Russia - China War W/US
Quote:  Russia joined with China on August 17 in
urging the United States not to take military action
North Korea, saying the escalating threats of
war being traded between Washington and
Pyongyang could reach the
"point of no return."

The separate statements from Moscow and Beijing
came as U.S. military leaders said once again that
they have prepared
military "options" if negotiations
over eliminating North Korea's nuclear weapons
program fail.  
Left is the Spark that unites WW III
two Hot Heads together sparks
WW III without a shadow of a doubt
that the Bible talks about
happening soon and suddenly!

God also shows this in Open
Visions in
Rocks and Clouds in the
area where I live.

Below is a picture I took of a cloud
close to my home showing the
Father and the Bride getting
together in nuclear war as
God is the "3"rd Adam ... Atom ...
who created everything from
. Here you can see the Atom
going off in cloud form pushing
the Father to the Bride of Christ. I
saw this of the Bride and Father
God and drew the lines around
their heads in my Adobe Photo
section of my computer for you to

In rock form I show below this, the

Clam Shell trap Jesus speaks
about in Luke 21:34-36
... do not let
this trap spring shut on you for it
will come upon all those living on
the earth
! Jesus said, pray that you
may be
ABLE to ESCAPE all that is
about to happen, and pray that you
may be
ABLE  to STAND before
the Son of Man
... meaning on his
throne in heaven!  This refers to
the 144,000 of Rev. 14:1-5 taken to
His Throne in Heaven soon and

Left is a large rock close to my
home showing this trap is now
ready to spring shut on the naked
dog and pig Churches of today
with their hands in the air showing
the letter "V" for naked Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7. You can see them
laying down on the black
today, a money rich
whose god today is
MONEY! This trap is ready to
spring shut on these sleeping
Virgins which will then wake them
up only to see the
Soldiers of
moving in on them while
they were all sleeping!
This is also seen in Revelation 9:16 as China is the only army on earth with 200 million.
Notice the head of the soldier, top right of this clam shell trap now closing down on this
naked dog, pig, Church of today
; not just a few Churches but the whole lot of them except
the 144,000 who has Jesus' and the Father's name written on their foreheads!
Run from the
teachings coming out of the Churches of today
for much they teach today is not truth!

The Jews never accepted Jesus as their Messiah
! God would not, and is not writing his
Jesus' name on these 144,000 of Revelation "7" that has not come from the Church but
came from old Israel! Jacob, meaning God in signs, had two wives, Leah the Jews ...
"7" ... the 144,000 that are sealed before hell is opened up on earth! Next Jacob
worked another
"7" years to get Rachel the Church, the 144,000 that God soon takes out
before hell is opened up on earth ...
Revelation 14 ... the 144,000 taken to the throne room of
Jesus Christ soon and suddenly!

Wake up O' dead, sleeping Church of today! You say the 144,000 of Revelation "7" sealed is
Israel and you also say the 144,000 taken to Jesus' Throne seen in Revelation 14 is also
Israel! How dumb do you think God is to put his first wife Leah, the Jews in Rev. 7 ... and then
also shows them again in Rev. 14 taken out?
This doesn't even make sense!

Wake up you dead, pig-dog Churches of today! If you don't wake up and repent you will go
to hell with your father today, Satan for Eternity, which means forever and ever, a world
without end in hell fire and brimstone with Satan and his army!  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
The Spark That Lites Nuclear WW III
Two Big Mouths From Satan!