Rooster Preachers Blown Up
Go to my Rooster message titled:  "China Preparing to Join Forces
with N/Korea
" ... to see this year, 2017 the zodiac year in China, the
. This shows Russia dropping Nuclear bombs on this nation!
I took this picture across Klamath Lake a few miles north of Klamath
Falls, Oregon
"16" years ago! After nuclear happens, then China
comes ashore with its 200 million
man army and rapes the women.
elation 9:"16" is also seen in Zechariah 14:1-2 as China today
one woman per seven men, they aborted their girl babies some
years past to slow down their over population
so when they come
ashore soon after Russia strikes, then they go after our women.
Black nuclear storm clouds over
large cities in the US - LA for one
God Fires Roosters
off his High Mtn.
<------ Jesus seen ... Rev. 14:14
The Zodiac year of China in 2017 is the Rooster! The year of 2018
is the Monkey! Notice this Rooster ... Monkey Church of today with
a bag of money in their hand that also looks like a nuclear bomb
which is getting ready to go off. Look at this monkey Church of
today dancing around while the bombs are getting ready to fall
from heaven,
for God is a consuming fire!

The year I took this Open Vision picture above, I was released
from my 30 days in the Klamath Falls hospital from being poisoned
by a woman who called herself a prophetess, but a liar instead.
She was the wife of a friend of mine that got into my home at times and put this strychnine poison in
the milk or etc., in my refrigerator that caused this Leukemia that has no cure. This same thing
happens when nuclear radiation falls on a person that has no cure ... a horrible way to die! My
Doctors told me this, but this Indian preacher, Joe, came to my bedside and prayed for me and I was
out from the hospital in 30 days, cured by Almighty God! This evil, so-called Christian woman sang on
the "700" Club of Pat Robertson.

On the top right Open Vision, you can see Jesus setting on a white cloud spoken about in
Revelation 14:14 with a sharp sickle in his hand ready to cut down this
Wild Grape Church of today
also seen in Isaiah
5:1-5 and verses "6-7" from Matthew 25 added is "7" Churches ... these "6-7"
Churches of today! Below Jesus setting on this white cloud over Klamath Lake, you can see the
Father's blue body in signs with a head of white hair, and his right hand is over this Rooster ...
Monkey Church of today ushering them off his high white mountain seen across Klamath Lake. I took
this picture, Open Vision a few days after I was released from the hospital by a good Canon Camera.

Above Jesus setting on a cloud per
Revelation 14:14 ... we see in dark blue the Dragon, Satan who
said he would put his throne above the stars of God and rull over them which he has done, as seen
Isaiah 14:14 ... the same numbers of Jesus setting on a white cloud in Revelation 14:14. Is this just
another accident going someplace to happen? We add 1 + 4 + 1 + 4 = "10" sleeping Monkey-Rooster
Churches of today that Jesus-God has this sharp sickle in his hand today ready to cut down the
Grape Church of today seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses "6-7" of Matthew 25:"6-7

Isaiah 5:1-5  backs up the message seen above. Read this passage along with me revealing this
truth about this passage for the last days, today. This begins with first Israel ... God's first Vineyard
that went astray that God destroyed and today is the Church ... God's second Vineyard, the Church
today that has also gone astray! Isaiah said, God dug up the first Vineyard, Israel, and removed the
stones and replanted it with the choice vines,
meaning the Apostle Church! Read on showing what
God has done with his Church and then 2000 years later and after the 2000 years of Judaism, God
went to look for a good crop of fruit but found only

Now we look at Isaiah 5 verse 5 added together is "10" sleeping Virgins that says,
"I am removing my
hedge of protection from around her, and she will be DESTROYED!
" Next we go to verses "6-7" that
ties to Matthew 25 verses "6-7" that God says he was going to do with this gone crazy Church of
today! I will take away her water ... I will stop punning and cultivating her and she will go back to the
wild and
she will turn, and has turned into a thistle patch!

I am sending this 200 million man army of China who are short of women for the men, seen in
Revelation 9:
"16" that goes against this nation where their White House sets at "16" hundred
Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This is also seen in Revelation 14:19-20 which states:    
"The angel
swung his sickle on the earth, gathered its grapes and threw them into the great winepress of God’s
. They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press,
rising as high as the horses’ bridles for a distance of
"16" hundred stadia." Revelation 14:19-20  NIV ...

O' Monkey, Rooster Preachers land seen over Klamath Lake by Klamath Falls, Oregon that God's last
day Moses Prophet took this awesome Open Vision from just after he survived a sickness unto
death that God healed 30 days after I entered the Hospital of an incurable disease; your days are
almost over!
Revelation 14:6-7 and verses 19-20 along with Isaiah 5:1-5 and "6-7" speaks for
today without a shadow of a doubt!
What is before this nation and world speaks for itself and WW
III with North Korea, China and Russia along with the other nations hating this second Jer-
USA -lem!
Big Mouth Donald John Trump is the beast who starts WW III. After this happens the other two beast
men of the
"666" comes in ... Burning Bush 43 and Bill Clinton 42.

These three men of the
"666" goes after these gone mad Churches of today seen in Isaiah "66:6."
Trump born in "46" ... Bush born in "46" and Clinton born in "46" now we see "666." These three
beast men are also seen as the
Pale rider of DEATH seen in Revelation "6:7-8" who were all
born in months
"6" ... TRUMP ... month "7" ... BUSH and "8" ... CLINTON who are seen in
"6:7-8." These are the three beast Presidents of this second Jer-USA-lem nation!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...