Satan Coming Today In A Rage
Taken from God's Hubble
Camera in his heavens,
shows Satan coming in today
hot and heavy! You can see
Satan's two eyes a little right
of center and his left arm is
raised up over his head and
his right arm is sticking out
to the left in this awesome
Open Vision from Almighty
God today. You can see his
body below his head as
swinging to the left in this
awesome Open Vision from
God Almighty. Satan has
been cast out of heaven
seen in Revelation 12 as war
in heaven has already
happened and now war on
earth is ready to begin.  
We see in Revelation 12:13
that Satan goes after the
woman, Israel, but God
protects Israel and Satan is
seen as the Dragon spewing
water from his mouth to
overtake mother Israel but
God Opens up the earth and
swallows the water, meaning
soldiers and Satan the
Dragon get angry and then
turns and goes after her
offspring, the Church those
who hold to the testimony of
Jesus seen in verse
How much plainer can it get?
Why does God allow this to
happen? Because this last
day Church has turned on
him and now its their end!
Satan's head------>
Today we see Flooding on the East Coast and we see Fires burning on the West Coast ... Why? Jesus
said why ... as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the sun of man! God said, I
will not destroy the world with water, but I will destroy it with FIRE!
"For God is a consuming FIRE." We
see no more rainbows of water of Noah's day but we see his rainbow in War Bow form today and soon
hell war will be opened up on earth! What is happening today in this nation? People, men, woman and
children are being killed and the people are saying why is this happening? God has opened up hell on
earth after war broke out in heaven seen in Revelation 12.
God is showing his rainbow today of past Water
and Noah, but today this rainbow has turned into
Red Fiery War bow of Revelation 12 beginning
war on earth!

Verse "17" of Revelation 12 shows the beast
now going after the sleeping Church who holds
to the testimony of Jesus. There is no rapture
for the whole church, only 144,000 of God's best
who has Jesus and the Father's name written on
their foreheads who are not Jews but Gentiles
who are taken to the throne of Jesus Christ
seen in Revelation 14:1-5 ... the rest of the
Church all stay behind to look at the hot fiery
rainbow of war!

The Open Vision above showing the sign of
number "12" encased in fire, is from the Carr fire
in California ... the land of Idols as the cars are
one of the largest Idols of this gone down the
drain nation. They are seen in verse "17" of
Revelation 12 and are also seen in Revelation
"17" verses "1-7." God is telling this Church of
verse and chapter "17" ... this last day
Babylonian nation and Church who has messed
up the entire Church and world ... it is finished.
War is now here with floods & fire
War in Heaven Rev. 12
now war on earth
begins ...
Old Apostle John could hardly believe his ears when God told him this last day Church would be
killing the saints of today ... meaning killing them Spiritually. The lying Churches get around this by
saying, this Babylon nation is yet to come! Jesus said God does not show favoritism, all get the same
amount of time. Adam 2000 years, the Jews 2000 years and now the Gentles 2000 years all added
together is
"6000" years man's number "6" and it is all over.  Next, we go into the 1000 year
kingdom of Jesus Christ and then we enter the "7"th day of the week ... the one thousand year
kingdom of Jesus Christ ...
"6-7." We are leaving the 6000 years and going into the 7th day of the
1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ ...

This last day Ministry of Almighty God was born on Leo the Lion month of August 22, year "34." I
speak for Jesus Christ who came from the tribe of Judah ... meaning Jesus Christ who has
letters in his full name. We add August 22 year 34 =
"11" in two ways ... 2 + 2 + 3 + 4 = "11" and 22 + 34
= 56 ... 5 + 6 =
"11." God is the God of numbers not Satan the Churches claim.

I was born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." I am seen in Revelation 14
preaching from my
"3"rd and final flying in mid-air angel website! I am preaching this Eternal Gospel
at the
HOUR OF JUDGMENT seen in verses "6-7." Now I wonder who put all this together if not God
Almighty?! This refers to the end of 6000 years on earth and begins the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus
Christ the beginning of the "7"th day of the week ...

The first head of the beast is Bill Clinton number "42" ... 6 x 7 =
"42" who was born year "46." The
other two heads of the "3" headed beast were also born in year
"46" ... Bush 43 and trump 45 and all
"3" makes up
"666" of Isaiah "66:6." God uses these three presidents to take down his enemies,
the Church seen in Isaiah
"66:6." Now in reverse, Trump born month "6" Bush born month "7" and
Clinton born month
"8" now we see "6"-"7"-"8." Here we see the "3" beast men or the "666" who
ride the
Pale Horse of DEATH seen in Revelation "6:"7-"8."

O' my goodness Satan must have made a mistake when he put the same numbers on the beasts as
he put in God's Bible! Numbers do not lie ... only Satan and men lie. Today's Church are a house of
liars to the nth degree and is seen in Roman's
"3:4" the year I was born ... year "34" who speaks for
God today these truths, and the Churches of today are liars because they follow the enemies of our
souls, Satan, the liar! Roman's
"3:4" says, "Let God be true and every man a liar."

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...