Satan Chases Scarlet Woman &
Both Open Visions came from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens! On the left you can see the
red headed woman Church of Revelation 17:1-8 ... holding her red headed
baby child next to her
with Satan on the right side chasing after them both! You can see the black open mouth of
Satan and his two large black eyes with
"3" teeth in his mouth going after the "3" Scarlet  Churches,
the Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal

Two chapters the Red headed woman Church of today do not preach about, is Revelation 17:1-8 and
18:1-8. These liars from Satan say, this last day Babylon is yet to come! If this is true then the Bible is
wrong! God's perfect number is
"3" ... "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" who created man in his own
image! God made man in
"3" parts also, "body, soul and spirit." God created man in "3" different
ages, the age of Adam 2000 years and 42 generations! Then he brought in his second group of
people, Abraham and the Jews seen in Matthew 1:17 that shows another
"42" generations to when
the Jews had Jesus Crucified the first time around.

Now from Jesus to today is another 2000 years to when the Christians crucified Jesus all over again
figuratively speaking, seen in Revelation 11:8 and the number
"42" appears again when the beast of
Revelation 17:8 comes in,
Bill Clinton #42. The first Babylon is seen in Genesis 11:1-9 that God took
down and this last and third Babylon, this second Jer-
USA-lem nation began to fall on 9/11/1 in NYC,
Babylon as God used the same numbers as the first Babylon, only in
REVERSE. Could this just be
another accident by God, or is this the way he wrote his Bible, just by accident or was this on

The first Jerusalem happened in the days of the Jews! The First Babylon happened in the days of
Adam! The second Babylon happened in the days of the Jews!  Babylon three at the time of Gentiles
"3" Babylon's ... "3" ages of time, and now it is finished and Jesus Christ comes to reign for the
next 1000 years seen in Daniel 9:24. Jesus died at the age of
"33" ... we add 9 + 24 = "33." At the end
of this passage it shows Jesus setting up his 1000 year kingdom on earth! Just before this you can
see yours truly and his Ministry coming to a close, my Open Visions and Prophesies ending soon and
suddenly just before God sets up Jesus' Kingdom on earth after the 42 months of wrath is over.
Scarlet Mother with scarlet baby in her arms               and Satan above soon chases them.
Left, I live in the lower foot hills above the word
Daniel at an altitude of
"43" hundred feet, God's
end time Prophet born on year
"34." We add these
two number of God together and we see
"77" the
cloud God put over my home. Daniel 9:24 added is
"33" touching on Jesus Christ 33 years of age, as
God never ages, coming in and ruling the world for
the next 1000 years. This passage begins with
is decreed for your people and land to
! This same one verse passage says just
before speaking about Jesus coming into his 1000
year kingdom, that God closes down this last day
Ministry that is soon to happen!

God confirms in his Hubble telescope the Judas,
baby Church as seen left, now getting ready to
hang herself. The image below this shows God's
"3" fingers in cloud form over the freeway, and
below this he also shows in his clouds this last day
Judas Church ...
"3" Churches in all ... Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal
are getting ready to
hang themselves before the whole world.

It was Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ for silver,
money, and then went out and hung himself as
what the Judas Churches of today are now doing.
One of the worst ones today telling lies to get
money, are the Pentecostal Churches of the
Assemblies of God, today the
"Assemblies of
Go--at Churches
." These gross liars say, "God has
chosen them to evangelize the world

This is a lie from Hell itself. Reach in your pockets
and dig out your
which the seeds are
MONEY that you mail to them.
One of these Assembly of Goats preachers some
years ago, Rod Parsley said on TBN world wide
Assemblies of God station,
"God has loaded down
the table with MONEY and has pushed it over to
the Church
," a lie straight from hell itself! In saying
his, he was calling Jesus Christ a liar as Jesus said,
"You cannot worship me and money at the same

Parsley also said on the same broadcast, when the
rapture occurs it will take out
"80"% of Los Angels
another lie from these Churches. Jesus also said,
"Broad is the road that leads to destruction and many
are those who go there, but narrow is the road
leading to Salvation and few are those who find it!
Now I wonder who is the liar ... Jesus or the
Assemblies of God ---
Goat Ministries?

Left, God shows the second head of the beast
George W. Burning Red Pants Bush with
Skull of the Beast over his head talking to the
Goat Churches of today who are a pack of liars and
all are preaching to the entire world today, sending
many to hell because of all their lies!
(This was a
fiery volcano from God showing this awesome
picture today of the "3" Goat Churches
) Notice the
black microphone seen in the white head of
George W. Bush 43 who also claims to be a man of
God talking with the Goat Churches of today at
Judgement time.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Head      Rope         Body
God shows "3" parts to Judas Church