Run Your Carr's On Fire!
Church your Carr's on fire, your Church is burning down and nothing but fire from God
awaits you!
The second Open Vision shows the Church running like the wind above with their heads
and arms in the air and behind them is the window with the sign of the Cross of Jesus Christ and
above the cross is the head of Jesus Christ the fire head of God today getting ready to come in and
take over as man has now struck out "3" times
! Adam 2000 years and 42 generations as number "42"
means rebellion
... Abraham to Jesus was another 2000 years and another 42 generations when the
Jews crucified Jesus the first time around!

Now from Jesus to today is another "2000" years and another 42 generations when the Church of
today has done what her older sister, the Jews did ... they crucified Jesus Christ all over again
spiritually or figuratively speaking, seen in Revelation 11:8. Add 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins ...
still asleep,  those seen in Matthew 25:6-7 but are very soon to wake up and smell the coffee for this
pot is now boiling as the fire gets hotter by the day!
The Fire beast heading in and leaves this nation and world behind like this
Notice the two horned beast heading to the right and the hand of "3" fingers over his "V" for Virgins
head, refers to the "3" Churches of the last days,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal. The two
horns of the beast also touches on Matthew 25:6-7 of the
'10" sleeping "V"irgins he is now beginning
to take out
,  and everything will only get worse as the days go by! (Notice the end of the fire beast
below, is his tail and
the two hind legs)
The two light capital letters RC ...  
means this;
"Run Church" ... the fire
beast has already begun and going
after sleeping Churches of Matthew
25:6-7 ... the Church that went to
sleep but do not wake up until the
darkest hour ever, today.

This fire beast is here now standing
on his two hind legs and is already
taking out the people by the
thousands. If you don't want to
believe his old prophet of Almighty
God just turn on your television sets
or Internet computers and see for
yourselves what is happening today
world wide! Who made these images
if not God Almighty the creator?
The Fire Beast and below  yellow RC are his two
hind legs and his
mouth is wide open
Above coming out from the Carr Fire is the sign of a man in fire form coming into position from the
smoke today in Washington DC
the final and "3"rd beast of the "666" ... Donald Trump 45 and the
smoke is now blowing from Washington DC. The other two beast men Clinton 42 and Burning Bush
43 were all born in year
"46" like Trump 45! Now we see the "666" three beast men who takes down
the Churches of today who are enemies of God, seen in Isaiah
"66:6" ... a must to read. Trump born
"6" ... Bush month "7" Clinton month "8" now we see the Pale riders of DEATH seen in
"6" verses "7-8."

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Donald J. Trump 45!
Donald J. Trump
the fire in Wash.
DC today in the
smoke ... Trump
comes out from
the fiery smoke
as the last day
beast of "3" beast
President men of
the "666."