Run - Nukes Follow Close Behind
Your  Road Has Ended Says God
God says run for your lives and repent!
The Mushroom Cloud Bomb from Russia and the USA
follows the Carr fire in Caliifornia!
 Above left is a house
burning down from the Carr fire in California and fire God is
saying to the people of this nation and world, run for your lives
becasue me ... Father God ... a consuming FIre is cleaning up
what mankind and Churches have done ... it is finished!  

God is saying in the smoke ahead of the Car from the Carr fire,
it is over and nothing but horror awaits the world today!

God is getting rid of the Pig Churches of today seen in this
Carr fire in Redding ... fire burning Redding,  and showing his
black hand now dropping fire from his fingers and thumb down
upon the earth ... the Pig people who has foresaken him.  
Above man & woman go as
in the days of Noah ...
Pigs of the
worldly Church
God is showing on the left of his
hand now dropping fire from
above on the heads of man and
woman which refers to the world
and also the Bird Churches of
today, going down the drain for
God has got his belly full of
garbage and is now beginning to
burn it all down. These PIGS are
seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22.
Notice how
God made this awesome miracle of
the Red Fire on the tips of his
fingers over the Man Head and the
Red Fire on his thumb over the
woman churches head. God is
taking both of them out today with
. How much plainer will God
make it for the blind Churches and
mankind will see before litteral
hell is opened up on earth?

O' Sleeping Church this is your lot
beginning now ... where will you
live and what will you eat?

Two People in black
Smoke  Will this be You?

Below left, touches on a man and a
woman running away from the
firery Carr fire in Redding ... Red
Fire Burning and driving thousand
from their home and people
loosing everything they have
worked for.
Man's head---->
Proud Woman's head----->
Face looking up
screaming out fire------>
God shows what is happening  in smoke form from the
Carr fire in California, fire is dropped by the hand of God.
This image on the left from Almighty
God, shows the man, husband on the
left, his wife on the right both seen in
black, with their child in the middle
looking to the right, an innocent person
seen here in white hair going through
the fire for the sins of their parents.

Below the family going up in smoke is
another fiery Open Vision from God
showing this nuclear bomb going off in
one of his volcano's. Left, you can see
this woman church on the far left
sticking her tongue out at this ministry
telling me, You don't know what your
talking about. The woman Church
looking down from on top of these
Nuclear bombs soon to go off on the
right, God is showing them also going
up in nuclear smoke.

Under the short ring below, shows the
Dolly Church leaning its head against
the Stem of this Mushroom bomb, who
stay behind to eat the poison food and
drink the poision water ... as seen in

The star is
Woomwood and in the
Russian language means
the nuclear power plant that melted
down some years ago in Russia killing
thousands of people. Notice the Dolly,
Baby Church under this slight covering,
not getting blown up but must eat and
drink poison and then repenting before
they die. God shows them in 2008 added
is "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew
25:6-7 ... this hurricane storm named
DOLLY ... repent as you lay on the
ground dying but repenting first.
Husband - Child   and   Wife  
looking  at  you  going  down
with arm around her child
Left is also seen in Zech. 14:12 showing the skin falling
off the bodies of the Church. This says their eyes and
tongues will rot in the heads, as what happen in Japan
in year
"45" when Trum dropped two atomic
bombs on Japan and their skin fell off their bodies
while they were still standing on their feet. Today
...p number
"45" is bring this about again. Obadiah 1:15
added is
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC as
this passage states:
"What you have done will be done to
you, Your deeds will return upon your own head

Notice this Dog Church of today, the dog walking on the
other side of this woman Church with the dog leash still
atached to her arm with the skin falling off and her man
watching it happen while the skin has fallen off his
entire body. You can see the man not repenting in hell
below the
Lake of fire that purifies this Church.  
You Church people and other people today, this is your option ... you have an oppertunity to repent
before you die and go to hell. God is giving you this oppertunity ... those who stay behind who are
not part of the overcoming Church seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that God takes out just before the
nuclear bombs fall down upon man-kind. These are also seen in the OT in Isaiah 66:7 being born from
the pregnant woman Church of today just before the
"42" months of labor pain wrath falls down upon
this pregnant woman Church.

My friends, the Sleeping, Dog Wolf Preachers of today you are listening to, have been lying to you in
no uncertan terms! These wolf animal preachers who work only for money ... those of the Money
Church, God is now beginning to punish them along with those who listen and believe their lies!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
God has started to burn you down!
The remains of second Jer-USA-lem
God's hand
dropping fire
on man