are you part of Luke
21:34-36 praying that you may be
able to escape all that is about to
happen and that you may be able
to stand before Jesus Christ
Where is the throne of Jesus
Christ spoken about here? ...
No place but those taken to
heaven and are the 144,000
and not the Churches of

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...