Satanic Pump-kin Head Beast!
This nation has never had a beast
President like Trump-kin head golden rich
Donald Duck Trump who he thinks he is
God but is a product of Satan himself and
is part of Witchcraft to the rafters! He is
seen in Florida his favorite state with his
big mouth causing nuclear war come with
Russia real soon and suddenly. Below his
evil Witchcraft mouth God is showing his
large big mouth is causing the nuclear
bomb going off in cloud form over the
state of Florida.

Below this mushroom shaped nuclear
bomb you can see the freeway of "3" cars
meaning the "3" Christian religions
coming to a close, Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal. Above these "3"
automobile religions, you can see the
window for this to happen is now. Look
closely and you can faintly see God put a
white cloud in this window saying
"Church" it is over and you will be no
more as you have been ... led by Satan. It
was the Sleeping, Dead Church who put
this beast of the end times into office and
now he is turning against them.

Below the Open Window showing the end
for the Church today is another Open
Vision from God from his Hubble
Telescope in his heavens showing this
beast Trump coming with his arms out and
over his shoulder on the top left you can
see the head of a man, this is beast head
Trump! Under his left arm seen on the
right, you can see he has this
Church of today under his arm
and taking
them out with him when God finishes his
work with Trump. You can see below
Trumps waist, the three fingers showing
"3" Churches, Catholic, Protestant and

I explain the Open Vision below Trump
left, below and left of Satan cast out of
heaven by Michael and his angels not
long ago which has started war on earth
seen in Revelation 12:12. Now God
protects old Israel the 144,000 seen in
Revelation 7 and then Satan the Dragon
gets angry with God and then he turns
and goes after the Church seen in verse

You can plainly see Satan below left, with
his arms out coming in like gang busters.
Notice his two white eyes as he is flying in
mid air with his hot mouth wide open
coming after the Church on earth.
Right was
taken from
the Hubble
from God
Satan cast out
of heaven
with his arms
out coming
after the
earth people
below and
now murders
happening all
around USA.

As I said before, Satan was cast out of
Heaven seen in Revelation 12:12 as he
has had access to heaven ever since he
was cast out of his position in heaven,
and has gone into heaven ever since to
accuse the brethren and now he is very
angry and lost his place in heaven and
now he has come down to earth and hell
on earth has begun.  He is seen in
Revelation 9 ... the angel fallen from
heaven and was given the key to hell and
now hell has been opened up on earth.
Murders and etc., has opened up on
earth and is and will be getting worse and
worse as the days go by! Wake Up O'
Sleeping Church your end has come and
will be no more as usual!
Trumps head
As I had stated before, Trumps favorite state in the Union is
Florida. I took this picture from the weather people some time
ago showing the Witch over Florida where Jeb Bush was
Governor when Al Gore was Gored out of the Presidency of the
Beast Bush Family in the year of 2000 of December "13" top
number in Witchcraft. Gore had received the Popular as well as
the Electoral vote to put him in office but the Beast Republican
party used the
"Hanging Shads" to put their lie across and
bring in liar George W. Burning Bush 43.

The smug look on the witch left seen in cloud form was pulling
the strings over this people below. All I did was put this picture
in my Adobe photo section of my computer and draw the lines
showing the witch of Satan pulling the strings. The eye of this
storm looking down over Florida, is seen under her eye, her
cheek and looking with her mouth so smug!

Below was taken from one of God's fiery volcano's showing Red
Pants Burning Bush talking in a black microphone to the Goat
Churches of today. Notice over his white head is the white
head of a beast that he is.
George and his family all belong to the
Satanic NWO ... Illuminati of Satan called
the "Skull & Bones" soon to make skulls
and bones of the sleeping Churches of

Below close to my old home in the hills of
Klamath county, stood this huge long red
rock maybe 300 yards long and this is the
middle of the rock showing Shark,
Trump,   and over his tail is Elephant
Burning Bush in cloud form showing this
Republican Elephant Burning Bush over
"Skull" of the dead ... sleeping
Church of today
Behind the dead skull of the Church
still in rock form from God, shows the
sleeping dead Church of today laying
down as sleeping with the head of the
Republican Burning Bush behind her.

Behind them both is the head of the
wolf-dog preachers of today that God
soon takes them all out. I point out
the one ear of the wolf preachers
is George Bushes head and the other ear is the
head of the Churches of today.

Below the head of the wolf-dog preachers is the
head of this long Red Dragon Rock of Satan. God
burned out in solid rock, the "3" presidents and
sleeping Churches and the wolf-dog preachers of
today, and shows the head of this dragon rock as
Bill Clinton and the Republican Elephant Bush 43
attached to the back of the head of Bill Clinton 42.
God burned this out in solid rock and was not
made in any way by man!
Lastly in a tropical storm in this nation on election
day shows from a camera in the heavens, Yours
Truly over the West Coast blowing my Jesus
Trumpet over this land in the state of Florida, and
the head of Jesus Christ hitting and killing the
bald eagle bird, this nations symbol that will be no
more. Notice where this is happening, killing the
bald Eagle bird! It happens over the state of

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...