Russian River Floods = Attacks
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A rain-swollen river in Northern
California was overflowing its banks early on Wednesday, after
authorities ordered the evacuation of thousands of residents in
the area and warned that any stragglers could be stranded.

Authorities in Sonoma County, about
70 miles (110 kilometers)
north of San Francisco, issued the evacuation orders on
Tuesday as the
Russian River threatened to flood.

"Please, heed the warning, evacuate now," Sonoma County
Sheriff Mark Essick said at a news conference on Tuesday. "Do
not wait until it's too late."     

God is showing the Russian River in Northern California
overflowing and moving out thousands of people, means
Russia is soon to infiltrate this nation of second Jer-
Nuclear war is at hand and after this China moves into the West
Coast from the
Ring of Fire!
Left is what is about to happen to this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation who has
turned against God! I turned this
nuclear bomb sideways to show you
this Goat Church of today going up in a
fiery nuclear bomb seen in the image of
this nuclear bomb sideways. You can
see the Goat head Church at the top of
a missile going up and looking to the
right. Now we see the head of this bald
eagle nation looking right. Under the
head of this Eagle Bird nation you can
plainly see the White Skull of dead people under these nuclear bombs coming from the Russian
Bear, under the dead skulls of the people in this nation, the sign of the Russian River moving the
people out, you can see the head and neck of the Dragon, Satan that God has allowed to happen
because his sleeping Church has turned away from him and now follow the
Dragon, Satan!

We go back up to the passage heading this awesome message and we see two numbers,
70 miles
about 110 kilometers
. In signs this ties to 711 or 117. It was 9/11/1 when two Boeing "767"s took
down these
"3" tall towers here in second Jer-USA-lem. The first two towers looked like the number
"11" standing in this great city and were "110" stories tall. Drop the zero and we see the number of
Jesus Christ who has
"11" letters in his name and the third tower to fall was tower number "7"
Churches on day
"9/11" ... emergency day number of God Almighty taking the "7" sleeping with
Satan Churches of today down. (Read my message showing
"Ezekiel 767." as these numbers are
from God Almighty who is removing the
"7" Churches from Jesus Christ who is number "11.")

Now we go to Joel 2:11 as this passage and chapter speaks about this nuclear war coming like no
other has ever come and will be no more. It shows missiles coming over the mountain tops and when
people see them their hearts will fail them. Now in verse
"11" we see Jesus Christ number "11"
riding at the head of his armies and his forces are beyond number who obey his command!

China is the only nation on earth that has an army of 200 million strong. This is seen in Revelation 9:16
. Now with these Chinese soldier and the other nations with them who hate this second Jer-
-lem nation including Communist North Korea where this nations Dictator Beast President Trump is
having a conference with while I write this awesome message, will also be part of China and Russia
when they attack second Jer-
USA-lem who has gone to POT and no longer worship God but rather
worship Satan the enemy of our souls! Most of this nations enemies are on the Ring of Fire Pacific
Ocean that goes on the West side of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation. This is where the enemies will
come into this nation who has turned away from God and worship Satan on the West Coast side of
our once good nation now gone to POT.

The Bible tells us in Amos 9 ... where will you go to hide from God? If you go to the bottom of the sea,
I will send my serpent to bit you! If you go to the heavens I will bring you down ... where would you
hide from Me? God is now in the process of destroying this nation with all his weather ... Rain
...Floods ... Snow! Hurricanes, Tornadoes ... Airplane accidents, Train accidents, Truck, Buses and
Automobiles ... Murders like never before yet the sleepers seen exactly nothing! The hand-writing is
on the rock wall in the area where I had lived for 28 years seen in Daniel 5:25 by God Almighty! We
add 28 ... 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins where I have been trying to get their attention for years but
hardly to no avail!  

What do they do when then see these Open Visions written out in solid Rock by the fire finger of
Almighty God? They shake their heads and walk away as if they saw nothing at all. Jesus said,
was good for the Jews is now good for the Gentiles for God does not show favoritism!
" So the
passages in the OT witness written for the Jews now goes for the Gentile Churches of today who
followed in her mothers, or sisters footsteps, only this time is worse for they had something to
witness that the Jews never had! So today Joel 2 states, what is coming is worse than anything ever
and not to be seen like this again, never!

od's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...